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Adventure Elopements and Intimate Weddings
for adventurous souls madly in love!

Hi there! If you are here, you are probably not into a big traditional wedding thing. And that is fair enough. We are happy to offer you something more personal and focused on you rather than on everyone else. We believe that no matter what you do, you should have a good time on your wedding day. Meanwhile, we will create images and film of many unique moments from the day.

But we also go beyond photography and video to help you with our knowledge and support. Together with you, we make plans for that day and searching for the best location to say I do.

If you decide to have an elopement or wedding in Europe, we are the right people. We spend a lot of our time exploring countries and have lots of ideas and advice on where and how to do it. The moment you choose us you will get a comprehensive guide and are always invited to ask us anything. We also help you with the search of vendors, elopement location and other things along the way.

our photography and video style is

documentary, atmospheric and natural

focusing on your love energy and feelings.

You deserve only the best memories

full of #loveandventures

Why choose Adventure Elopement or Intimate Wedding

These are modern times and a term of luxury has changed. The most precious thing you have is your time and you should use it wisely. Why spend days and lose nerves in organizing a huge traditional wedding when you can have something much better? An experience to remember. A good time that has special value. That, our friends, is adventure elopement or small, intimate wedding. We encourage you to love & venture!
It means a celebration of love with your most important people in some epic, unique location. It can include horseback ride, a private party in a cozy mountain hut, crazy time on rock climbing site or just a simple vow exchange on an epic cliff in the sunset. Possibilities are endless and unique at the same time.
In this fast world, it is hard to take some time to spend outdoors, in pure nature. To connect with your natural self and completely focus on the person you love is something that becomes luxury. Yet, it is very simple to have it and we can help you make that real and document all the emotions along the way.

How we do it


Our Elopement and Wedding Photography & Video Pricing Overview

+ our comprehensive elopement+wedding guide included in all packages

Elopements and Weddings in Europe

You have some special place in the world to elope, or still looking for it? We would love to help you with that! Let’s make a custom elopement experience that you will cherish forever! Packages include edited photos and video, your personalised guide, vendor recommendations and our travel expenses.

From EUR 2000 

Elopements and Weddings in Croatia

Elopements for half day, whole day or multi-day adventure elopements, we are in. The most important is that you enjoy your big day carefree while we create some epic memories.  Packages include edited photos and video, your personalised guide, vendor recommendations and our travel expenses.

From EUR 1900

Adventure Couple & Engagement Sessions

If you want to have a memory of certain point of your life when you travelled together somewhere, or you want to make spontaneous engagement photos. Packages include edited photos and video, your personalised guide, location recommendations and our travel expenses.

From EUR 300