Croatia Boat Wedding in 2024: Romance on the Beautiful Adriatic

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There are many types of weddings existing and choices you have to make when planning yours. People often choose to get married on solid ground because of a number of reasons but we’re here today to discuss another type of wedding, the one not held on solid ground – a boat wedding. This will be our guide for everyone interested in the topic of Croatia boat wedding and we’ll cover the topics such as why we believe that Croatia is the perfect country for a boat wedding, types of boats available in Croatia, Croatia boat elopements, etc.

We presume you already know a bit about Croatia and its beautiful landscape, Adriatic sea, and historical cities. Croatia is also one of the top destinations when it comes to nautical tourism and it’s no wonder when you see what kind of beautiful places could be found along the Croatian coast and on its islands.

You really can’t miss with boat wedding in Croatia.

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Few words about us

Love and Ventures are Andrea and Mario, a wedding and elopement photographer and videographer, based in Croatia. With years of experience shooting elopements and intimate weddings in all kinds of landscapes, we decided to create this guide to serve you as a good starting point for planning your elopement or wedding in Croatia. 

Let the adventure begin!

Why should you get married on a boat in Croatia?

Whenever somebody mentions Croatia, people almost always think of the Adriatic sea first. Croatia is known for its clear sea, beautiful coast, and stunning islands. Every summer, hundreds of thousands of tourists are enjoying the perfect weather and all the other things Croatia has to offer. Many couples decide to have their wedding in Croatia, whether it’s a traditional wedding or elopement.

There are more than 1200 islands of all kinds in Croatia, a trait that not so many coasts all across the world can be proud of. The adriatic sea is one of the most beautiful seas in the world, it’s secluded, warm, and crystal clear. It’s also the main reason why so many people visit Croatia each year. You could say that the Adriatic is the tropical heaven of Europe.

Having all this in mind, you can easily see why Croatia is the perfect destination for a boat wedding. Since nautical tourism is one of the most developed tourism branches in Croatia, there are many kinds of boats to choose from, whether you want to spend a day on it, or you would like to book a full week of cruising and discovering the wonders of Croatian coast and islands.

Hooked on the boat wedding idea? Here is an example of a boat wedding in Dubrovnik area

Choosing the right boat for a Croatia boat wedding

The right kind of boat for your Croatia boat wedding depends upon your wishes and the type of wedding you want to have. There are numerous boat types to choose from in Croatia. If you want to have a more luxurious boat wedding in Croatia, then the yacht is the best option for you. There are many types and sizes of yachts available too. If you want to have a romantic boat wedding in Croatia, then you can book an old traditional wooden boat, maybe a sailing boat. If you want to get quickly to some remote location where you want to get married or eloped at, then the speedboat is the best option for you.

So, the first thing you need to do is to think about the kind of Croatia boat wedding would you like to have. Will it be a one-day wedding, or a full-week cruise, or you will use a boat as a transfer to some remote location on the land? Either of these choices can be good and it’s up to you to choose one according to your wishes, budget, etc. The type of boat you need for your boat wedding in Croatia varies also according to the number of guests attending your wedding. More the guests, the larger the boat you need.

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The best time of the year for boat wedding in Croatia

Once you have decided to go forward with organizing your Croatia boat wedding, let’s discuss the best time for your ceremony. We usually recommend everyone who wants to get married in Croatia, to choose a preseason or postseason period which includes the months of May, June, and September. The weather in these months is nice and warm and there are significantly fewer visitors in Croatia.

But if you are going to be on the boat, the number of tourists in popular destinations doesn’t bother you. So actually, we would recommend you organize your boat wedding in Croatia during the summer months. It’s hot and dry and the sea is perfect for swimming which is very important if you are cruising on a boat. You simply want to swim and enjoy the Adriatic. And it gets rather easy to get away from the crowds when you’re on the boat.

The only thing you need to do when organizing your Croatia boat wedding in summer is to book a boat as soon as possible because most of them are booked months in advance.

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Sailing Croatia – wedding, and honeymoon

Your boat wedding in Croatia could like any way you want it to look. All the usual wedding rules apply, you can have a florist, makeup and hair, Croatia boat wedding photographer and videographer, whatever you want. One of the best options, and the one we recommend, is to book a boat for a full week, have the wedding on it and then continue to sail along the Croatian coast and island.

Sailing in Croatia is a special kind of experience because you get to see the places that are usually off the charts and you have the ability to explore some of the most secluded places and furthest islands. You can provide your guests with an experience they will never forget and feel like you’re on the honeymoon at the same time.

Wedding on the boat in Croatia is best for small weddings with up to 20 guests. Of course, you can organize a bit larger wedding too and there are boats that can accommodate more people, but we found the small weddings to work the best when it’s a boat type of wedding.

Need more ideas for your honeymoon in Croatia? Here are our recommendations!

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Best ports for a boat cruise in Croatia

The whole of the Croatian coast is beautiful but its southern coast is a bit more attractive when it comes to nautical tourism. The islands like Hvar, Korčula, Brač, Vis, Lastovo, Mljet… are some of the most famous islands in Croatia. If you are to visit the southern part of Croatia during the peak nautical season, you would see a lot of different kinds of boats sailing on the Adriatic sea. It’s a great sight to watch from mountain peaks near the sea.

Having said that, we believe that the best starting ports for your Croatia boat wedding would be southern cities like Trogir, Split, or Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a great location if you want to have your boat wedding or elopement on the old wooden sailing ship. If you are to board the boat at these locations, the southern part of the Adriatic sea is yours to explore and it’s one of the best parts of Croatia.

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Croatia land wedding by boat: get to some of the remote locations by boat

Hiring a boat, even for just one day, is a good option if you want to have your wedding in Croatia in some remote or hard-to-reach locations. The boat can possibly take you anywhere on the coast. For example, a speedboat from Split can take you to some uninhabited island where you can have your wedding ceremony, and then the same boat can take you back for a dinner in the city. And all that in a matter of few hours. On the way, you can visit some other places, take a swim in the middle of the sea or at some famous beaches on the Croatian islands.

As you can see, there are many different options and possibilities when talking about boat weddings in Croatia.

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Croatia boat elopement

You probably already heard about the term elopement but you totally know what it is about. It’s a form of wedding which is usually organized abroad and, in most cases, only the couple getting married is present at the ceremony. It’s a very popular form of wedding and it has many advantages over the traditional type of wedding, lower cost being just one of them.

Hiring a boat is a great thing when it comes to elopements in Croatia too. In this case, a smaller boat would do just fine because there’s no need to accommodate many guests. This fact also broadens your options since there are many kinds of boats suitable for boat elopement in Croatia. Many couples decide to take a speedboat that will take them to their remote elopement location.

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Croatia boat wedding photographer and videographer

We’re a Croatia boat wedding photographer and videographer and we’ll be more than happy to be part of your boat wedding in Croatia. Since we were born and raised in southern Croatia, by the sea, we know all the best locations and tips for a great boat wedding experience. Also, we have special prices for the upcoming year so if you would like to know about our Croatia boat wedding packages, just write us through the form below this post and we’ll answer you shortly.

Explore our website and Instagram profile to learn more about us and our wedding photography and videography style and let us know if you have any additional questions regarding the Croatia boat wedding topic.

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