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Dubrovnik is the single most famous place in Croatia when it comes to a lot of things, weddings included. It’s considered to be the most romantic city in the whole of Croatia, some even say in Europe too. Dubrovnik attracts many young couples each year, whether it’s just for a visit or something more than it. As Croatia wedding photographer and videographer, we do most of our work among the old walls of Dubrovnik.

Through the years we have been in the wedding photography and videography business, we’ve got to know most of Dubrovnik wedding venues and we write this article to help you choose the best venue for your wedding in this romantic city. We bring you some of our favorite wedding venues in Dubrovnik and we are sure you’ll find at least one that you like among them.

Let’s start with the journey through the historical places and some of the best views of Dubrovnik city.

Importance of choosing the right wedding venue in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik offers a lot of great venues for weddings, more than any other city in Croatia. Some of these Dubrovnik wedding venues are places with a rich history that dates for many centuries in the past and as such has that particular vibe that no other place can offer. Some others are not as old but offer stunning views of the old core of Dubrovnik city and as such they are a perfect place for your wedding in Dubrovnik.

The wedding venue is an important aspect of every wedding because you will spend most time at that location. Some of the Dubrovnik wedding venues can be the ceremony and reception venues while some of them can’t. Choosing the right venue determines the whole vibe of your wedding in Dubrovnik and it’s very important to take time and think about the best one that suits your needs.

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Some of the Dubrovnik wedding venues we’ll mention below are better for intimate weddings while some can accommodate larger ones so it’s important to think about that aspect too. Finally, the venue is one of the aspects of your wedding that will leave a great impression on your guests so make sure you arrange them a day to remember.

We are Dubrovnik wedding photographer and videographer

We are Andrea and Mario and we have been filming and photographing weddings in Dubrovnik for more than 8 years now. As a photographer and videographer, we’ve documented weddings at most of the Dubrovnik wedding venues mentioned below. From the photography and videography aspect, choosing the right wedding venue is also important. The great place for the wedding produces great memories and great photo and video material of your wedding in Dubrovnik.

Let the adventure begin!

We were very happy with Andrea and Mario as our photo(video)graphers at our wedding in Croatia. They responded fast, clear and were flexible. They also helped us with questions regarding organizing a wedding. During the wedding Andrea and Mario were very dynamic, flexible and captured amazing unforgettable moments. During the edit of both video and photo’s Andrea and Mario were listening to our preferences and needs, they thought with us, resulting in beautiful photo’s and an amazing video. With help of Andrea and Mario, we are now able to look back at beautiful unforgettable moments.

Sahar and Anoush

We are writing this blog as a way to help you start planning your wedding abroad. Through the past few years, we have covered a wide variety of topics regarding the wedding in Dubrovnik, as well as in other parts of Croatia. Make sure you explore our blog if you are planning to get married in Croatia and if there is any question that we might left unanswered, feel free to contact us.

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As a wedding and elopement photographer and videographer, we have documented a wide variety of weddings and elopements all across Europe through the years. Our style is documentary with a focus on real emotions and events that are happening during your wedding. We love to capture all those small moments we are sure you’ll miss on your wedding day, but they will bring tears to your eyes once you see them captured in photos and videos.

Need a Dubrovnik wedding planner? We know the best ones

As the wedding photographer and videographer, we have worked with many wedding planners in Dubrovnik and we can connect you with the best ones for your wedding. Feel free to reach out, tell us more about your wedding in Dubrovnik and we’ll connect you with the best wedding planner for your wedding.

5 reasons why hiring a Dubrovnik wedding planner is great idea

A wedding planner is a person you really want to have when it comes to organizing a wedding in Dubrovnik (or anywhere else) and we have mentioned this on many occasions on this website. A good wedding planner will make all of your wishes come to reality and their help is really inevitable. Some of the Dubrovnik wedding venues work exclusively with local wedding planners.

Wedding planners help you to focus on the things that really matter on your wedding day. Trust us, we have been part of the large weddings that had no planners and these were much more stressful for the couple getting married than those with the aid of the planner. You and your feelings are the only thing that matters on your wedding day, everything else is the job of the wedding planner.

Book your wedding venue in Dubrovnik on time

As already mentioned, Dubrovnik is the single most popular place for weddings in Croatia. Some of the Dubrovnik wedding venues can be booked for years in advance so we suggest starting planning as early as possible. As the number of venues is decreasing through the years, existing ones take the extra bookings. But don’t let this encourage you. Some of the Dubrovnik wedding venues have many slots throughout the day so they might be able to fit in your wedding.

Starting to plan your wedding at least a year in advance is the best suggestion we can give to you. This is especially valid for larger weddings with more than 50 guests. Smaller intimate weddings and elopements are a bit easier to organize and these can be planned even at the last minute on some occasions.

Our pick of the best Dubrovnik wedding venues

In this part, we bring you some of the best Dubrovnik wedding venues along with pictures and videos. We have already mentioned the importance of choosing the right wedding venue for your wedding. Dubrovnik is the place that offers the most diverse set of wedding venues in Croatia. Through the past few years, some of the venues have closed their doors for weddings and we’ll do our best to keep this list up to date.

However, reach out to your wedding planner and ask him/her about the Dubrovnik wedding venues and they will help you choose the best one and update you about the current situation with each of them.


At first, Lazareti might not seem like the most romantic of Dubrovnik wedding venues since they were a quarantine in the previous centuries. Sailors who came to the city first had to spend some some in Lazareti before they were allowed to enter inside of Dubrovnik city. But things have changed since then and Lazareti has become one of the best wedding venues in Dubrovnik. They are perfect for smaller and medium weddings with up to 100 guests.

In the past years, Lazareti has become a well-known place and a home to some of the best bars and restaurants in Dubrovnik.

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Lazareti wedding venue 5 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer
Lazareti wedding venue 11 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Fort Lovrijenac

Fort Lovrijenac is a fort which is located a bit outside of the Dubrovnik old city core and as such it has a great view of the old part of Dubrovnik city. It’s one of the most famous forts and it has a stunning view of Dubrovnik on one side and the open Adriatic Sea on the other. Fort Lovrijenac is a great location for weddings with up to 150 guests. Trust us, your guests will love the vibe and the view from this fort.

Visnjica / Park Orsula

Višnjica and Park Orsula are located a bit outside of Dubrovnik city and as such have one of the best panoramic views of Dubrovnik and its sunsets. Both of these locations are located next to each other and you could think of them as one location. However, Višnjica part is able to host larger weddings with up to 200 guests and the whole location can be covered by a tent in case of bad weather.

On the other side, Park Orsula is an open space with a similar view of Dubrovnik city and it’s able to host smaller to medium-sized weddings to up to 50 guests.

Sponza Palace

Sponza Palace is one of the most famous among Dubrovnik wedding venues. There are often a few weddings being held there each day during the wedding season. Sponza Palace is a stunning location in the middle of the old part of Dubrovnik city. It’s usually booked for a year or so in advance so make sure you book it early enough if you like it. It’s possible to do only the ceremony part of your wedding in Sponza palace.

Karaka boat

Something different, something as romantic as it gets. The Karaka boat is one of the 2 replicas of the old ships that existed during the old times of the Dubrovnik Republic. It’s possible to have your wedding on this boat too. Just imagine standing on the replica of an old historical ship as you go on a panoramic ride outside of Dubrovnik main city walls and into the sunset you’ll never forget. Karaka Boat is truly one of the most original and authentic Dubrovnik wedding venues.

Villa Rose

Villa Rose is located a bit outside of Dubrovnik, in the silence and tranquility of nearby Koločep island. It’s a great wedding venue for weddings of up to 100 guests and it features a great view as the terrace is located on the cliffs just above the sea. To reach Villa Rose, you need a boat ride from Dubrovnik and it’s a great addition to your wedding because everyone loves Dubrovnik scenic boat rides.

Port 22 restaurant

Port 22 restaurant is located between the old part of Dubrovnik and Lazareti and it’s a restaurant that can host weddings for up to 120 guests. The best thing about this Dubrovnik wedding venue is its location and the view of the Dubrovnik port.

Dubrovnik Museum of Modern Art

Dubrovnik Museum of Modern Art is yet another venue with a great view of the old part of Dubrovnik city. It is a great location for medium to larger weddings with up to 200 guests. This venue has a beautiful large terrace and it will make your wedding in Dubrovnik really stand out.

Hotel Croatia in Cavtat

Cavtat is not exactly in Dubrovnik but we still decided to include this venue in the list. Cavtat is a small town near Dubrovnik and Hotel Croatia is the place where we’ve documented many great weddings. To be exact, the weddings are organized on the terrace of a beach bar which is part of the Hotel Croatia in Cavtat. The terrace of the bar is located just above the sea and it has the best view of Cavtat which is also a historically important part of this area.

Revelin Fort

As we come to the end of this list of the best Dubrovnik wedding venues, we want to mention Revelin Fort as yet another place that offers great views of Dubrovnik rooftops and old part of the city. Revelin is a great option for really large weddings in Dubrovnik and the view from it will make your guests speak about your weddings for months to come.

Lazareti wedding venue 3 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer


Trsteno is yet another location located a bit outside of Dubrovnik, 20 minutes of driving away from it to be exact. But Trsteno is famous for some other things, it has one of the most unique botanical gardens in Croatia and as such it’s a perfect place to host your wedding there. There is a villa in Trsteno which hosts smaller weddings and it’s one of the best wedding venues in this small village near Dubrovnik.

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Reach out and tell us about your wedding in Dubrovnik

If you are thinking about a wedding in Dubrovnik you already made a great step forward. We are sure Dubrovnik is going to leave you speechless, it’s truly one of the most remarkable places in Europe and there is a reason why it’s called the most romantic place in Croatia. There is a reason why many couples choose one of Dubrovnik wedding venues for their special day. We have written many articles about weddings in Dubrovnik so make sure you check them out. They will give you valuable insight into many things concerning planning and organizing a wedding in Dubrovnik.

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Finally, if you like our photography and videography work, feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to send you our pricing and be the memory-preservation part of your wedding in Dubrovnik.

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