Amanda & Jared’s Spring Hiking Elopement in Killarney, Ireland

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We start this article about an elopement in Killarney with a glass of good Irish whiskey by our side. Apart from great memories, that’s the only thing we got ourselves from our last visit to Ireland. It was the beginning of spring and Amanda, Jared, and their perfect choice for the elopement was why we roamed and explored Ireland’s southwest and had an elopement in one of the most stunning locations we have ever been at. This story is about Amanda and Jared and their elopement in the Killarney area. Keep reading and find out how relaxed and stress-free elopement could be. It even rhymes.

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The elopement in Killarney

Amanda and Jared came to Ireland with 3 of their closest friends, a group consisting of a total of 5 persons. Even from our first contact we already know that Amanda and Jared are an extremely relaxed and easygoing couple. And their friends were matching them perfectly. They decided to elope somewhere in the Killarney area where they rented a small traditional Irish house to be their base during the Ireland adventure. If you are planning an elopement in Ireland, always try to search for traditional and more romantic accommodation. It means all the difference and has that special vibe you came to a country for in the first place.

The Scouting

We arrived in Ireland 3 days before the elopement day, and since we had few location options, we spent our days scouting for the best location for the elopement in the Killarney area. It’s something we regularly do, and since this elopement didn’t involve many vendors, we had all the freedom when it comes to the ceremony location. The only wish Amanda and Jared had is for the location to be somewhere near the mountains because both of them are hikers and mountain lovers. That already narrowed our search for the perfect location.

We quickly dropped the idea of eloping on a mountain peak because you can’t see the magnificence of the mountain while you are standing on it. It can’t be your backdrop. So if you want to elope with a mountain as your backdrop, always choose places with the best view of that mountain.

So we narrowed our search to the Carrauntoohil mountain area. It’s the highest mountain peak in Ireland and it features some epic mountain landscapes. We scouted the location and already knew that that is the location we are looking for. So we sent images to Amanda and Jared, and soon enough got a positive response from them. They were amazed by the location equally as we were and we knew that it is going to be awesome. Photos below this article will show you what we mean. It’s probably one of the best locations when it comes to an elopement in the Killarney area.

There are many great elopement locations in the Killarney area and it’s a good start to know what kind of landscape would you like to elope to. Would it be near the sea, by some river or in the mountains? The choice is yours, Ireland has it all.

The elopement day

On the elopement day, we started with a getting ready part in a small house Amanda, Jared, and their friends rented for this occasion. We always like to document all parts of the elopement as it shows all the aspects of the elopement. We believe that elopement is much more than just a ceremony, it’s the whole day. Their house was all wooden inside and it gave that special kind of Irish vibe. Just from the images of the ‘getting ready’ part, you get a feeling where the elopement is taking place.

The hike

After everybody from the group dressed up and put their hiking boots on, it was time to hit the road. The roads that took us to this elopement location were narrow and windy, just like you would expect them to be. Roads like this will often take you to some of the best places you’ll ever visit. We parked our cars and started what will be a 1-hour long hike to the elopement ceremony location.

It was an easy hike and we almost felt like we were hiking with a group of our friends. That’s how relaxed and fun people we met just a few hours before were. The day was absolutely amazing, something you wouldn’t expect from Ireland’s weather. It was sunny and warm. In fact, all 5 days we spent in Ireland were like this. But believe us, Ireland is a great elopement location both rain and sun. Don’t get discouraged if there is rain on your elopement day.

Our hike took us near the river and across it and it was amazing. Something we prefer much more than locations you can reach only by car. Soon enough the landscape started to open before us and Amanda and Jared saw for the first time the backdrop of their elopement. Something they will enjoy in and something we will document through photography and video.

The ceremony

The elopement location was near the lake, below the mighty Carrauntoohil peak which dominated the landscape around it. It was a real Irish landscape, something you expect to see when you google the term ‘elopement in Ireland’. We settled up and everything was ready to begin.

The ceremony was conducted by Jared’s best friend and best man and it included a handfasting ritual with traditional Irish chords. This ritual symbolizes hands bound in a union of love and trust. There are many options you can choose from when it comes to the elopement ceremony. You can have a legal officiant, a symbolic one or one of your friends can lead the ceremony. Friends or family are always the best choices if you ask us. It brings a more relaxed and friendly vibe to the whole experience.

You can see what the ceremony spot looked like from both photos and video. Once the ceremony was over, the group took some time for themselves, celebrated with champagne, and enjoyed the landscape around them. When we are photographing elopements we always try to be unobtrusive and we never stop documenting all the small things that happen during the day. These photos prove to be the most valuable ones we make and the ones couples like the most.

The pub

As the sun was getting lower it was time to hike once more. We were slowly descending to the parking lot and enjoyed the sight of the sun falling behind the Carrauntoohil peak. Soon enough we reached our cars and head back to Killarney. Amanda and Jared decided to end their elopement day in an Irish pub, together with the friends who accompanied them on this journey and we believe it’s the best way of celebrating in the truly Irish way. Forget the restaurants, forget the fancy dinners, the pub is the place you want to be in when eloping in Ireland.

Cheers and enjoy the gallery below! Hope it will give you some inspiration.

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