27+ Most Popular Wedding Venues in Croatia for 2024

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There must be a huge excitement the moment you realize you are getting married. First things first, you have chosen the destination – Croatia. And then goes the exciting part, you need to organize and plan your intimate wedding in Croatia. One of the first steps is to choose one among so many beautiful wedding venues in Croatia. You can hire a wedding planner, which is something we advise when planning an event with 10-50 guests in a foreign country. Even with your planner, you still have to choose many different things.

While you can choose another wedding gown at the last minute or ditch the flowers for something else, some things need to be selected carefully, in advance, and can not be skipped: first things first – choose your wedding venue in Croatia.

Finding the perfect wedding venue in Croatia is not easy, we know it. There are many beautiful places and it is hard to make the final choice. Croatia has so many things to offer: beautiful private villas, lighthouses, wineries and parks, and boats,…

That is why you might find useful insider tips and recommendations.

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We are Mari and Andrea, photography and videography creatives based in Croatia, with many weddings and elopements on our hard drives. We have been photographing and filming weddings for years and that’s why we can give you useful information and ideas for your wedding in Croatia. If you would like to find out more, browse through our blog which covers a wide range of topics that will surely help you in planning your wedding in Croatia or Europe, or read more about us.

We hope this post will be useful if you are not sure which of the many wedding venues in Croatia to choose for your wedding day. If you are looking for a wedding photographer and/or videographer in Croatia, to share your wedding vision with us, we’d be glad to be part of that story.

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So here they are, our list of the most popular wedding venues in Croatia. 

The best outdoor wedding venues in Croatia

Split Wedding Venues

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and one of its most visited cities. It’s located in the region called Dalmatia and it’s famous for its rich history and Mediterranean vibe. Split is also a great spot when it comes to organizing weddings with many stunning wedding venues good for both elopements and bigger weddings.

Villa Dalmacija

Villa Dalmacija is located in a secluded private bay in Split. It features a beautiful terrace, and a romantic pier where you can have an intimate wedding ceremony, and is surrounded by forests. Villa Dalmatia is the perfect seaside location for bigger weddings with up to 100 guests.

Brown Beach House Hotel in Trogir

With its captivating pool and amazing panoramic views, The Brown Beach House Hotel in Trogir is one of our favorite wedding venues. Brown beach hotel is a great wedding venue in Croatia perfect for both intimate weddings and bigger weddings with up to 100 guests.

Have a look at Sahar and Anoush’s intimate wedding at Brown Beach House.

Sustipan City Park

Sustipan is a park located near the Split old city core. It features some of the best views you’ll see in this city and with many large meadows it’s a great wedding venue with a true Mediterranean vibe. It’s also one of the favorite spots for photo sessions in Split city.

Marjan City Park

Marjan is the hill in the Split city and the best wedding venue for small intimate weddings for those who want to stay near the city and still have a wedding in nature. One of the best places for weddings in Marjan is the plateau in front of the St. Jere church. This location overlooks nearby islands and the sea on one side, and it’s guarded by the high cliffs from the other side.

Real story: intimate wedding in Sustipan park in Split

Trogir City Hall

Trogir is a picturesque small town near the city of Split. It’s perfect for small intimate weddings and photo sessions. The famous Brown Beach Hotel mentioned above is located in Trogir.

Meštrović Gallery 

Meštrović gallery is the perfect wedding venue for small intimate weddings for anyone who is looking to be surrounded by some of the finest artwork in Croatia.

Salona Archeological Site

Salona is one of the most famous archeological sites in Croatia and it’s located just a few minutes of drive away from the Split city center. It’s great for both intimate and big weddings and it features well-preserved Roman sculptures and buildings.

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Dubrovnik Wedding Venues

Dubrovnik is probably the single most famous place in Croatia and one of the most popular wedding venues in Croatia. It’s a city full of history and old architecture which will most definitely leave you breathless. Dubrovnik is also full of great wedding venues for elopements, and intimate and big weddings, and here’s the list of the best ones.

Arboretum Trsteno

Trsteno is a small village located near Dubrovnik and it’s famous for its Arboretum – a botanical garden full of all kinds of plants from all around the world. Arboretum in Trsteno is perfect for a relaxed intimate weddings in a lush natural landscape overlooking the Adriatic sea.

Real story: Gracija and Marko’s intimate wedding in a beautiful villa next to Arboretum Trsteno

Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik

In a few minutes of boat drive from Dubrovnik, you will arrive at Lokrum, a little island with lush gardens, an amazing nature reserve, and a beautiful 12th-century monastery complex. The cloister is one of our favorite venues for an intimate wedding in Dubrovnik and generally in Croatia. It is possible to book a cloister or monastery garden for private use for both bigger and intimate weddings.

Get inspired by this intimate elopement on Lokrum Island

Sponza Palace

Sponza Palace is located in Dubrovnik’s old city core and it’s the most popular wedding venue in Dubrovnik when it comes to intimate weddings and elopements. It’s one of the best places if you want to get married in a place of rich history.

Here is a post on how a love story in Sponza Palace looks like

Park Orsula 

Park Orsula is located a bit outside of the city of Dubrovnik and it has one of the best views of this beautiful city and the nearby island of Lokrum. It’s a great location for intimate weddings and one of the most popular spots for proposals in Dubrovnik.

Check out more photos from this sunset engagement in Park Orsula

Višnjica Park

Višnjica park is another open-space wedding venue with a great view of the old part of Dubrovnik city. It can be completely open or made into a tent in the case of rain. Višnjica is one of the most popular Dubrovnik wedding venues for hosting bigger weddings but it’s also possible to organize a small intimate wedding on the premises of the park.

Dubrovnik waterfronts

It is pretty hard to pick just one hotel or restaurant terrace that overlooks the sea and nearby islands. Many of them are surrounded by promenades, beaches, or rocks that make the perfect backdrop for wedding portraits at sunset.

Real story: intimate wedding in Dubrovnik overlooking sea

Summer Villa Bunić-Kaboga

Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik

The Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik is just a bit outside the old city core and it has a great terrace overlooking the old Dubrovnik port and surrounding fortresses.

Fort Lovrijenac

Lovrijenac is known as the Gibraltar of Dubrovnik and it’s just one of the many fortresses surrounding and guarding the old part of the city. It’s one of the best locations if you want to get married in Dubrovnik and have a great view of the nearby old city and the Adriatic Sea.

Srđ Hill

Srđ is the hill that rises above Dubrovnik and as such, it has a great view of the old part of the city. This hill has great spots for both elopements and intimate weddings and it’s known as one of the best and most chosen places for engagements in Dubrovnik.

Real story: Anna and Gavin’s sunset elopement on Srđ hilltop with Dubrovnik panoramic views

Hvar Wedding Venues

Hvar is one of the most famous islands and wedding venues in Croatia. It has many seaside venues and it’s one of the favorite islands when it comes to weddings and elopements in Croatia.

Robinson Beach

Robinson Beach is located near Hvar town and it’s easily reachable by a short boat ride. It has a small restaurant which is possible to decorate with fairy lights for the best atmosphere. Robinson Beach is perfect for small intimate weddings and elopements on Hvar Island.

Paklinski Islands

Paklinski Islands are the island archipelago just opposite Hvar town. It consists of numerous small islands with many bars and restaurants scattered on them. Many of these are perfect for intimate weddings with a true island vibe.

St. Mark’s Church

St. Mark’s church is located in the center of the Hvar town and the atrium of this church is the location where intimate weddings are being organized. It’s possible to rent the whole location so you can have privacy although you are in the middle of Hvar town. This location can host weddings with up to 100 guests.

Spanish Fortress (Fortica)

Spanish fortress is located just above the Hvar town and it has one of the best views of the town and nearby Paklinski islands. It’s a famous Hvar wedding venue for both intimate weddings and elopements and it’s possible to rent a private terrace there and have some privacy during your wedding.

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Get inspired by this 2-day adventurous wedding on a Spanish fortress

Palace Elisabeth

Palace Elisabeth is one of the most famous hotels in Hvar and it has a very rich past. It’s a great intimate wedding venue in the heart of the Hvar town.

Sveta Nedilja – Veli Kamik

Sveta Nedilja is a small village located not so far from Hvar town. It’s possible to reach it both by car and by boat and it’s one of the most famous places for any wine lover visiting Hvar island. But when it comes to intimate weddings on Hvar island, the small islet of Veli Kamik is definitely a spot you want to explore if you want to get married surrounded by high cliffs and the Adriatic Sea.

Real story: Deanna and Michael’s adventure wedding with a photo session on Veli Kamik

Beach clubs Hvar

For those laid-back beach weddings, the Laganini Beach Club and Bonj Les Bains in Hvar are favorite spots among foodies but can serve as the perfect venue for a relaxed wedding in Hvar.

Vis Wedding Venues

Vis is yet another popular place when it comes to wedding venues in Croatia. It’s one of the most remote Croatian islands and a great place if you want to enjoy your holidays with less traffic and crowds.

Fort George Vis

The medieval fortress with absolutely beautiful views is, hands down, one of the top intimate wedding venues in Croatia.

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Lola bar Vis

Another laid-back outdoor place for an intimate wedding reception and party on the island of Vis. Lola Bar is a restaurant but looks more like a fellow local’s backyard.

Šolta Wedding Venues

Šolta is a small and beautiful island located just opposite the city of Split. Although the island is small, it still has some great wedding venues and one of the most popular among them is the Martinis Marchi hotel.

Šolta Island with Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel

Martinis Marchi is a small hotel located in the village of Maslinica. It’s one of the best Šolta wedding venues if you want to have an outdoor wedding surrounded by pine trees and overlooking the Adriatic sea.

Explore further: Šolta wedding with ceremony at Martinis Marchi

Korčula Wedding Venues

Apart from Hvar, we could easily say that Korčula is yet another one of the most visited and famous Croatian islands and it has a few great wedding venues in Croatia. It’s believed that the world’s famous explorer Marco Polo was born in Korčula. The single most famous place on Korčula island is old Korčula town.

Korcula wedding 93 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Inspiration post: everything you need to know about weddings in Korčula

Vrnik Island

Vrnik is a small island located near Lumbarda and it’s easily reachable by a short boat ride from Korčula town port. It’s a great place for intimate wedding ceremonies with up to 50 guests.

Konoba Maha

Konoba Maha is one of many family-run inns on Korčula island which are also great venues for small intimate weddings on Korčula island. It’s possible to rent the whole restaurant so you can enjoy your wedding dinner in complete privacy. Restaurants like Maha serve homemade and locally sourced food.

Port 9 Luxury Resort

Port 9 is a luxury resort located near the Korčula ferry port. It’s perfect for a wedding with a luxurious vibe.

Badija Island

Badija island is yet another of the small islands located near Korčula town. Apart from a small monastery, the whole island is engulfed in nature. Perfect for small intimate weddings.

Istria Wedding Venues

The whole region is rich in architectural and natural beauty so you can’t go wrong with getting married in Istria. Read this article to find out more about getting married in Istria.

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San Canzian

San Canzian is one of the most famous Istrian hotels and it’s perfect for small intimate weddings.

Red Island

Red Island is a small island with a Hutterot castle – a castle dating from the 6th century and it’s one of the most favorite Istria wedding venues.

Opatija – Hotel Royal

Villa Angiolina in Opatija

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Petrapilosa Castle

Petrapilosa is one of the most preserved medieval castles in Istria. It’s surrounded by small hills and it has a unique vibe and many great flat spots great for hosting intimate weddings.

Real story: Lacy and Tyler’s early spring elopement at Petrapilosa Castle

Agritourism Gems

Similar to any other part of Croatia, Istria is full of family-run restaurants that serve delicious locally sourced and homemade food. Some of these are great venues for hosting small intimate weddings.

Brijuni National Park

Brijuni is a national park in Croatia located near the Istria peninsula. It’s rich in wildlife and perfect if you want to have your wedding in a national park with a unique vibe.

Boats as the wedding venues in Croatia

Boats are great wedding venues if you want complete privacy and to be surrounded by the sea all the time. Boats are usually hosting smaller intimate weddings but there are larger boats that can host bigger weddings. You can also rent a boat for a few days and have a tour of the Adriatic together with your guests. Another option is to have a tour by boat and have an actual wedding in some of the wedding venues in Croatia we have mentioned above.

Karaka boat Dubrovnik

Real story: last-minute elopement on Karaka boat

Polaris boat Split

St. Damiani boat Split 

BT9A6633 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Get inspired by this Hvar adventure with a boat ride

Winery wedding venues in Croatia 

Pelješac Wineries

For all wine lovers, we know it would be a dream come true to have an intimate wedding in a vineyard, and some really special ones with beautiful wineries can be found on the Pelješac peninsula. Did you know that Pelješac has a special wine sort plavac mali which was brought to California by Croatian immigrants and is today known as Zinfandel? 

Saints Hills

Korta Katarina Villa & Winery

Grgić Winery

Matuško Winery

Real story: Ines and Sergei’s intimate wedding on Pelješac Peninsula

Hvar Wineries

Bilo Idro

Tomić Winery


Split Wineries

Kairos Winery

Neretva Valley Wineries

Terra Madre

Rizman Winery

Zadar-Šibenik Wineries

Bibich Winery

Boškinac Hotel & Winery

Istria Wineries

Roxanich Wine & Heritage

Meneghetti Hotel & Winery

National Parks and Nature Parks as wedding venues in Croatia

There are 8 national parks in Croatia and we really can’t decide which one is our favorite. Each of them has a different landscape and vibe and we suggest you explore them and see if any of them fit your wedding vision.

Mljet National Park

Brijuni National Park 

Plitvice Lakes and Waterfalls National Park

Krka Waterfalls National Park

Biokovo Nature Park

Lighthouse wedding venues in Croatia

Lighthouse wedding in Croatia

Isn’t it a great idea to have an intimate lighthouse wedding? As for Croatia, there are many of them. Hint: some are even available for lodging. We believe that lighthouses are among the most romantic wedding venues in Croatia.

Hvar beach Elopement Wedding Jessie Blake 285 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Lanterna Lighthouse

Grebeni Lighthouse

St. Peter Lighthouse

Hotels for getting ready

Apart from the list of the best wedding venues in Croatia, we bring you the list of our favorite hotels in various locations. These are great for both your stay and as a place to get ready for your wedding day. Having good accommodation really shows in the photo and video materials if you are interested in covering that part of the wedding day.

Hotels in Dubrovnik

Villa Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Palace

Dubrovnik wedding elopement ideas hotel palace 146 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Grand Villa Argentina

Hotel Excelsior

Hotels in Split

Vestibul Palace

Radisson Blu Resort

Hotel Park

Briig Boutique Hotel

Hotels on Hvar Island

Maslina Resort

Amfora Resort

Palace Elisabeth

Hotels in Istria

Hotel Lone

Grand Park Rovinj

Monte Mulini

San Canzian

This list is updated regularly. Here are listed some of the most famous intimate wedding venues in Croatia. However, if you prefer something unique, let us know your wishes and we will provide you with more ideas about wedding venues in Croatia

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