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Apart from wedding photography, videography is yet another important aspect of preserving memories of your wedding. This short article aims to help you choose whether you need a wedding videographer or if you have a doubts whether photographer is the only service you need for your wedding.

We are Andrea and Mario and we have been Croatia wedding videographer & photographer for many years now. From our experience, most of the couples getting married choose to have their wedding documented both through photography and videography. Both of these methods complement each other perfectly and we bring you some of the most common reasons why we believe you should think about documenting your wedding through photography and videography.

Top 5 reasons why you should book Croatia wedding videographer

Here are some of our insights and reasons why we believe that booking a Croatia wedding videographer might prove a great decision in the long run. Similar to photography, videography is yet another way of preserving memories and moments that are dear to us. Whether you want to accept it or not, it’s often hard to focus on all the moments that happen during your wedding. That’s one of the reasons why the job of photographer and videographer is one of the most important ones on your wedding day.

The only thing you’ll have after your wedding is over are your memories and videography and photography are there to make those memories vivid and to help you to relive your special moments once again.

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Videography documents another dimension of your wedding

Photography tends to freeze moments in time, capturing and preserving emotion in one still image. A lot of our lives revolve around photography, many social networks exist only for sharing photography and we use our mobile phones or cameras to take pictures of different moments almost daily.

Videography is a bit different and it’s able to capture the evolution of the moment captured in photography. You can see your smile getting wider, you can see the confetti flying around you and you can observe your first dance moves… All this has been made possible through videography. Finally, a video is a series of photos recorded in a short amount of time.

Together with photography, it makes a complete storytelling

We believe both photography and videography to be equally important parts of every wedding. Only by including both of them can you make a complete storytelling of your special day. Each of these methods shows your wedding day from different aspects – photography is focused on the moment while videography is focused on the progression of that moment.

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Wedding videography includes movement and emotions

Unlike photography, wedding videography is able to show you the movement and emotions as they happened on your wedding day. Weddings include a lot of moments that look great in video – first dance, first kiss, cake cutting, party moments, and atmosphere… At some of these moments, photography is able to reach only one certain point in showing the real glory of these moments while videography shows these moments and emotions with another dimension added to them.

Including voices and live moments

Many weddings include speeches, whether they are part of the wedding ceremony or they are included in some other parts of the wedding day. The great thing about videography is that it can document all these speeches and implement them in the final video story of your wedding. Trust us, different speeches in the video, whether these are your vows or your family’s best wishes add a lot to the overall video vibe and emotions.

Videography makes highly shareable content

Many social networks revolve around photography and we, as humans, love to share moments dear to us with others. The only thing why photography is more popular is the reason that it’s much easier to make photo content than video one. Photography is made with one press of a button and uses a lot less space while video takes a bit more space and you need to edit it further to make it more appealing. That’s why there is more photography than video content.

But in the later years, that’s also slowly changing and video has become more and more prevalent and it makes some of the most shareable content on the internet.

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Our videography style when it comes to weddings and elopements

As Croatia wedding videographers, we have been filming videos and documenting wedding stories from all across Croatia and Europe. Our videography style is documentary and we love to observe moments from ‘distance’ and capture them as they happen and evolve. We believe that this approach to wedding videography is the only one able to document real emotions and moments as they happen.

Of course, each wedding has a certain amount of ‘posed’ material, but it’s in the minority and the real goal of every wedding videographer should be documenting the real moments as they happen in the way they happen.

If you like our wedding videography work, feel free to contact us and we’ll send you our pricing hopefully we’ll make you some memories to cherish forever.

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