Ivana + Stipe – Winter engagement session

It was one cold afternoon over a cup of coffee during the Christmas Holidays when we arranged an engagement photo session with Ivana and Stipe. They are our cousins and at the point, they decided to get married we knew we would love to do the wedding photos. Ivana was pregnant at that time and with lots of courage, she proposed photoshoot in Nature Park Blidinje in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Did we mention it was Christmas time? Well, we agreed to do it just in days after New Year’s Eve. 

January 3rd, we headed up there and the temperature was going down low. -30 degrees Celsius outside. We instantly claimed ourselves extreme wedding/engagement photographers in Croatia and worldwide 🙂 Anyway, we were freezing and they both were freezing but not the cold nor the stone fingers on the shutter stopped us from making some of our favourite photos of all time – and it was our first official photoshoot after we decide to go together into this business. 

Nature park Blidinje is always snowy in the winter and it is popular ski resort. There is a huge lake which is frozen during the snowy season so we actually did some of the photos on the frozen lake. The nature is beautiful in winter and we hope to have another photo session there in other seasons, we think early spring would be amazing.

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