Europe Adventure Elopement Photographer: 5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best One

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We have been an Europe wedding and elopement photographer and videographer for a quite some time now. We shoot and document all kinds of weddings and each of them is special in their own way. But if you ask us what kind of wedding or elopement we like the most, we would say ‘adventure elopements’ without a second thought. This post is our guide about things you need to think of when choosing your Europe adventure elopement photographer.

Apart for being wedding and elopement photographers, we’re also an adventure guides and persons who like to spend every second of our free time outdoors. Through this post, you’ll learn more about us too, what activities do we like, what places have we visited, what style of photography we love, etc.

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What is adventure elopement?

First things first, let’s clarify what adventure elopement actually is. Well, it’s a kind of wedding ceremony that takes place in a remote place which is usually reachable only through some form of outdoor activity. Eloping on a mountain peak in the Alps would be considered an adventure elopement and, depending on the peak you choose, you would need to hike for some time to reach the intended location.

The difference between regular elopements and adventure ones is the amount of activity you need in order to get eloped at your desired location. Many regular elopements are being organized at places that are not so hard to reach, but still a present place of extraordinary beauty. Add a little bit of adventure, sweat, and dirty shoes to that and you got yourself a perfect adventure elopement, far away from anyone’s eyes.

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Why is Europe perfect for these kinds of elopements?

Europe is a great continent for adventure elopements and more and more couples are choosing to elope in Europe. Once you get to know what kind of landscapes are present in Europe, you’ll immediately know why it’s becoming a such popular destination for an adventure wedding. We have already written about the best places to elope in Europe, so check that post if you want to know more about this topic. When it comes to Europe adventure elopements, this continent is full of remote and vast spaces.

Think about the Alps and all the peaks of this mountain range, they are absolutely stunning places to get married at. The alps are the best location for mountain elopement in Europe. And not all the peaks are hard to reach, there are many lower peaks, easy to reach and with an amazing view. Then there are countries such as Scotland and Ireland with their absolutely gorgeous landscapes, something you won’t see anywhere else. These countries are perfect for moody adventure elopements in Europe.

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Croatia, a country we come from, is one of the most popular sea elopement destinations in Europe. Crystal clear Adriatic sea, thousands of islands, and one of the most beautiful coastlines in the whole world are what make Croatia so special. Italy has all kinds of beautiful and versatile landscapes and is one of the most popular countries for elopements. There are many more great places scattered all across the continent, you just need to think about what kind of landscape you want to have as a backdrop for your Europe adventure elopement or wedding and we’re pretty sure you’ll find a perfect fit. One of the most popular elopement areas in Italy are the Dolomites.

Ultimate Guide to Elope in Dolomites

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Adventure elopement photographer vs. regular wedding photographer

Let’s start with the main topic of this article, that’s a Europe adventure elopement photographer and what to have in mind when hiring one. We’re writing this article because in most cases, the photographer and/or videographer are the only persons that are present during your elopement day and ceremony. Apart from your partner and you, the photographer is a person who will accompany you throughout your day. And that’s the main reason why it is important to choose the right person to be your adventure elopement photographer.

First of all, what would be the difference between an adventure elopement photographer and a regular wedding and elopement photographer? You can think of an adventure elopement photographer as an upgraded version of a regular wedding photographer. These are usually people who love the great outdoors and like to spend time in nature. They are hikers, kayakers, rock climbers…and great photographers. Apart from the photography and videography gear, they always carry special outdoor equipment, depending on the activity you’re undertaking during your adventure elopement in Europe.

Adventure elopement photographer is not just a photographer, he/she is your adventure guide, a friend, and an adventure partner. Finally, you develop a bond with your photographer which is usually not present during the traditional wedding. It’s something special and usually reserved for adventure elopements since you focus on each other much more than during a traditional wedding.

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Choosing your Europe adventure elopement photographer

There are some things you need to think about when choosing Europe adventure elopement photographer and videographer. As you can see from the previous statements in this article, an adventure elopement photographer needs to have some special knowledge about outdoor activities, know the location you want to elope at, and finally, he/she must be fit to overcome the possible physical challenge that your adventure elopement might have.

When it comes to us, we constantly work on developing our outdoor skills. We often scout new elopement locations whenever we’re traveling somewhere and include them in our Europe adventure elopement guide. In the modern world, it’s not important for an elopement photographer to live in a country you’re eloping at. Elopement and wedding photographers usually travel all across Europe and the world and any country is just a few hours of flying away.

Here are things to consider when searching for your Europe adventure elopement photographer.

Check their website and Instagram profile: Do you like what you see?

Each photographer develops a distinctive style through the years of doing photography business. You simply find yourself in a particular way of documenting events and emotions. You probably already know what you want your adventure elopement photos to look like, and it’s important to find a photographer who has a similar style. Just make sure that you are real when it comes to your expectations. Maybe you want to have nice photo memories from a dense forest, but you chose to elope somewhere near the sea where there are absolutely no forests.

Most of the adventure elopement photographers in Europe are pretty flexible and will listen to your wishes and let you know if these are possible to fulfill or not. Make sure to look at the photographer’s work and see if that’s something you would like your elopement photos to look like. Make sure to communicate with your photographer and let him/her know as many details as possible. They will gladly answer all the questions you might have.

For example, our photography style is natural and documentary. We prefer unstaged photos and we capture a lot of genuine moments and emotions as they are happening real-time. We also try not to stand out while doing our photography and videography work and we’re always glad to hear that we were inconspicuous at the wedding or elopement.

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Make sure that he/she is familiar with the location you want to elope at

After you have discovered Europe adventure elopement photographer whose work you like, it’s time to contact him/her and tell you how you envision your event. You might want to have a mountain elopement somewhere in Europe and the photographer has to know the location to some extent. You can’t expect everyone to know everything, but in today’s world, it’s easy to explore certain locations. You can get some information from the internet, and some others from scouting a real elopement location.

For example, we often go scouting for a potential elopement location in Europe during our travels. That way we make a location database and know what we can expect out of each. We do a lot of location scouting if a couple contacts us and have one particular location in mind. That’s when we do our research and often travel to locations just to explore it and know what to expect from it.

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Your Europe adventure elopement photographer must be an outdoor type

We already mentioned that an adventure elopement photographer needs to have some outdoor knowledge in order to do his/her job successfully. He/she must like nature, spend time in it and be fit. Being fit is very important since your photographer is your guide too. For example, let’s say that you want to elope in European mountains, on top of a high peak and you need to hike for a few hours in order to do so. Maybe both of you are regular hikers and it’s no trouble for you at all. But if you hire a photographer who is not a regular hiker, he/she might always be behind you and slow you down.

Hiring an adventure elopement photographer who is not fit and not an outdoor type can lead you to potential danger and can endanger your whole elopement. So make sure the person you are hiring as your photographer or videographer is an outdoor type and fit for all kinds of adventures.

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Adventure elopement photographer is your guide during your elopement

In most cases of adventure elopements in Europe, only the couple and photographer are present. These elopements are usually symbolic ceremonies because they are being organized in remote places which are (usually) not the places where the wedding registrar would come to. Adventure elopement photographers must be confident about his/her skills and the area they’re venturing to and he/she must guide you through each aspect of your elopement. That’s why we said that adventure photographers are like upgraded regular photographers, much more work needs to be done by the adventure elopement photographer compared to a regular one.

These kinds of photographers are also elopement planners to an extent. They will suggest locations if you are not sure about yours, and they will let you know how to prepare for your elopement, what kind of equipment to bring, etc.

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Make sure your adventure elopement photographer is flexible

Finally, we come to the end of our list of what to think about when choosing your adventure elopement photographer in Europe. Flexibility is very important when it comes to planning and organizing your adventure wedding or elopement. Adventure means uncertainty to an extent and there are many factors included that can mess up your plans. Weather is one of the most common among these factors. Let’s say you decided to elope on a certain date, you hired a photographer, packed your equipment, came to the location, and…the weather is horrible. The rain doesn’t stop falling and you need to hike for a few hours. But the forecast says that tomorrow will be a nice sunny day.

In these cases, it would be crazy to continue with elopement while the weather is bad. But what if your adventure elopement photographer is available only for that one day, and not for the next one when the weather is going to be much nicer? That means that you are losing a photographer you have hired and you won’t have any photos of your elopement. This could lead to stressful moments, but can easily be avoided. For example, when it comes to adventure elopements in Europe, we always plan our engagement to last for a few days and we, together with a couple getting eloped, choose the best one for the ceremony.

Also, we suggest you have a plan B too. And when you have a plan B, it is also a good idea to have a plan C. Weather can be unpredictable sometimes, so it’s best if you have another, backup location for your elopement in case of really bad weather conditions.

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Hire us to be your adventure elopement photographers in Europe

If you like our photography and videography style, or you would like to ask us anything related to adventure weddings and elopements in Europe, feel free to contact us through the form below this post. We have been adventure photographers for years now and it’s something we love doing. We love good adventures and drinking coffee in remote places, far from crowds and civilization noise.

We travel a lot, always exploring new places, many of which are perfect for elopements in Europe. You can check our Life and Ventures website, as well as our Instagram profile and Youtube channel to learn more about our adventures.

We’re available for the upcoming year and it would be a pleasure to be a part of your adventure wedding or elopement in Europe.

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