Hvar Proposal in 2024: The Best Tips and Ideas

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Hvar Island is one of the most famous places in Croatia. At least when it comes to tourism and everything related to it. As wedding and elopement photographers, we spend a lot of time on Hvar, and we look at it from our window or terrace each day, never knowing when we are going to venture onto that sea-surrounded beauty again.

Lately, we have been shooting a lot of proposals of couples from all around the world and decided to write a dedicated article about the Hvar proposal, just to make it easier for you in case you decided to pop the question somewhere on the Hvar island.

This article might answer some important questions about the Hvar proposal such as the best time of the day for the proposal, the best time of the year to visit Hvar as a couple, and the best proposal spots on Hvar island…

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Hvar proposal photographer

Many couples choose to hire a photographer to document their proposal. Women are usually the ones who are more interested in everything concerning weddings. Still, men are those who usually reach out to us and share the idea of proposing to their partner.

If you are searching for a Hvar proposal photographer, you reached the right place. Apart from being just a proposal (and wedding and elopements too) photographer, we’re here to help you plan and realize your Hvar proposal. There are many additional things you can do to make your Hvar proposal even more special. You can have a picnic in a particular place afterward, you can have a buggy ride before it, or you can go sailing around the nearby island archipelago…

We are a team of 2 photographers and we usually shoot the proposal from 2 different angles, using telephoto lenses so we are quite away from you, but still able to capture a look of surprise on her face once you pop the question.

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hvar proposal photographer

Why should you consider Hvar for your proposal?

Hvar is one of the most visited islands in Croatia and there is a good reason for it. If you are planning your couple’s vacation in Croatia and reading online guides about places to visit, we bet that Hvar will be on many such lists. Hvar island is a beautiful place with secluded beaches and crystal clear sea which is characteristic of Croatian islands. You almost can’t believe how clear it is.

This island is also a place where life resembles the old Mediterranean way of life more than on the mainland. There are still many old villages with stone houses built a few centuries ago. Life on the islands is relaxed and easy in every way.

When it comes to the Hvar proposal, this island has many great things, and diverse and unique locations for proposal are one of its main advantages. You can propose on the top of Hvar island (which is easily reachable), on the Paklinski island archipelago, at a secluded beach, in a narrow stone alley…

Finally, even after you propose, there are many things to explore and do on the island as a couple. It’s also very well connected with the mainland so you can easily explore that part of Croatia too.

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The best time of the year to visit Hvar as a couple

The answer to this question really depends on your personality as a couple. Do you like to spend more time outdoors away from the crowds or do you enjoy partying every day in another location? Hvar has both, but some things are better in different periods.

The best time to visit Hvar would be from late April to late October. If you are seeking a calm and relaxed vacation April, May, and October are the months for you. The same goes if you are looking to spend more time in nature and exploring around. The only downside of this period is the fact that some of the tourist places such as restaurants are not yet open. The weather in this period is very nice and warm, although it’s not as hot as during the summer. The sea is a bit colder too, but you can still swim in it for a while.

June, July, and August are the most hectic months on Hvar island and most of the people visiting it are coming in this period. Hvar is full of people, the weather is very hot, and every bar, restaurant, and any other venue is open.

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How to travel across Hvar island?

Public transport on Hvar island is not so good and many places could stay undiscovered to you if you choose to use it to go around Hvar island. A much better option is to come on the island with a rental car or rent any of the vehicles once you come on the island.

There are many types of vehicles you can rent – scooters, buggies, regular cars, oldtimers… Once you rent a car, there is really no place you can’t reach. You just need a map and a general idea of where you want to go. If you want to explore more secluded places or visit Paklinski islands, for example, there is an option to rent a kayak or a small boat.

The best time of the day for a proposal in Hvar

Let’s get back to the idea of the proposal on Hvar island and see what Hvar looks like during the most popular periods of the day for proposals – sunsets and sunrises. The sunset period is still chosen more often than dawn and each has its own advantages.

The sunrise period is usually much calmer with not so many people around. If you are planning to have your Hvar proposal at the peak of the season, early morning is a period to consider. You really don’t want anyone near you when you propose to your partner. Trust us on this one, it’s really awkward when there’s somebody by you. Most of the beaches (and any other places) are empty early in the morning and there’s that special kind of calm present all around you.

Sunsets, on the other hand, are much more popular when it comes to proposals in Croatia. There’s that special connection between sunsets and love. There’s a high chance you want your Hvar proposal to be at sunset too and that’s perfectly fine. If you are visiting during the preseason period, you can find many places and viewpoints to be empty during the sunset period. If you are visiting during the high season, you need to do a bit of planning to find the most secluded spot that will be empty for your proposal.

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The best Hvar proposal spots

As we already mentioned, Hvar is full of stunning and diverse places where you can propose to your partner. It’s up to you to choose the type of landscape which suits you as a couple the best. Some couples like to have their proposal on the top of the mountain, with a stunning view in every direction, others want to have it at sunset by the sea, some want to have it at some historical place… There’s really no rule, you just need to have a general idea in mind and we can help you from there.

Some of the most popular Hvar proposal spots are Paklinski islands, the Spanish fort above Hvar, vast lavender fields at Brusje, any of the secluded beaches, Red Rocks, Veli Kamik island, St. Nicholas Peak…

Few ideas for your Hvar proposal

When planning the Hvar proposal it’s good to include some additional things too. Maybe not immediately, but surely later in the day. Picnic is one of the most popular things to do after the proposal. Many couples choose to have a picnic waiting for them on the proposal spot and it looks beautiful and really makes the proposal more special. It’s a great way for both of you to enjoy some time alone.

Many couples decide to have additional photo shoots at the proposal location or event at a completely different one. The couples photo session is a great way to document your proposal and make some great memories of your vacation.

Adventure after the proposal is yet another great idea and there are many options to choose from. You can rent a buggy, kayak, or bicycle and go exploring together. You’ll be astonished at how many hidden places you can discover this way.

Some proposals include musicians too. You can hire a musician to come a bit after your proposal and play your favorite song.

Want us to help you organize and shoot your Hvar proposal?

If this article made you interested in the idea of the Hvar proposal you are one step closer to it. Trust us, you can’t go wrong with Hvar Island. If you like our work and want us to help you plan and document your proposal, feel free to contact us through the form on this website.

Proposals are something that’s usually done last minute so don’t worry you might be late. Once you have chosen us to be your Hvar proposal photographers, we can help you choose the best location according to your wishes.

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