Elopement in Ireland: Ultimate Guide For Eloping In a Land of Castles and Fairies in 2023

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There are not many countries that are popular for elopements as Ireland is. So many couples decide to have their elopement in Ireland and when you see what a landscape and nature this country has, it’s no surprise at all. And that’s not all, wait until you hear about the history of Ireland and all the medieval castles that are still proudly standing, just waiting to be used as the backdrop of your Ireland elopement.

This post is aimed to be a comprehensive Ireland elopement guide that will give you an insight about planning and organizing your elopement, tell you everything about the best Ireland elopement venues, what to think about when you book Ireland elopement photographer, and much more.

So let’s start a journey through this magical country.

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Few words about us

Love and Ventures are Andrea and Mario,  elopement photographer and videographer, working in Ireland. With years of experience shooting elopements and intimate weddings in all kinds of landscapes, we decided to create this guide to serve you as a good starting point for planning your elopement in Ireland. 

Let the adventure begin!

‘Love and Ventures are amazing! They helped us pick through locations for our ceremony and accommodated us when we changed locations one week before the ceremony. They also helped us find a makeup artist and officiant. The photos and video they made are incredible, and the locations they picked for them were perfect! We loved working with them and appreciate all they did to memorialize our special day!’

– Ellie and Jared

About Ireland

Ireland is an island in North Atlantic and it’s the 3rd largest European island. It’s divided between the Republic of Ireland that takes the larger surface of the island and Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom. Ireland is known for its beautiful nature, rich history, culture, and many other things.

Ireland is a land full of castles, and while you are exploring it, it might seem like you ended up in a book about fairies, dragons, and elves. And that special vibe is something we really love about Ireland. Sometimes it seems that old towns have been stuck in some past, more romantic times. We truly believe that Ireland is a great country for elopements. It’s a great country for weddings abroad too, but the concept of elopements gets along with the Irish landscape and history so well that you need at least to think about eloping in Ireland.

 Real elopement story: Amanda & Jared’s spring hiking elopement in Killarney, Ireland

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How to get there

Since Ireland is an island, the best way of reaching it is by airplane. Ireland’s airports are well connected with many other airports worldwide. A good thing about flying to Ireland is the fact that you can get pretty cheap tickets since the low-cost company Ryanair is from Ireland and Dublin airport is their hub. It’s possible to get tickets that go as low as 50 Euros for a 2-way trip which is unbelievably cheap.

The other possible way of reaching Ireland is by ferry from the United Kingdom. It’s a bit slower and less convenient way of reaching Ireland, but it’s a great option if you are from the UK and want to travel across Ireland by your car.

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Why should you elope in Ireland?

Our top reasons for elopement in Ireland are nature and history. The blend of these 2 is fantastic. All these old castles fit so well in Ireland’s green and moody landscapes that it’s unimaginable. Even the rain and cloudy weather which is characteristic of Ireland add to this moody vibe.

Another reason why you should consider eloping in Ireland is the elopement venues of this country. There is a vast number of locations to choose from. Reaching Ireland is rather easy and you can book a really cheap flight which means you can spend more money on the other things regarding your Ireland elopement or vacation.

Elopements are much easier to plan and organize than a traditional wedding. They are also a cheaper version of a wedding and perfect if you want to get married abroad with a limited budget. Since Ireland is a famous country and elopement destination, there are many vendors to choose from – elopement photographers and videographers, florists, wedding planners, etc.

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Ireland’s nature and landscapes

We already mentioned that the landscape of Ireland is one of our top reasons why you should have your elopement in Ireland. We love the whole of Ireland but the Western coast of the island is something special. We shoot a lot of elopements in Croatia and most of them have the sea as the backdrop for the ceremony. But the Atlantic that washes upon the Western part of Ireland is something completely different. It has the raw power of an untamed ocean and it can’t be compared with other seas.

Ireland has a bit of darker and more moody weather, a lot of rain. Somebody might not like this but in terms of photography, it’s perfect. Yes, a little bit of a golden hour glow is great if you catch it, but overcast usually means that you can have a good and consistent light condition throughout the day. That means you can organize your elopement in Ireland at any time and not only during the sunset hours like in some southern countries.

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Best time of the year to visit Ireland

Ireland is at its busiest during the summer months of July and August. It’s also the warmest part of the year with temperatures being around 20 degrees Celsius during the day. You could say that the summer is the perfect time to visit Ireland considering the temperatures. On the other hand, you want the famous locations to be as less crowded as possible, just to get the best experience possible. Also, empty locations are perfect when talking about an elopement in Ireland. You don’t want people to walk around you during your ceremony.

Having all this in mind, the best time to visit Ireland would be the months of April, May, June, and September. Even October is a good choice. This way you still get pretty good weather but avoid crowds. Regarding the weather, you can always expect a little bit of rain in Ireland since the rain is almost a trademark of this country.

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Ireland weather: what kind of clothes and equipment to bring for your elopement in Ireland

Why do you think the grass is so green in Ireland? It’s because of lots and lots of rain. Ireland is famous for it and there is a high chance that you’re going to have at least a few rainy days during your stay in Ireland. Usually, people don’t like rain, especially on their wedding day. But there is nothing you can do about it so stop worrying. Honestly, Ireland elopement photos look so cool in a moody and rainy atmosphere.

When visiting Ireland, you definitely must prepare for the unpredictable weather. That means that you need to bring good shoes, preferably waterproof ones. Or at least water-resistant to some point. Secondly, you need to bring enough of warm clothes, depending on the time of the year you are visiting Ireland. The raincoat is a must during your stay in Ireland and we suggest you buy a longer raincoat poncho that will cover most of your body. These are lightweight and easy to carry around at all times.

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Ireland elopement venues: Our pick

Regarding the best places to elope in Ireland, we have made our pick of locations that will give you an impression of what to expect from Ireland. Honestly, all of Ireland is beautiful and you really can’t miss any location. Some of them are similar too. When it comes to our experience of Ireland, we have fallen in love with its western part – Connemara. It’s something absolutely amazing.

We were driving through Ireland for 10 days straight, searching for the best Ireland elopement venues and visiting some less famous places. There are many places throughout Ireland that are not shown on the maps but are still stunning and perfect as the elopement venues. If you are ever to drive through Ireland, you’re going to see what we are talking about.

Meet your Ireland elopement and wedding photographer – meet us!

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Connemara is the region in western Ireland. This region is very rich in culture and you can experience a true Ireland here. A lot of people talk in the traditional Irish language. As the region, Connemara has some mountains, many coves, and lakes and its beautiful landscape overall. The largest city in the vicinity is Galway.

Connemara is on the Atlantic coast and you can feel the true beauty of the ocean here. If you are planning to elope in Ireland, Connemara should definitely be on your list. If you are looking to have mountain elopement in Ireland, then Connemara is the place for you.

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Cliffs of Moher

A little bit more south of Connemara is where the famous Cliffs of Moher are located. For sure, they are one of the main natural attractions of Ireland. And, as such, they are just the perfect place for elopement in Ireland. Cliffs of Moher were carved by the Atlantic ocean for millions of years.

Combine the high cliffs with the magnificent Atlantic ocean and you get one of the best Ireland elopement venues. Cliffs of Moher are very visite throughout the year, but since it’s so large surface, it’s not hard to find a good and empty spot for your Ireland elopement. Also, if you are visiting Ireland in the preseason or postseason, there will be fewer visitors in Ireland.

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Unlike the Connemara region and Cliffs of Moher, Glendalough is located in eastern Ireland. It’s a glacial valley and a place of stunning beauty, just like the rest of Ireland. There are many ancient ruins in the Glendalough area and these are perfect for Ireland elopement with a scent of history. The rest of the Glendalough is pure nature, there are flowing rivers, lakes, and forests, each perfect backdrop for your elopement in Ireland.

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Any of the Ireland castles

Ireland is full of castles. If you are to drive through the country you’ll see a lot of them and will soon get accustomed to the sight. There are many castles that are located just near the road you’re traveling on while some others are secluded and you need to walk to them. Some castles have an entrance fee and some others are free to visit with any restrictions. To conclude, castles are great as a backdrop for your Ireland elopement.

Apart from castles, there are many other types of old ruins – churches, monasteries, towers, etc. Just like the castles, some of these are great options for weddings or elopements.

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Wicklow mountains

Wicklow mountains national park is near the Glendalough and it’s part of Wicklow county. These are perfect for mountain elopement in Ireland. Although the Wicklow mountains are not as high as some other mountains of the world (the highest peak is just 925 meters high), they still have the mountain vibe. Mountain elopements are very popular and once you see the photos of such elopements, you’ll immediately know why is that so.

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Killarney national park

Welcome to the first national park in Ireland. Killarney is located in the southwest of Ireland and it’s one of the most picturesque cities in Ireland. Killarney national park, on the other hand, is full of lakes, mountain peaks, and rivers. A large part of the park is covered with forest which is considered to be one of the largest forest coverings in Ireland. Killarney national park is a very popular Ireland elopement venue and it’s famous for its beautiful scenery.


Dog’s bay

Ireland is full of small bays and sandy beaches. Dog’s Bay is located in Western Ireland, in the region of Connemara, which we already mentioned in this article. It’s a beautiful bay that is perfect for beach elopement in Ireland. It’s easily accessible and it’s located in one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland. It’s possible to swim at Dog’s bay during the warm days since the bay is sheltered from the strong Atlantic currents. Although there are many more similar beaches in Ireland, Dog’s bay is special because it’s the blend of 2 beaches that are turned toward the opposite sides.

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Proposal in Ireland: Your first step toward your future life together

Although this post is about an elopement in Ireland, we’ll just mention something that comes before the elopement or wedding and that is – proposal. Many couples decide to propose to their partner in a foreign country, during their travel together. What’s even cooler, a lot of couples decide to have their wedding or elopement in the same county a year or so later. Ireland is a great country for proposals too and all of the locations mentioned above would make great proposal spots.

One of the best tips we can give you if you are visiting Ireland as a couple is to rent a car and explore Ireland by it. Don’t spend too much time in the cities, especially large ones, and look for the true Ireland which is people, culture and amazing nature. Start your days early and end them in the pubs.

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Hiring a wedding planner for your elopement in Ireland

Since we are wedding and elopement photographers, we occasionally colaborate with wedding planners. Wedding planners are crucial when it comes to planning and organizing a larger weddings. It’s a person who helps newlyweds in every phase of their wedding – finding the best venue, contacting and hiring all the vendors, etc. We always suggest that you hire a wedding planner if you are going to organize a wedding in a foreign country. It will cost you some money, but it will save you lot of time and stress.

On the other hand, if you are planning to elope in Ireland or any other foreign country, you might not need a service of a wedding planner. Elopements are great because they are much easier to plan and organize and they don’t include so many vendors as some larger wedding do. You could say that elopements are much more versatile ways of getting married. Suddenly, all of the locations are available and it’s just about you and your partner. There is nothing more beautiful than a fact that you can focus on the important things on your wedding day.

Explore more ideas for your elopement in Ireland

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Ireland elopement package: an estimate cost of your elopement

One of the most asked questions about Ireland elopement is: “How much will it cost me?” While there is no single answer to this one, we’ll try to give you a price range for a standard elopement in Ireland. The final price of the elopement varies according to your wishes and vendors included. There are some venues in Ireland in which you’re going to need to pay a certain fee for your elopement wedding to be held there.

You can expect your Ireland elopement to cost you somewhere in between 4000 Euros to 6000 Euros. This price is for 2 persons only and can include a location fee, photographer, videographer, florist, bridal hair, makeup, and officiant. If you want your wedding to include additional people, then you can expect a price to rise a bit.

Please note that the estimated prices shown in this article may not reflect current prices at the moment, as the market is volatile and prices are constantly rising.

Legal officiant vs symbolic officiant while eloping in Ireland

At the start of your Ireland elopement planning, you need to decide whether you want your ceremony to be a legally binding or symbolic ceremony. In a case you want your elopement to be legally binding, you need to meet some conditions – you need to be over 18 years old, be free to marry, and so on. In this case, you need to hire a legal officiant and take care of some paperwork before you even come to Ireland. It’s best to do these steps as soon as possible. We suggest you contact a legal officiant in Ireland and ask what you need to deliver in order to legally get married in Ireland.

Things get a bit simpler if you have decided to have a symbolic elopement ceremony. In that case, you need to hire a symbolic officiant who will guide you through the ceremony. You can also combine these two. You can get married legally at the legal marriage office and have an outdoor symbolic elopement anywhere in Ireland.

Ireland elopement photographer – no travel costs

We are elopement photographers and we shoot elopements all around Europe. So far, Ireland is one of our favorite elopement locations in Europe. For the upcoming year of 2022, we are not charging you travel fees for our services of elopement photographers in Ireland. If you are interested in having us as photographers and videographers for your elopement in Ireland, contact us through the form below (a few simple steps) and we’ll send you our Ireland elopement package prices.


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