Dubrovnik wedding packages cost + ideas

Your dream wedding in the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’

With its picturesque stone streets and epic cliffs above the sea, Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful wedding destinations. If you plan to get married within the city walls which are 1.2 miles long and 80 feet high, chances are, you have chosen a unique place on earth for your wedding – a city inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage site.

Dubrovnik is said to be one of the most famous cities in Croatia and when planning a wedding there, you should take many facts and figures into consideration.

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Dubrovnik Wedding photographer and vieographer

Love and Ventures are Andrea and Mario, wedding photographer and videographer, based in Dubrovnik area. With years of experience shooting elopements and intimate weddings in all kinds of landscapes, we decided to create this guide to serve you as a good starting point for planning your wedding in DUbrovnik. 

Let the adventure begin!

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So how to plan your wedding in Dubrovnik?

Planning a wedding or elopement in a foreign country can feel a bit tricky. But with good research and preparation, sorting out all the legal stuff, bookings, and organisation can be flawless.

The first thing you want to define is what you want from your wedding.


We are here from the beginning to help you find the perfect spot and plan the perfect adventure elopement for you and with you.

And in case you want a bigger wedding, we are here to recommend the best local vendors, wedding planners, and of course, to capture your wedding day in an authentic way.

If you plan an elopement or intimate wedding in Croatia, here is our comprehensive Croatia elopement guide with all useful info and tips.

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If you consider an elopement with a pinch of adventure…

List of the best Dubrovnik wedding locations

Dubrovnik area is full of hidden natural gems that can be an epic setting for your elopement or wedding. Think remote lighthouse, sea cliffs with view on nearby Elaphiti Islands, wild forest with free-roaming peacocks around or hidden beach cave. Can you already imagine it? 

Go ahead, think about the possibilities of having a unique wedding ceremony. As we are professional wedding and elopement photo+video team based in the Dubrovnik area, we have a list of the best places for unique elopement in Dubrovnik. And to ignite your imagination, we share these wedding locations in the city and in Dubrovnik area with you :

The Dubrovnik locations and venues listed are beautiful but also some of the most famous ones. Our list of special locations for your Dubrovnik wedding has many more unique places and we would be more than happy to share them with you!

Things to ask yourself when planning a Dubrovnik wedding packages cost

Dubrovnik is famous among show-bizz stars which means, Dubrovnik can provide all the luxury you want, but at the same time, you can have a tailored experience on unique location without breaking the bank. The costs can be very different and the only way to go is to define your budget in advance.
Besides, you should decide on what is important to you about your wedding day:

Do you want an expensive designer gown or a cheaper but stylish dress?
What about flowers and other decors?
Do you value memories and photographs that will stay for you in the years to come, or something else instead?
Do you want to rent a luxury villa for your ceremony or you prefer a remote natural spot?

Think about what are important things worth investing for you. Everything can be relevant because it is a personal matter. And that tremendously affects the overall cost of your wedding.

If you need some inspiration, have a look at this intimate destination wedding in Dubrovnik.

Seasons can affect your wedding package cost

Dubrovnik is most popular from May until October, mostly for the warm weather. Think about it not only because of the weather but also from a budget perspective – many venues and accommodation tend to be 20-30% cheaper in pre/postseason.  Pro tip: Not to mention crowds through the city in peak season so if you want to have beautiful Dubrovnik walls and streets in background, you will have to wake up early to get these photos.
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So how much your wedding in Dubrovnik might cost?

Well, you already guess the answer – if you want to customize any part of the wedding, which we are sure you do want, the package cost is pretty individual, or we can say relatively.

Let’s say that the wedding packages for most wedding planners and photographers can be narrowed down to big weddings, intimate weddings, or elopement. According to that, prices can vary very much. 

While it is very ungrateful to give exact numbers about costs without knowing your wishes first, we have prepared some starting prices for elopement and wedding packages in Dubrovnik.

The usual cost of a wedding in Dubrovnik with 20 guests ranges between 25 000-50 000 euros and it usually includes venue rental fee, wedding planner fee, florist, make-up artist, photographer and videographer, city transfers, reception and dinner fee, legal marriage paperwork, officiant and translator, DJ and cake. 

The usual cost for a wedding in Dubrovnik with 100+ guests ranges between 40 000-100 000 euros and it includes mostly the same vendors and expenses as an intimate wedding, but with significantly more logistics and more guests.


The usual cost of elopement in Dubrovnik with just the couple ranges between 3 500-5 000 euros and it usually includes a hair and make-up artist, photographer and videographer, and symbolic officiant.

As you see, elopements tend to be budget-friendly and they are often taking place in locations that do not require a fee. Below we prepared our starting prices for photo+video packages.

Some ideas on how to cut your Dubrovnik elopement or wedding costs

We strongly suggest not cutting the cost of your wedding by excluding some important vendors, such as wedding planners or florists. They all are professionals in their work and they know the best way how to make your wedding stand out while keeping the costs as low as possible. Even if you don’t think so, it is very visible when a vendor is excluded on a wedding day. If beautiful wedding memories are important to you, then do not save on the photographer. Hire the one you like the most and save on some other things less important to you.

One of the ways to cut Dubrovnik wedding costs significantly is to choose pre-season or post-season for your event. Avoid June, July, August, and September and you will surely save some money because accommodation is way cheaper and most vendors could offer you a bit lower prices.

Additionally, you can consider hiring a symbolic officiant instead of a legal one. This can lower the costs of paperwork, wedding planning, and officiant by approx. 1000 euros.

When choosing floral decorations, opt for locally sourced flowers and plants and not some exotic ones that are hard to get in Croatia at a certain season.

There are many other advantages of having your wedding in pre-season or post-season periods: fewer crowds everywhere, the weather is not as hot, better overall wedding experience,…

Looking for a Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer and Videographer?

We are Mario & Andrea – a team of photographer and videographer. Our home base is in the Dubrovnik area so we are very familiar with the destination and also have special pricing for Dubrovnik wedding packages.
We have 10+ years of experience in documenting weddings in Dubrovnik and know all the secret spots in the city as well as the secrets on how to look great on photos and video.

We offer photography packages or video packages only, or a bundle of two. Let us know if you would like to get a personalized package designed according to your wishes.

Our photography and video style is atmospheric and natural, with a focus on real moments with a slight editorial touch. We put a lot of attention to detail as well as to the landscape where you are getting married in. If you are getting married in Dubrovnik and this sounds good, read further!

What our couples say

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Here are steps to your perfect Dubrovnik Wedding:

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Our Dubrovnik Wedding Packages

Below is our pricing overview with starting prices. 
Please contact us with your wedding or elopement ideas for accurate package cost.

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Weddings in Dubrovnik

starting price 3600 euros

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Elopements in Dubrovnik

starting price 2700 euros

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Honeymoon and Engagement Sessions

For the two of you – starting price 500 euros

Contact us for full pricing and info!

Write us about your elopement or wedding plans and ideas. We will get back to you as soon as we read your message.

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