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We have already mentioned lake Bled in our Slovenia elopement guide as one of the best elopement venues of that country. It’s a guide you must read if you are thinking of elopement in Slovenia. But later. Right now we want to share with you another topic, and that is Lake Bled elopement in winter. Winter is not the usual season we recommend to people who want to get eloped, but it’s different with Bled.

We visited Bled during the winter, and honestly, it was one of the greatest scenes we have ever seen. We were on our trip to an elopement in Austria and we were just passing through Slovenia and stopped at lake Bled for a coffee. As soon as we saw that fairytale, we forgot about the coffee and everything else and just went to walk on the frozen Bled lake.

All the photos you’re going to see in this post are of that day.

lake bled elopement

About Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of the most popular places in Slovenia. It’s a lake in the Julian Alps, surrounded by magnificent mountains and guarded by the famous Bled Castle. It’s one of the most visited places in Slovenia too. The Bled lake is not so large and it’s great for both daily visits or a longer stay. There are many places to visit in the area too – Vintgar Gorge, Bohinj Lake, Pokljuka, Triglav National Park

There are many accommodation options on Lake Bled and in the vicinity and the area is visited throughout the year. However, the main season on Lake Bled is in summer. That’s the busiest period of the year and the time when all the tourist vendors are open. Many couples decide to have their Lake Bled elopement during this period. And, yes, Bled is beautiful in the summer too, but we’re here to show you another face of this stunning lake.

One of the most famous places on the Bled lake is the island in the middle of the lake. It’s the only lake in Slovenia and one of the most popular places for elopements and weddings on Lake Bled.

How to get to Lake Bled?

Lake Bled is very well connected with other cities in Slovenia and, since it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations of this country, there are frequent public transport lines to Lake Bled. The lake is just around 50 kilometers away from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. If you are coming from abroad, the chances are that you are arriving by airplane so Ljubljana airport is your best option for arriving in this beautiful country.

Once you land at the airport, we suggest you rent a car and head toward Lake Bled. The roads in Slovenia are very good and driving on the motorway is pretty cheap. Car is the best option for exploring Slovenia and traveling to most of its best places so don’t hesitate and make your elopement in Slovenia even better.

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Why should you elope on Lake Bled in winter?

Lake Bled is one of the most famous elopement venues in Slovenia. Many couples elope on Lake Bled and when you see how beautiful it is, things become perfectly clear. Summers on Bled are hot and dry and the lake area is full of life. Winters, on the other hand, are cold and usually snowy. For this kind of Lake Bled elopement which we encourage you to consider, winter has to be as cold as possible. Because that’s when the magic starts and the surface of the Bled lake start to freeze.

And that sight of a large frozen lake is something you’ll never forget. You can walk on it, a lot of people ice skate on it and the ice makes weird noises that sound like from the other world. All these reasons could make Lake Bled elopement feel like magic. Frozen Bled is a beautiful sight both during cloudy and clear days. Finally, how many times did you hear that someone eloped on a frozen lake?

Lake Bled through seasons

Ok, so the winter is the season we suggest for Lake Bled elopement. It’s completely different from any other season and something absolutely out of this world. True, Lake Bled is beautiful in every season and we’ll tell you a bit about other seasons too. Just in case you want to elope on Lake Bled during some other part of the year.

Summers on Lake Bled are busy and dry. It’s possible to swim in the lake and most visitors come to the Bled at this time of the year. Everything is green and lush and all the tourist vendors are open. The prices of accommodation are the highest at this time of the year and we suggest you book your accommodation as soon as possible.

Springs and Autumns are less busy and each is beautiful in its own way. We have visited the Bled area during both of these periods and, if you ask us, Autumn is our favorite. The weather is still nice, although it can get a bit colder, especially during the night. Spring is the period when nature is awakening, everything blooms, and the air is full of plantand scents. The nearby mountain peaks are still under snow and it makes a beautiful sight together with all the green vegetation of the Lake Bled area.

Autumn is the most colorful season on Lake Bled. The mist is a frequent phenomenon, especially early in the morning. There are more rainy days but that’s the usual Autumn vibe. There are not so many visitors and everything is much calmer and soothing. We would always recommend you choose either late Spring or early Autumn when planning your Lake Bled elopement.

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Lake Bled elopement in winter: is it frozen every year and what are other elopement options?

So far everything sounds like magic but things are not always that simple. The problem is, you never know if the lake is going to be frozen nor when could it be frozen and these things could mess up with the planning of your winter Lake Bled elopement. The thing is, the lake is not frozen every year. But another, more positive thing, is that the lake area is beautiful regardless of the fact that Lake Bled might not be frozen.

We would suggest you take a chance and come to Slovenia in the coldest part of the year and plan your Lake Bled elopement accordingly. If it’s going to be frozen, perfect, you can elope on the frozen surface of the lake, if not, there are still some other alternatives. High chances are that the area surrounding lake Bled will be under snow during the winter.

You can elope on the island of the Bled lake. It’s the only island in Slovenia and it’s the most often choice of many couples who decide to elope on Lake Bled. Then there is a Bled castle, also a great place for elopements in the area. Then there are many viewpoints around the Bled lake that are perfect for elopement ceremonies. As you can see, there are many alternatives and elopements are easily adjustable in regard to the conditions on Lake Bled.

What is elopement wedding and how to elope?

Lake Bled elopement packages cost

The great thing about winter elopement on Lake Bled is that the prices of the accommodation are lower. Most of the wedding and elopement vendors are not as busy as during the summer months so they can be hired even if you are organizing a last-minute elopement on the Bled lake. Taking all things into consideration, your elopement might be somewhere in the range of 800 Euros to 2500 Euros. Lower price includes makeup and hair, florist and photographer for the duration of your elopement. The higher price might include makeup and hair, floral arrangements, photographer and videographer, and symbolic officiant.

If you are interested in our Lake Bled elopement packages, connect with us through the form below and we’ll be more than happy to send you our fares.

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Things to do after the winter Bled elopement

Elopements are usually over within half an hour, but you two came to Slovenia to spend more than just one day. Well, you came to the right place because there are lots of things to do and see around the Bled area. First of all, explore Lake Bled and its surroundings. Vintgar gorge is a great place to visit, we have visited it during Autumn and it was a great tour.

Lake Bohinj is not so far away from Lake Bled and it’s a place you must see when visiting Bled. Postojna cave is one of the most popular attractions in Slovenia which will leave you breathless. Winter is a great time to visit it because there won’t be as many visitors as there are during the other seasons.

Winter is a great time for skiing and Slovenia is famous for its ski resorts. Few of them are located near the Bled lake – Pokljuka and Vogel. Soča river is the famous river of Slovenia, perfect for kayaking and rafting tours. Finally, the whole Triglav national park is bordering Bled and it’s one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in Europe.

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Lake Bled elopement photographer and videographer

We’re Lake Bled elopement photographer and videographer with great love for elopements at great places. And Lake Bled is such a place. We’re also elopement planners and help you plan and organize your elopement in Slovenia. We have a special elopement guide that you get once you hire us to be your Lake Bled elopement photographer.

People sometimes choose to hire only a photographer for their elopement, and that’s perfectly fine, we’re also a photographer duo and can do only the photography part of your elopement. But many couples regret not booking a videographer also because it’s a medium that shows your elopement through a different perspective.

We’re just a few clicks away so don’t hesitate to contact us through the form below this post.


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