Dubrovnik for Couples: 7 Ideas for Romantic Vacation in Eternal City

Dubrovnik for couples - a couple session on the terrace above the Stradun street in Dubrovnik.

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If you know about Croatia, then you know about Dubrovnik too. You might even know about Dubrovnik and not about Croatia, that’s how far the popularity of this city goes. Dubrovnik for couples is our guide for all you who came to this city with your partner and seek out of the ordinary experience.

This guide can serve you to give you an idea about things to do with your partner in Dubrovnik, but be free and explore more because this city can offer you much more than we can write in this post.

Having a post about 59 ideas in Dubrovnik for couples would be stupid, wouldn’t it?

Introduction to Dubrovnik for couples

This post is written by a couple for couples and we write from our own experience. We spent a lot of time in Dubrovnik, photographing other couples or just roaming around. Even though we are not from this city, we can confidently say that we know the best places in Dubrovnik for couples.

We assure you we have visited every single one of them and we know what we are talking about. We left some places out, like going to Srđ hill above Dubrovnik, because we have some similar ones on the list. Srđ hill is only the view anyway, and our Park Orsula has both the view and the experience.

When you come to Dubrovnik, you’ll see that it’s full of couples. A lot of them come here because let’s be honest, this city is one of the most romantic ones in Croatia. And there is no excuse for you to be bored with it.

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Elope in Dubrovnik

Straight to the point. We believe that Dubrovnik elopement is the best thing you as a couple can do. You don’t need anyone, no need for the officiant and you can combine the city photo session with the ceremony on Lokrum Island or Park Orsula in the sunset which is further on our list, for example. If you ask us, it is a great idea to elope in Dubrovnik.

So what is elopement for you who don’t know? It’s a simple ‘I love you and you are my everything, but much more poetic. You come to a nice place and you say your vows to each other. We believe all weddings should look like this. You say what you feel, you choose your own words for it and auntie’s crying does not bother you. Regular weddings are completely opposite.

Don’t get us wrong, classic weddings can be equally good, but we, as wedding photographers, have never witnessed a wedding in which newlyweds were completely relaxed and thinking only about their experience. An elopement is just the thing you need if you think like we do. Why do you need to care if everybody has enough wine on the table on your special day?

Why would you elope in Dubrovnik? Well, simply because it has everything you might wish: a sea and nice beach, nearby islands accessible by boat or kayak, a hill with amazing panoramic view, a handful of top-rated restaurants to celebrate afterward,… this list can go on. If you need more reasons to elope in Dubrovnik please contact us and we will gladly provide you with a few pages full of reasons!

If you plan to elope in Dubrovnik, let us know, and we will gladly help with some tips and tricks.

Dubrovnik karaka boat elopement matea stephan 16 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer
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Couple photo session in Dubrovnik old town

If you don’t want to elope in Dubrovnik, you might consider a photo session with your partner. Yes, you are going to take a bunch of photos during your stay in Dubrovnik and you’ll potentially miss all the good experiences with the mobile phone always being in your hands.

So we ask you, what’s the better, quantity or quality? We suggest you hire a professional photographer who knows the best places in the city and will guide you through them while effortlessly taking photo memories of you two. A good photographer must be a guide too, and he/she must make you feel comfortable.

With this Dubrovnik couple photo session, you’ll make great memories in a form of high-quality photos. These sessions usually last for 2 hours and you get around 100 edited photos. There are different photographers with different prices and photos you get. But if you choose to book our Dubrovnik for couples photo session experience you get a free coffee and we choose to add extra value with a short video of the two of you.

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Room escape experience

We tried the Dubrovnik room escape experience 2 years ago. Our friends run it and one day we were early in Dubrovnik and choose to pay them a visit. Never tried it before and we didn’t know what to expect. But we were never hyped about it. At that moment, it was just a way to kill some extra time at that moment.

Boy were we wrong. From the first step in the scented room full of mysteries and riddles, we knew that it was going to be an awesome experience. There are 2 rooms and you can choose between these so we chose The Old Dubrovnik republic one. The other one is a Game of Thrones-themed experience.

So you get locked in the room and you need to find your way out by solving riddles. And not just any kind of riddles, everything in the room is interconnected in some way, although it might not seem so at the first glance. Go there, have fun, you’re welcome.

Park Orsula picnic at sunset

Let’s return back to romantic stuff. Picnic, we are huge lovers of eating somewhere out while looking at something nice or just being in a nice environment. Park Orsula is a famous park just outside of Dubrovnik and one of the best views of the city is from there.

Combine a view with the sunset, add your partner, and you just got yourself one of the best ideas of Dubrovnik for couples list. Reaching Park Orsula is not hard, we suggest you take an Uber ride to there or, if you are a fan of walking as we are, you can walk. A good thing about this park is that it’s rarely anyone around. Or at least it was like that a few times while we were there.

Dubrovnik wedding elopement location packages dubrovnik photographer videographer 38 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer
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Kayaking adventure outside the city walls

We are adventure guides and we cannot help ourselves not putting at least one adventure on this list. When you come to Dubrovnik, you’ll notice a lot of kayaks paddling around the city walls. Well, even if we don’t like large groups, we still suggest you go on this Dubrovnik kayaking adventure. Kayaks these agencies use are 2 seated ones and you and your partner will be together in one and don’t need to care about others.

On the other hand, if you are traveling north of Dubrovnik on your vacation in Croatia, we’ll gladly take you on one of the adventure tours we organize in the summer months. Feel free to explore our offer and you get 20% off for any of our tours, just let us know that you came through this post.

Evening dinner at one of the Dubrovnik restaurants

Our Dubrovnik for couples list wouldn’t be complete if we were not to put a recommendation about evening dinners in the city of Dubrovnik. You’ll notice that Dubrovnik is full of restaurants, and most of them are pretty decent. But some of them are extraordinary and we suggest you choose one of them. It’s not only the food that’s out of this world but with high-quality food comes high-quality service too.

And with the high-quality service comes a higher bill. So you’ll need to do a bit of math here. Since this is no list of the best places to eat in Dubrovnik we’ll let you roam the reviews of the restaurant until you choose the right one. We would just suggest you eat somewhere with a nice view or somewhere where nobody will walk around you and you’ll feel like eating in the student canteen.

One-day trip through southern Croatia

Time to say goodbye to Dubrovnik, at least for a day. Most of the couples coming to Dubrovnik stay in it only for a few days. And that’s ok. There is not much to do if you are staying for 7 days or more. It’s much better if you would embark on an exploration spree with your loved one.

This is how it usually goes with couples visiting Croatia. They come in a plane and land somewhere in the Split area (Split, Zadar) or in Dubrovnik. Then they rent a car and travel around for 7 days and then leave from the opposite airport. If they have landed in Split, they travel toward Dubrovnik, spend a day or two there, and then they fly away from Dubrovnik airport.

Renting a car is the best thing you can do when coming to Croatia. The second best is actually traveling around and exploring different places in this beautiful country. Visit our Life and Ventures website and read the posts we write about traveling in Croatia and finding yourselves places to visit.

To conclude

We hope we have helped you with our Dubrovnik for couples guide. We are happy even if you choose only one of these list tips. Enjoy Dubrovnik city, it’s really a nice place. But don’t forget to enjoy other places too. Croatia is much more than just one city, no matter how beautiful it is.

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