The Best Ideas for Croatia Holidays for Couples in 2024

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We love to write articles like this one. The ones that will actually help you learn something new and give you few ideas to make your stay in Croatia an experience to remember. The topic of Croatia holidays for couples was always written somewhere on the paper above our working desk, just waiting for a day to be featured on our blog. Finally, that day has come and we’re here to help you plan and organize your Croatia holidays, tell you what to expect from different seasons in Croatia and share some of the best ideas we have with you.

Stay with us until the end and you’ll realize that holidays in Croatia for couples is just what you need in your life.

croatia holidays for couples

Welcome to Croatia

Let’s start with a short introduction to Croatia. If you are from Europe, you have probably heard of it, its beautiful coastline and famous historic cities. If you are living not so close to Croatia, its name might echo in your mind like the name of some other exotic countries like Nauru or Tuvalu.

Croatia is a rather small European country, shaped like a flying bird. Google it and you’ll see what we mean. It has one of the most distinguishable shapes of all the other countries in the world. But being small doesn’t mean boring and easy to explore in a short time. Croatia will give you a holiday full of adventure and exploring that you’ll never want to leave it.

For a long time, the main slogan of the Croatian national tourist board was:” Croatia – a small country for a great vacation”. Croatia is rich and diverse, full of natural beauties and some of the most beautiful national parks you’ll ever visit. There are 8 national parks and you’ll wonder how so many of them fit in rather a small area. Croatian nature will leave you breathless if you are to explore it, which we strongly recommend.

Other than that, Croatia has some of the most preserved historic cities in Europe. You have probably heard of Dubrovnik, the most famous one of all. It’s one of the most visited Mediterranean cities and as soon as you see the pictures of it, you’ll realize why is that so. Dubrovnik is also one of the most romantic cities in Croatia and we have written a few articles about it so make sure you check them.

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What to expect of it?

You can expect all the best things out of your Croatia holidays for couples. Croatia is a great country for couples, but none of the great memories were ever made by doing the common things or just laying on the beach. You’re young and you need to seek more out of your every holiday.

The next few lines of text will let you know everything about the safety of Croatia, it’s weather, and other useful info.

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Who are we to talk about it?

We are like you. A young couple with a passion for traveling and exploring around. We are also Croats and we spend our whole lives here so you know that we know the best places and tips for your visit to Croatia. We are outdoor enthusiasts who spend every free moment out in nature, jumping from rock to rock or kayaking along the stunning coastline of Croatia. It’s easy to be an outdoor enthusiast when you live in Croatia.

We have explored some of the best places in our country, let us know if you need some extra info about any particular location. We are also adventure guides during the summer season and we run the Life and Ventures adventure agency in the south of Croatia.

We are also wedding and elopement photographers and videographers and we operate in the whole of Croatia and Europe. We had numerous couples both on our adventure tours and in front of our cameras. We got to know them all and know how they felt about Croatia and what kind of holidays they were seeking to have.

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How safe is Croatia?

Croatia is one of the safest European countries. We live in it and we know. There are very few incidents even in the crowded summer months when Croatia is full of tourists. All the major crimes (homicides, robberies, car thefts…) are among the lowest in the whole of the European Union. We are not being subjective here, you can look at the official stats made by European Union.

We have already made an article about this topic and we put a lot of official graphs in it. Just a few minutes of reading and you’ll realize that Croatia is much safer than many western European countries.

Of course, there are minor incidents that can happen just like in any other country and we always suggest you take easy precautions to avoid these. For example, always wear your wallet and money with you and that’s kind of the best advice we could give to you. Other than that, you have nothing to worry about. You can take an evening walk and don’t need to worry about anything.

The fact that you feel safe in some particular country is already a great step toward great holidays. We ensure, you can sleep tight in Croatia.

Coronavirus status – info and valuable links (will be updated)

No restrictions for 2023.

Also, here’s the official link where you can learn all about Coronavirus regulations in Croatia:

Weather for Croatia and the best time to visit it

Let’s move onto brighter themes and Croatian weather is just that. It’s warm and beautiful most of the year. Summer is hot and dry and most of the people visiting Croatia come in that period. The sea is perfect for swimming and everything is blooming with life. If you are a couple who likes to party and do a lot of fun stuff, then the summer is a great period for your visit to Croatia. The only thing we don’t like about it is the crowds. It’s manageable and not so dramatic, but still, we like empty beaches and other places.

Coronavirus had a huge impact on the tourism industry so the upcoming summer of 2021 might not be as crowded as previous ones. It’s a kind of opportunity for you too. On the other hand, if you want to travel around and explore or participate in some adventure activities, then the preseason and postseason periods are the best option for you. We’re talking about May, June, September, and October here. These are the best months for all kinds of outdoor activities. It’s still warm, although not hot, and you can swim in the sea, especially during September.

If you ask us to suggest you one particular month to visit Croatia, we would probably say September. It’s not as nearly as crowded as during the summer and the weather is still great. We love September in Croatia.

Let’s talk about winters too. They are usually mild in Croatia, especially on the coast. Unfortunately, there is not much to do during the winter months since all the tourist vendors are closed and there is not much going on. It’s still good if you like nature. Croatia has a lot of mountains and many of them are covered with snow during the winter months. Other than that, we wouldn’t recommend you visit Croatia during the winter months. Just being honest here.

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Introduction to Croatia holidays for couples

After the necessary introduction, we are moving onto the main topic of this blog post and which is the Croatia holidays for couples. We are writing these tips you’re going to see in the next section from our own perspective. We already said that we are outdoor enthusiasts who love to explore and travel around. In that manner, some of our tips for you are reflecting our image of perfect holidays in a foreign country.

You don’t have to cross all the entries from this list, even with just a few of them, you’ll have great holidays to remember.

Let’s start!

holidays in Croatia for couples

Explore Croatia and travel around

A lot of people visit Croatia each year and say they had a great holiday just by staying at one place and swimming at the same beach. Just imagine what would they feel like if they tried something else during their stay in Croatia. We strongly recommend you travel around Croatia by any type of transport you like. It’s the best thing to do in any country, not only Croatia, and it’s the only way to really discover what some other countries have to offer.

A lot of older people come to Croatia and grow roots in one place, never moving around. You are young and by no means should this be a dream holiday for you. Go out and explore, it’s the only way to have cool stories from your Croatia couple holidays.

Rent a car

The thing we always do when visiting a foreign country. Renting a car is not so expensive and it’s the best way to explore any country, Croatia included. Yes, you can rely on public transport, but only the car will give you all the freedom and versatility when it comes to traveling around.

If you are worried about driving in a foreign country, don’t be. Driving in Croatia is easy and the roads are in good condition. We are driving on the right in Croatia and even if you come from the left-driving country, you won’t have troubles at all. We did the same thing when we visited Ireland and Scotland. It was fun to try something different and you get used to driving on the opposite side much sooner than you’d think.

Croatia has some of the most scenic routes in the whole of Europe so that’s a great plus too.

Croatia couple holidays

Stay in uncommon accommodation types

Croatia is full of apartments in which you can stay during your Croatia holidays for couples. But a regular apartment is not what you seek, you need something else, something different and cool. What about a tree house or a night in one of the lighthouses on the Croatian coast? Croatia is full of different kinds of accommodation too, and these are best for couples. Plus all of your Instagram friends will be jealous when you publish a photo from one of these.

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Spice your holidays with some adventure

Adventure is yet another thing Croatia is famous for. With all that unspoiled nature inevitably come adventures too. And we mean all kinds of different adventures like zip lines over river canyons, parachute jumps above island archipelagos, kayaking tours along a beautiful coastline… Think about the adventure and it’s there in Croatia somewhere. Just imagine you and your partner kayaking in a sunset and there’s nothing that bothers you at that moment.

Croatia’s adventure tourism potential is one reason why we have started to organize our Life and Ventures adventure experiences. Pay us a visit if you are visiting southern Croatia. If not, search for tour options in your area.

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Visit at least one historic city

Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Pula, Rovinj, Korcula, Zadar… These are only some of the historic cities in Croatia. Visit any of them and explore the old city parts to relive their past. There are many museums you can visit and many other things to do in these historic cities. They are also among the most romantic places in Croatia, there is just something so romantic that attracts so many young couples to spend a day or two in them.

Dubrovnik is the most famous of all the old Croatian cities and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, it has one of the most preserved old city cores of all the other cities. It was featured in the popular TV show Game of Thrones too. And it’s simply beautiful.

Eat like a locals

Pizzas and burgers are great but no good story started with: “I ate such a good pizza in Croatia”. Anyone can do that. Anywhere. But if you say: “I tried eating oysters in Croatia and they tasted great”, everyone will open their mouth in awe and nobody is going to believe you that an oyster can taste good.

The point is, wherever you go, at least consider trying some of the specialties of the country you are visiting. You can even make a challenge out of it. Also, avoid popular food chains you can find in any country and eat in small family-owned restaurants. We ensure you that all the sanitary protocols regarding food preparation are being respected in Croatia.

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Visit at least one of Croatia’s many islands

Croatia is full of islands. They are like pieces of a land torn apart from the mainland. Their life of them is different than in the other parts of Croatia and other types of culture and traditions formed on the islands over time. All that and much more are the reasons to visit Croatian islands. Choose any of them, we can’t choose our favorite ones. We have explored most of the southern Croatian islands and they left us breathless each time we visited them.

Start your days early in the morning

We like to sleep too. But some of the best days of our lives were the ones in which we woke up early. The world is different early in the morning while most of the others are still in their beds. It’s a sacred time during which you can observe the world waking up, and singing the birds. It’s almost like you can hear the sun rising in the sky and it feels so good. Add a cup of coffee to this routine and you’ll know why we are here in this world. To enjoy moments like these.

Waking up early during your Croatia holidays for couples is really the best advice we can give to you. You can see and experience so much with these extra few hours.

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Visit at least one of the national parks in Croatia

Croatia has 8 national parks and they are simply stunning. You won’t know what you are missing if you leave Croatia without visiting at least one of them. Some of these have waterfalls as their main attractions and some are peculiar formations of islands. You can choose either of them and have a great time. A good thing about national parks in Croatia is that all of them are near the coastline and easily accessible.

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Elope in Croatia

Ok, so we already told you that we are wedding and elopement photographers and videographers. We like to promote elopement as the best way to get married. If you want to know more about elopements, just scroll through some other articles on our website and you’ll find all you need there.

Elopements are the best kind of modern wedding which are easy to organize and, in fact, you don’t need anything else than you and your partner. A good thing about Croatia is that it is one of the most popular countries for elopements in Europe.

Wouldn’t it be great to get married in Croatia and have a honeymoon right after your wedding ceremony?

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Have a professional couple photo shoot

We live in a world where anyone has a camera in their pockets and we use it a lot. And it’s fine, although that kind of photography has a lot of limits and basically all you can do are selfies.

Another thing to consider for your Croatia holidays for couples is hiring a professional photographer who will make you a nice set of memories through a relaxing photo session. That way you won’t need to pose or do the same photos all the time. A good photographer will squeeze the best out of you and you’ll end up with some of the best photos you ever made.

‘I booked a surprise photoshoot with Love and Ventures for my partner and I while we were on holiday in Dubrovnik, Croatia. During coordination of the logistics, I found Andrea and Mario to be incredibly responsive, kind, and professional. Mario and Andrea were a dynamic duo throughout the shoot finding creative angles of Mount Srd and Dubrovnik below. They focused on more candid and less posed shots; we were blown away with the photos in the gallery that was sent to us just a few short days after our shoot! We loved each and every shot which captured our love and essence perfectly. If we ever needed photographers in Croatia again, we would undoubtedly book with Love and Ventures.’

Kaylee and Geoff

Also, think about the proposal in Croatia! Here are some ideas for your proposal!

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A helpful guide to elope in Croatia

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