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We love many things in life. We love a good adventure tour, we love coffee, Negroni, traveling… And we love documenting weddings on Croatian islands. The whole of Croatia is simply beautiful and there are many places that will leave you breathless. It’s a small country but packed with great locations and landscapes. And that’s one of the reasons why Croatia is one of the most desirable locations for destination weddings.

This article brings you a story of the Fort George wedding of Lindsey and Brian. It was a different kind of wedding where newlyweds came to Vis island by a luxury yacht which stayed on the island for less than 18 hours before they embarked on the other part of their adventure in Croatia.

We hope that the gallery underneath this article will inspire you to think of your own wedding on Vis Island or any other island in Croatia. Islands are places where you can truly feel the traditional Mediterranean and slower way of living. The further the island from the land is, has more the traditional way of living which is reflected in every aspect.

That’s the reason why Croatian islands are among the most favorite wedding locations in Croatia.

Vis – one of the most stunning islands in Croatia

Croatia is full of islands. It has 1244 islands and islets of all sizes and 48 of them are inhabited. Vis is one of our favorite islands. It’s located in central Dalmatia and you can reach it from Split by ferry and catamaran or from Makarska only by catamaran (as of 2022. and 2023.).

Every island has an unbelievably clear sea and a lot of tradition embedded in its everyday life. Some of the best restaurants can be found on Croatian islands too. Vis has something special that we can’t explain easily but we can easily feel it. Maybe it’s the distance from the land that makes it so romantic and different. Vis is one of the furthest islands in Croatia.

Maybe that’s what makes it different from any other place. Vis also has that island way of living vibe that is more visible here than on some other islands of Croatia. If you ever decide to set a step on Vis island, whether you want to get married on Vis or you’re just visiting, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with it.

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Arrival of the newlyweds by luxury yacht

Lindsey and Brian arrived on a luxury yacht on the day of their wedding. We came to Vis Island the day before and did some exploration of the island as well as some drone shots. Lindsay and Brian didn’t have the exact time of their arrival on Vis and we had to be flexible about that so we spent the morning tracking their yacht as it approached Vis Island.

The plan was to shoot some aerial footage of the arrival of the yacht in Vis port. The yacht entered the bay around 3:30 PM and we were able to capture some great material you can see below. The Fort George wedding was scheduled for 6 PM and we did the getting ready part shortly after the yacht had docked.

Getting ready on the yacht and in traditional accommodation in Vis

Before Fort George wedding it was time to do the getting ready part first. Brian stayed on the yacht and started to get ready in their room while Lindsay went to the accommodation where they would spend a night after the wedding was over and before the yacht continued its journey to other islands.

We photographed and filmed Brian’s getting ready first as well as some portraits on the yacht while Lindsey was having her makeup done in the accommodation. Later we did the same with Lindsay.

First look in one of the Vis narrow alleys

We decided to have the couple’s first look in a small romantic narrow street where they booked their accommodation. Vis (and any other old towns on Croatian islands) are famous for narrow stone streets which act as the perfect backdrop for wedding photography and videography.

Fort George wedding

After getting ready and the first look it was time for a wedding at Fort George. It’s the old fort and one of the most famous among Vis wedding venues. It’s located on a nearby hill and it was guarding the entrance to the Vis bay. Today, Fort George is the place where most of the weddings on Vis Island are organized. It features great views on all sides of the island.

Fort George wedding ceremony of Lindsay and Brian was held on the uppermost terrace of the fortress and they had their closest family witnessing the event. The ceremony was a symbolic one and one of their friends was officiating it. After the ceremony, we did a short photo session around Fort George before we returned to Vis for a reception at Lola Bar.

Photo session in Vis

Before the wedding reception at Lola Bar, we did a short photo session through the Vis. We already mentioned that Vis is an old town and as such it’s full of narrow stone streets which act as a perfect backdrop for every wedding photo shoot.

Wedding reception at Lola Bar

We ended our wedding photo session with newlyweds in Lola Bar where Lindsay and Brian, together with their guests, had a wedding reception. Lola Bar is one of the most famous restaurants on the whole island and it’s truly a great place to end your wedding day on Vis. If you plan a Fort George wedding, Lola Bar is one of the closest and best places for wedding reception on the island.

Need a Vis wedding planner? We’ll recommend you the best ones

If you are planning to have a wedding on Vis Island you might need the help of the local wedding planner. Through the years in the wedding photography and videography business, we have worked with many wedding planners and we’re able to recommend you the ones that best suit your needs. A wedding planner is a necessary person with the main goal of making you more focused on the things that really matter while he/she takes care of all the other things your wedding consists of.

Feel free to reach out and describe your wedding vision to us and we’ll recommend you the best wedding planner for you.

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We are Vis wedding photographer and videographer

Finally, if you explore our website a bit and love our work, we would be happy to document your wedding on Vis or anywhere else in Croatia. We have been in the wedding photography and videography business for many years now and we documented weddings and elopements all across Europe (though our base is Croatia and we do most of our work here).

If you are planning your wedding on Vis Island and would like to explore our wedding packages, feel free to reach out and we’ll send you our pricing.

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