Favourite wedding and elopement moments of 2019

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The only way we can start with this post is to say that, a few days already in 2020, we did not realize that our last 2019s Instagram post has description: ‘going into 2019 like…’

Wow, did we just missed the year? 

Hello, we are your adventure elopement and intimate wedding photographers and videographers who don’t know what year is now, haha!

It feels like yesterday when we sat on the mountain viewpoint bench in Andrea’s hometown, just minutes before we hit the new year 2019, enjoying in amazing starlight and fireworks in Peljesac bay.

Time flies when you spend it the right way and for us, so many beautiful things happened last year that we are still unaware that it is behind us. 

Best moments of 2019 love and ventures 01 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

On the beginning of the new century, there is one, most important thing we have to say:

Thank you!

To all of you who support us with nice words and heads up.

To all our couples from around the world who chose us to be their wedding and elopement photographers and videographers, from all other amazing creatives out there, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We consider ourselves lucky to be part of your story, part of your history of love. It is not cliche. 

For us, it is a big deal really. 

So wrapping up the year, we had the most amazing people in front of our lenses, collaborated with creatives from different wedding and other creative branches, adopted new stray kitten, bought a van for our adventures, redesigned our website. The word that connects all of this would be – togetherness. We did all of that together, spent time together on 99% of our shoots and adventure tours. We think that is amazing, to spend as much time as possible with the people you love. 

For our personal development, we decided to be even more creative (Mario plays guitar and Andrea will do some house DIY projects), meditate every day, spend even more time in nature, whenever possible.

Regarding photography and videography, we decided to focus on adventure elopements and intimate weddings because last year was the year we realised ‘this is it, this is our way’. We are so excited about what 2020 brings to us in terms of adventurous and creative couples that we are about to meet.  We are proud of all of you who decided to spend one of the most important days in your life in your own way, not listening to anybody, just yourself. Because your wedding or elopement is yours in a first place and you should have it the way you want it, no matter how big or small it is. We strongly encourage our couples to be creative, adventurous, and most important, themselves.

Please if you think you have the craziest elopement idea, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are ready! Love and venture go great together!

It is common to share your ‘best of the best’ at the end of the year but to be honest, it is impossible. Each wedding, elopement, and engagement we witnessed has a special place in our hearts. On the other side, sometimes imperfect shots are much more valuable to us than the ones industry would accept as the best.

So we decided not to bother with the culling of ‘best of the best’. We will share frames from 2019 that are dear to us, the ones that bring us back to joyful moments. 

In 2019 we walked lots of miles with our couples on the streets of Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split and many more, had a wedding celebration on the ferry, photographed our first elopement in Dubrovnik,… we even had our first adventure couple photo session that included kayaking to secluded beach (all photos down under)

We photographed and filmed amazing intimate weddings in nature and helped a boy to organise a secret proposal for his girlfriend in Orsula park near Dubrovnik. Besides photographing the whole secret proposal, in coordination with the groom, we hired an amazing guitar player and brought a champagne for them to celebrate.And of course we captured some epic photos along the way. Well, what can we say, we are almighty haha!

The most important thing is, we had fun and enjoyed in learning and experimenting with new photography and filming techniques because we want to be even better in next year. 

So, welcome 2020, we are so ready!!!

PS. We showed you already how we entered 2019 and on the bottom of the post you can see where we entered 2020 year. Can you guess where we were?

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