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Welcome to the single most popular location in Croatia – Dubrovnik. Many have fallen in love with it before you and for a long time, this city is known as the most romantic city in Croatia. Besides being the most romantic, Dubrovnik is a lot of other things too, and we can think of many superlatives to write by its name. Each year more and more couples decide to elope in Dubrovnik, somewhere among its walls or with a stunning view of the old city core.

Dubrovnik proposal ideas Love and Ventures 23 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

If you are thinking about Dubrovnik elopement, this article is a great starting point for you. As a Dubrovnik elopement photographer and videographer, we have been documenting a lot of elopements in Dubrovnik in the past few years. This ultimately gave us the knowledge and introspective to all the details of which every elopement is made.

Let’s dive into this topic and make your Dubrovnik elopement experience you’ll remember for a long time.

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Dubrovnik elopement photographer and videographer

We are Andrea & Mario and we have been documenting a lot of Dubrovnik elopements and we’re doing it for a while now. Our style is documentary and we love to capture all those little moments that intersect with your elopement – streets you are walking through, the random cat you stumble upon during the photo shoot, clouds in the sky… We believe that all these small details are what your elopement experience is made of.

We have been in the elopement photography and videography business for years now and we travel all around Europe in search of love stories of couples such as you. But Dubrovnik is the place we often return to, many times during the year. And each of these times we discover a new aspect of this beautiful city.

Apart from being an elopement photographer and videographer, we also help you plan your elopement in Dubrovnik. We do this for small elopements where only the couple getting married is present. In some other cases, we work with the best Dubrovnik wedding and elopement planners.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our Dubrovnik elopement pricing.

Our Ultimate Guide to Elope in Croatia

Why should you consider eloping in Dubrovnik?

We could think of many reasons why a couple should consider eloping in Dubrovnik. First of all, Dubrovnik is the single most famous place in Croatia. Its history is something every person living in this city is immensely proud of. The old part of Dubrovnik is simply stunning and it’s one of the best-preserved old city cores in the world. There are many elopement venues within the old part of the city, and these really give a special vibe to every elopement.

On top of this, Dubrovnik is really a place where you can enjoy with all of your senses. The tourist industry is at its peak here and you can choose from a multitude of restaurants, accommodations, tours, and experiences… You can easily spend your whole vacation in Dubrovnik and the area around it and see and experience something new each day.

Elopement and the wedding industry are also very well-developed in Dubrovnik. There are many venues to choose from, all of the vendors you might need for your Dubrovnik elopement are really masters in what they do and it really means a lot when it comes to elopements in Croatia.

How to reach Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is located in the sole south of Croatia and flying to a nearby airport is really the best way to reach it. Dubrovnik airport is very well connected with many international airports all across the world. There are other nearby airports, and one in the city of Split is also widely used by people who visit Dubrovnik. These 2 cities are 200 kilometers apart and the coastline between them is simply amazing. A lot of people decide to land at one airport and then rent a car to explore around and finally fly home from another airport. There are many different options and it’s up to you which one to choose.

Once you are in Dubrovnik you can rely on public transport or Uber to travel around. We suggest renting a car at Dubrovnik airport if you want to explore places around Dubrovnik and trust us, there are many beautiful things to see around. Neretva river valley, Mljet Island national park, the Pelješac peninsula, and the Konavle region are just some of them.

How long to stay in Dubrovnik

If you are thinking about how much time you need to stay in Dubrovnik if you are planning an elopement in this city we would say it’s between 7 and 10 days. Of course, you don’t need to spend all that time in Dubrovnik since there are many great places to explore around it too. Also, don’t plan to have your Dubrovnik elopement immediately as you arrive in Dubrovnik. Give yourself a few days to rest after the trip (especially if you are coming from afar) and explore the city a bit.

If you plan to stay within the city area, then 7 days are more than enough, but if you want to explore some further locations such as Korčula island, Hvar island, the city of Split, etc. then we suggest spending around 10 days in Croatia.

Our favourite places to elope in Europe

Where to stay in Dubrovnik

We believe that accommodation is very important for the whole experience of a particular location. We really travel a lot during the elopement season and we have stayed in all kinds of accommodation in the past few years. Lately, we tend to search for ones that have the vibe of the location we are visiting. We stick to traditional accommodation. And it really makes a difference. We suggest you do the same. Dubrovnik is full of all kinds of accommodation. Try to find one with the ‘soul’.

Not only you’ll feel better in this kind of accommodation, but it will also look great in the photos too. Remember we said that we like to document every aspect of your Dubrovnik elopement, well, accommodation is definitely an important part of the whole elopement experience. We suggest finding a nice traditional accommodation within the old city walls for the ultimate experience of Dubrovnik.

Best time of the year for elopement in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a very popular place. And it attracts a mass of people each year. And that amount of people can be overwhelming sometimes. The peak season in Dubrovnik is July and August. It’s also the hottest period of the year in Croatia. But the season in Dubrovnik lasts for the most part of the year – from March to November. If you want to have the best experience of your Dubrovnik elopement, early Spring and Autumn are the best periods for it. The best months for elopement in Dubrovnik include April, May, September, and October.

We believe these months are the best compromise between nice weather and amount of people on Dubrovnik’s streets. But elopements in Dubrovnik are being organized throughout the year and there is just a bit more planning if you want to have your elopement in the middle of the summer in Dubrovnik. For example, since summer is the most popular period for visiting Dubrovnik, many wedding and elopement venues are usually booked for a year and more ahead. Also, hot weather makes it hard to do anything outdoors outside of the sunset/sunrise period.

Symbolic elopement ceremony vs. Legal elopement ceremony

There are 2 types of ceremonies you can have as a part of your Dubrovnik elopement – a symbolic one and a legal one. The main difference is that the legal one produces a marriage legal in all countries, while the symbolic one is purely symbolic and does not end with a valid legal marriage status. From our experience, most couples choose the symbolic elopement ceremony and tend to do the legal one back in their native country.

Foreigners can legally get married in Croatia but you need to do a bit of paperwork before you are allowed to do so. If you want to go this way, we suggest you hire a wedding planner who will help you with the whole process of getting legally married in Croatia. If you choose to have the symbolic ceremony, you don’t need to hire a wedding planner, just the symbolic officiant (or you can go without any kind of officiant).

Symbolic elopement ceremonies tend to be customizable and much more personal while legal ones have the usual form they follow and you can’t customize many things.

The best Dubrovnik elopement venues

One thing that makes Dubrovnik stand out as the ultimate elopement destination in Croatia is definitely the number of venues that are available for couples who want to elope in Dubrovnik. There is something for everyone and we are sure you’ll find the best spot for you too. There are many outdoor locations with the stunning view of Dubrovnik and there are some locations within the city walls. If you want to have complete privacy during your elopement, we suggest booking a venue that has a certain fee, but it gives you the opportunity to reserve it just for yourself for a limited amount of time.

Here’s the pick of our best Dubrovnik elopement venues.

Sponza palace

Sponza Palace is the ultimate place for elopement in Dubrovnik’s old city core. It’s usually booked for a year and more in advance so have this in mind if you are planning your elopement here. However, reach out to them and ask if there are any available slots for your period. You could easily find a spot for your elopement if you plan to have it outside of the main season. Also, for elopement in Sponza, you are required to pay a certain fee and the place will be closed during your elopement here.

We suggest hiring a wedding planner if you want to have your Dubrovnik wedding in Sponza Palace.

Real story: timeless Sponza Palace elopement

Lokrum island

Lokrum Island is yet another popular spot for Dubrovnik elopement. It’s a small island near the city of Dubrovnik and has few places where you can have your elopement. A certain fee is also required to have an elopement on the premises of the island and this fee depends on the location of the island where you want your ceremony to be held at and whether you want to privatize a part of the island just for you.

Real story: emotional elopement at Lokrum Island

Srđ hill

Srđ Hill is the place with maybe the best view of the old part of Dubrovnik city. Sunrises and sunsets from this place are simply amazing. There is no fee required for elopements in this place. The only catch is that you can’t privatize the best viewpoints which attract other people too. Srđ Hill is great for Dubrovnik elopements that are out of the main session since the number of people visiting Dubrovnik during these periods is way less than in the main season.

Real story: elopement at sunset on Mt. Srđ

Park Orsula

Park Orsula is another great spot for Dubrovnik elopements. It’s also on a bit higher ground and it has a perfect view of the old part of Dubrovnik. This place requires a fee for privatization so you can have elopement free of other people.

Real story: love at Park Orsula

Secret Viewpoints on Lapad

There are 2 circular viewpoints on the Lapad in Dubrovnik and they are perfect for elopements. They don’t have a view of the old city core, but they are perfect if you want your Dubrovnik elopement to be among the pine trees and with a view of the Adriatic Sea. These viewpoints are usually not crowded, especially outside of the main season periods.

Lovrijenac fortress

The Lovrijenac fortress is one of the most famous fortresses in Dubrovnik. It has a terrace with an astonishing view. A certain fee is required to book this place for your elopement ceremony in Dubrovnik.

Elope on the boat

Dubrovnik is famous for its beautiful city walls and the best way to observe them is from the boat. In Dubrovnik, you can elope on several beautiful boats with a panoramic city as your backdrop.

Real story: intimate elopement on the Karaka boat

Dubrovnik elopement packages – how much could it cost

We know that budget is an important aspect of every elopement. The total cost of your elopement in Dubrovnik might vary depending on many factors, some of them being a venue, time of the year, vendors included in your elopement, and accommodation…

Generally speaking, you can expect your Dubrovnik elopement to cost you between 5000 and 15 000 Euros. Prices are usually lower if you are having an elopement outside of the main session. The lower part of this estimate might include basic accommodation, a public elopement venue which has no fee, photographer services for a duration of a few hours, a dinner for 2 in a local restaurant…

The higher end of the price estimate might include luxury accommodation overlooking the city, photographer and videographer services for a duration of 5 hours or more, symbolic officiant, hair and makeup stylist, venue fee, rich floral decoration, and dinner at one of the top restaurants in Dubrovnik, and extras such as boat ride or similar tour.

Best restaurants in Dubrovnik

Apart from everything mentioned above, Dubrovnik is famous for its culinary experiences too. There are many restaurants with traditional Croatian cuisine that will make a perfect ending to your elopement day in Dubrovnik. Having dinner is a must if you are eloping in Dubrovnik and here are just a few of the best restaurants in this city: Nautica, Restaurant 360°, Pantarul, Taj Mahal, Proto, Azur, Dubravka 1836…

What to do in Dubrovnik as a couple

Dubrovnik is a city made for couples. There are numerous things to do both inside and outside of the city walls. As a part of your Dubrovnik elopement experience, we suggest you explore all the possibilities Dubrovnik and its wider area have to offer.

For example, there are many boat tours you can take such as scenic sunset rides. If you are a bit more adventurous, you can try kayaking tours that leave the port and explore some of the best and most secluded parts of Lokrum and Dubrovnik. Going to Srđ Hill by cable car and having a picnic at sunset there is another thing to consider. Cool adventures such as room escape ones are great options if you stumble upon a rainy day in Dubrovnik.

Consider exploring some further places too. You can take a fast catamaran or ferry lines to places such as Korčula or Hvar – another famous destination in Croatia. If you rented a car during your stay in Croatia, you can drive along the coast and enjoy the most scenic road route in Croatia. Make sure you visit places such as the Neretva river delta, Makarska Riviera, and Pelješac peninsula as you drive along.

Ask us anything

And just like that, we have reached the end of this guide. We’re sure we’ve helped you at least to some extent and now you have more confidence in planning your Dubrovnik elopement. However, you might still have some questions about this topic. If that’s the case, feel free to contact us through the form on our website.

The same goes in case you want to book us as a photographer and videographer for your Dubrovnik elopement and you are interested in our pricing. We always enjoy documenting elopements in Dubrovnik and would love to be part of your love story.

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