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Love and Ventures Team 626 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Meet your adventure elopement photographer, videographer and adventure guide

We are Mario & Andrea, glad to have you here! 

We like to say our job is to do the things we love. And we enjoy creative things – photography & videography. Besides, we are adventurous souls and love to spend time in nature doing different sport activities.

After years of photographing and filming both large and small scale weddings in Croatia and Europe, we have been photographing and filming more elopements and adventurous couples in the recent years. The experience for everyone was amazing, much more relaxed than at a big wedding. Elopement on the top of the mountain or on a secluded beach in the sunset felt so right. So we decided to make this switch towards less indoors, more outdoors, adventure elopements and intimate weddings.

We believe there are people out there who would rather say their vows on the top of the mountain with epic views after a nice morning hike rather than being stressed about the large wedding day. And there we can help, to plan and organise a morning hike, paddling tour or provide you climbing gear to climb on a top of the rock where you can say your vows.

Love and Ventures Team 624 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

So far in 2023/2024, we shoot elopements and weddings in

Croatia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Malta, Ireland and Scotland

your amazing, meaningful wedding day

With a mix of real adventure

with dedicated and passionate team.

We love to get our hiking shoes dirty as well as clean, well composed image.

During summertime in Croatia, we run our own adventure agency so the process was natural – to combine some outdoor activities like hiking, with elopement photography and video. With our experience in photography, video, and adventure tours, you can have peace of mind because we are experienced in all logistics and preparation. Want to explore our adventure agency? We are happy to share it, just click here.

Elopements and weddings are important life moments so we want to carefully focus on each one of them. We want to have a healthy life balance and that is why we accept only a limited amount of elopements and weddings each year. That way we want to avoid overdose and stay motivated and enthusiastic.

Our Creative Process

The idea behind this all is to offer you an unforgettable experience and timeless memories, both printed and filmed.

Our style is natural, focusing on your real energy and love for each other. We are inspired by nature, epic landscapes, and your love story. That is why we would love to meet you, in person or over a Zoom coffee.

Connecting with our couples and hearing their story is really important to us and it defines our approach.

To witness and document your story is a great honor for us, but also a responsibility so we are forever grateful to all of you who let us be a part of it.

Why we believe we are just the right Elopement Photographer, Videographer and Guide for you:

meet the team

I am obsessed with beautiful visuals, be it an image, movie frame, texture or composition. To be honest, weddings are not my thing and I was never into dreaming about a perfect wedding dress and Cinderella ballroom dance. Actually, I never wanted to have a big traditional wedding. Neither I want now. I ended up in this branch because I wanted to create something beautiful and I felt I can make something unique out of it. What attracts me to this kind of photography is a moment of love, a second-long emotion visible on your face and the ability to tell a story in my way.
I love mountains and lakes but feel true myself when in the sea. My favorite time of the day is a sunset with a glass of red wine and background jazz. I am crazy about tasting specialty coffee. Searching for joy in small things. I love to track in high fashion but feel most comfortable in my hiking shoes. I don’t like stressful situations so I try to plan everything carefully in advance. My pet friends are cats but I would also love to have a dog one day. An outdoor activity I love most is rock climbing because it allows me to completely shut down from the outside world and to focus on my next move only.
If you reach out to us, I will probably be a person behind an initial email.

When not outside on a hiking tour or in a kayak, I like to play the guitar or read a good SF book. Sometimes I think we are here on earth just to taste a good coffee. I am a passionate chess player. Keep it simple but with an impact would be my motto.
Adventures in nature are my passion. My first serious touch with nature was some 15 years ago when I started to hike with my best friend. I always had my point-and-shoot camera with me and some images that I captured then are some of my favorites up to this day. A good camera is a must today but most important is the creativity and love for your work to get the best out of the photo session. I have to stress out that I feel the best when you have the best experience while hanging out with us. There is this immense beauty in helping others to feel happy and content. The fact that you gave us your time and that you have confidence in us is motivating for me. If you hire us as your adventure elopement photographer and videographer, I will be the one responsible for all adventurous planning and safety. I am a member of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service so you know you are in good hands if we climb a rock or go for a long hike on the highest Croatian mountain Dinara.

We never stop exploring

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