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Italy is at the sole top of countries for elopements in Europe. Period. It might even be the most popular one. We are not a bit surprised by this fact, and once you read this guide or visit Italy by yourself, you won’t be either. Regarding the elopement in Italy, this country has it all – rich culture and historical cities, immense natural wonders, some of the most magical mountains in Europe, and probably the best food on the whole old continent.

We have been in the elopement photography and videography business for years now and we documented elopements in some of the most popular countries in Europe such as Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Malta, and Croatia… But what makes us think that Italy is the ultimate elopement heaven of Europe is its diversity. There are all kinds of landscapes in Italy – mountains, sea with high rising cliffs, rolling hills, volcanoes, valleys…

We decided to write this article as the starting point for you if you are planning to elope in Italy. It will cover some of the most important topics such as choosing your Italy elopement photographer and videographer, how much could your elopement in Italy cost, whether can you get legally married in Italy, etc.

Italy is truly the heart of the Mediterranean and the ultimate country for elopements with a Mediterranean vibe.

Welcome to the enchanting land of Italy

As we wrote above, Italy is the heart of the Mediterranean which lures people from all around the world into its embrace. Italy is the country in which romance, history, art, and natural beauty are intertwined like nowhere else in Europe. Italy is the soil on which many civilizations existed throughout history. Each of them left its own mark, many of which still exist today. Italy is the country of some of the most famous artists of all time whose works can still be observed in various places across the country.

It’s the land of architectural wonders too. Some of the most famous European monuments can be found here. When thinking about the most famous countries in Europe, Italy is definitely among your first guesses. From rolling hills full of vineyards in Tuscany to the epic cliffs of the Dolomites, Italy amazes with its natural wonders too. Just think about the landscape you want to have as the backdrop for your elopement and you’ll most surely find it somewhere in Italy.

Finally, Italy is a country of culinary delights too. From pizzas and pasta to some of the best wines in the world. Italy is the cradle of the unique flavors of the Mediterranean. Italy is the whole experience and that’s the main reason why we believe that it’s a perfect country for elopements in Europe.

Italy elopement photographer and videographer

We are Andrea and Mario, a couple with Italian names and a long-time photographer and videographer of elopements all across Europe. We have been shooting all kinds of weddings until we finally decided that we want to focus on elopements and small intimate weddings. There are numerous reasons for that, the versatility and relaxed manner of these kinds of weddings being the most important ones.

Our style is documentary and we always come in pair, whether you need only elopement photography, videography, or a combination of both. We love to capture all the small details of every elopement – from the weather, overall vibe, accommodation, and all other small moments that every elopement is made of. We love to ‘catch’ moments as they happen which results in natural and non-posed photos which, in the end, tend to be much more important than the formal ones.

We are originally from Croatia, a country bordering Italy and a country somewhat similar to its larger sibling. Croatia has largely been influenced by Italy throughout the centuries and when the Roman empire started to spread, Croatia was among the first countries in which Romans came. A lot of historical cities such as Split date from the period of the Roman Empire. That’s some of the reasons why we feel at home in Italy and why we love to document Italian elopements.

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What kind of couples elopement in Italy is perfect for?

The diversity of Italy makes it perfect for a wide spectrum of young couples who are thinking about eloping in Europe. Whether you seek beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and history, or want to experience some of the most romantic places in Europe – Italy is the perfect country for you. Elopement in Italy is the experience that lasts for the whole duration of your stay in this country, not just during the elopement day.

Italy is the ultimate elopement location for romantics, art lovers, adventurers, and anybody who wants an unforgettable elopement experience. Your vacation won’t be long enough to experience all that Italy has to offer, but this country will charm you and make you yearn for a return to it.

How to reach Italy?

Reaching Italy is very easy. There is a common saying that all the roads lead to Rome. You can reach Italy through basically every means of transportation there is. If you are coming from afar, flying to some of the many airports in Italy is your best option. Once you land, there are a few options you can choose from too. You can rent a car, which we suggest since it gives you the most freedom to travel around and visit many places when it’s most convenient for you.

Apart from renting a car, you can rely on public transport which is very good in Italy, especially when it comes to train traveling across the country. Traveling by train in Italy (and in the whole of Europe) is a special experience and we suggest you take at least one train ride while in Italy.

If you are coming to Italy from neighboring countries, you have few ways of reaching it, by using trains, buses, ferries or by car.

Can foreigners get legally married in Italy?

Unlike in some neighboring countries such as Switzerland, you can get legally married in Italy and your marriage license will be valid in the whole world. However, there are some steps you need to do before your elopement in Italy to make it legal.

  1. Residency Requirements: There are no residency requirements for a couple who wants to elope in Italy through a legal ceremony. You can have a residence in any place in the world and still can get married in Italy.
  2. Documentation: Of course, not everything is so perfect so you’ll need to deal with a bit of paperwork before you are able to get approval for a legal elopement in Italy. It’s nothing so complicated and we don’t mean to discourage you if you are looking to get legally married in Italy. Definitely go for it!
  3. Legal Translations: All of the documentation from your home country has to be translated into Italian too. Once you get all the paperwork done, this step is easily resolved.
  4. Civil Ceremony: Civil ceremonies in Europe, and in Italy too, are usually held in town halls by the local registrar. In some cases, registrars can come to some outdoor venues, but there is a certain fee to be paid for that service.
  5. Timing and Planning: If you want to have a legal elopement in Italy, we suggest you start planning as early as possible and start dealing with the paperwork in the early phases of elopement planning. Once you are done with the paperwork, the real magic and relaxed feeling of elopement abroad starts to kick in.
  6. Wedding Planner and Assistance: We know that it might feel a bit overwhelming to deal with all of the paperwork required if you want to legally get married abroad. But there is a simple solution to that problem and it’s called wedding planner. There are wedding planners all around Italy and they can be very helpful in dealing with bureaucracy, leaving you more time to deal with things that matter most. If you are planning on having a legal elopement in Italy, we suggest you think about hiring a wedding planner.

Italy elopement ceremony: Symbolic vs. Legal Ceremony

Apart from the legal ceremony, there is another, more frequently chosen option for elopements in Italy, and that is a symbolic ceremony. Here we are going to see what are the main differences between legal and symbolic elopement ceremonies. From our experience, most couples choose to have a symbolic ceremony because of the few reasons we’ll mention below in this text, dealing with paperwork being one of the most expressed reasons. They simply deal with the paperwork and legalities back in their home country and go abroad for a stress-free elopement experience.

Symbolic ceremonies are conducted by symbolic officiants and they can be customized in any way you like. They are often more personal than the legal ones and usually include some of the local traditions too. Symbolic elopement ceremonies can be conducted at any place you like and they don’t produce a legal marriage. The couple is usually asked to deliver some information about their relationship to the symbolic officiant who then makes a personalized speech that applies only to that particular couple.

Another type of symbolic ceremony is one that includes only the couple and no symbolic officiant at all. In these cases, the couple read their vows to each other before they exchange rings and end the ceremony. Additionally, in some cases, a member of a family or a good friend acts as the symbolic officiant and leads the ceremony. These ceremonies are usually more personal and involve a small group of friends who know each other very well.

Finally, let’s talk about the form of the legal ceremony. These are usually held in local offices but can be organized outdoors too (for a certain fee). Legal ceremonies usually have a strict form which is the same for each couple and these usually can’t be customized or can be customized to some extent, but it’s usually nowhere near the symbolic ceremony.

The best period to elope in Italy

For the best overall experience of elopement in Italy, it’s very important to choose the right period of the year and it really depends on what you expect to get out of your visit to Italy. If you want to stay away from the crowds and enjoy popular places with fewer people around, then we suggest you choose preseason or postseason periods for your Italy elopement. By this period we mean months such as April, May, the first half of June, September, October, and the beginning of November. The weather in these months is less hot and there are significantly fewer people around.

On the other hand, if you seek many options when it comes to restaurants, bars, and outdoor tours, then you should consider eloping closer to the peak of the season. If this is the case, then late June, July, and August are the best months for your elopement in Italy. Weather at this period might be very hot so we suggest early morning or sunset hours for your elopement ceremony. Also, Italy is most visited during this period, so you can expect a lot of crowds at some of the most popular places in this country.

Another good side of having an elopement outside of the main season is the fact that the services of the elopement vendors might cost you a bit less since they are usually not as booked as during the main season. Accommodation prices are lower too and this might help if you are tight on the budget or you want to spend more money on some other things regarding the elopement.

What kind of accommodation to choose when eloping in Italy?

Choosing the right type of accommodation can really add to your overall elopement experience. This is true for every vacation, not only the ones that involve elopements. Documenting what’s called the ‘getting ready’ part is usually done at every elopement. When we shoot elopements, we like to cover the whole range of events – from getting ready and first look, to driving to the ceremony spot and having the ceremony there. Only in that way can we make a whole story about your elopement.

Getting ready and having the first look at the authentic Mediterranean accommodation can really lift up your elopement from the visual side. Having said that, we encourage you to try and find authentic accommodation for your stay in Italy. Italy is large so it might be different for each region. For example, houses in the Dolomites, the mountain part of Italy might be wooden shacks in Alpine style, while the accommodation in Tuscany, a region famous for its rolling hills filled with vineyards might be small stone rustic houses. Each of them is authentic Italy.

Places to elope in Italy: Our top pick

We believe that the diversity of Italy is its main advantage when it comes to elopements in this stunning country. We tried to pick a few of our favorite spots for elopement in Italy. You will notice that most of these are regions of Italy with a particular landscape that characterizes each of them. These are our favorite regions and also some of the most popular places for elopements. You can dive further into each of them and find a perfect spot just for you.


We start the list of best places to elope in Italy with the Dolomites. We are born and raised by the sea, but mountains have always had a special place in our lives. We equally enjoy spending time in the mountains and by the sea. The same goes for shooting elopements in Europe, we enjoy the mountain landscapes as a backdrop.

Dolomites are the ultimate mountainscapes of Italy. They feature some of the most magnificent mountains you’ll see in Europe. Located in the north of Italy, the Dolomites are the part of Alps, the most famous mountain range in Europe, and the only place you have to look for if you want a mountain-themed elopement in Italy.

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Tuscany is a region of rolling hills and vineyards. Some of the best Italian wines are from this region. Tuscany is kind of stereotypical Italy, its landscape first comes to mind when somebody mentions the name of this country. The most famous cities of this region are Florence and Siena. Tuscany is perfect for anybody who seeks to get married with a backdrop of vineyards and green and lush hills.

Amalfi coast

From the Italian countryside, we go directly to some of the most stunning places on the seaside. Amalfi coast is another famous landmark of Italy, and we are sure you saw it at least in one movie you have watched in your life. Crystal clear sea, high cliffs rising from it and picturesque stone villages are what the Amalfi coast is made of. Amalfi coast is the ultimate elopement spot in Italy for anybody who wants to have their ceremony with jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Sicily is the largest Italian island and it’s located on sole south of this country. It features a crystal clear sea that surrounds the island, stunning beaches, and ancient ruins. One of the most popular volcanoes in Europe, Mount Etna, is located in Sicily. The warm climate of Sicily, its cuisine, and its diversity make it a great place for elopement in Italy.

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Lombardy (Lake Como)

Lombardy is a region that is near the Dolomites and it features some of the most beautiful and famous lakes in Italy – Lake Como and Lake Garda (bordering Lombardy). It’s a unique region with many lakes, rivers, and lush green landscapes surrounding them.

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Puglia is located in the southernmost part of Italy and it’s famous for its picturesque villages, olive groves, and stunning coastline. The rustic charm of Puglia makes it the perfect choice for romantic elopements.

Italy elopement cost

After all this is written you probably have fallen in love with Italy and want to start planning your elopement in Italy as soon as possible. You also might have thoughts about how much elopement in Italy costs. This part might clarify some things for that matter. The prices we are going to show in this section are just estimates, but still, it’s better than nothing. After the Coronavirus pandemic prices of all the goods and services in Europe started to rise and prices in the wedding and elopement industry just follow that trend.

The usual range of prices for the elopement in Italy which involves only the couple getting married is from 5000 Euros to 15 000 Euros. The usual elopement vendors are elopement photographer and videographer, hair and makeup artists, symbolic or legal officiants, florist, and musician… For some particular places, there is a location fee too that needs to be paid in order to have elopement at such place.

The lower end of this Italy elopement price range might include services of photographer and videographer for a shorter amount of time (which will result in fewer photos and shorter video), basic floral decorations, a symbolic officiant with general ceremony, hair, and makeup artist, dinner at a local restaurant after the elopement.

The higher end of this price range might include photographer and videographer for a longer duration and with more photos and longer video delivered, luxurious floral decorations, fully customized symbolic ceremony, hair and makeup artist, dinner at a high-end restaurant, elopement ceremony at a venue that requires a fee, musician…

Hire us or ask us anything

Thank you for reaching this part of the article. We hope we have helped you with this introduction to elopement in Italy and that now you know where to start your planning and what things to think about. Elopements are really the best form of wedding and we are sure you’ll love your experience.

As an elopement photographer and videographer, we’d be more than delighted to document your adventure in Italy. Feel free to explore our website, learn more about us, and finally, if you like our work and decide to hire us as your Italy elopement photographer and videographer, just send us an inquiry through the form on this website and we’ll share our ideas and elopement prices with you.

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