The Best Lake Bled Wedding Venues for 2024

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Slovenia is a country we love visiting and working in. As photographers and videographers, we are always stunned by its magnificent landscape and the endless adventures it provides to us every time we visit it. Slovenia is famous for its mountains, and once you witness them, or even better, hike on some of their trails, you’ll immediately get to know what we are talking about here.

But this article has another purpose and that is to present you with some of the best Lake Bled wedding venues. If you are planning your destination wedding in Slovenia, Lake Bled is definitely one of the top locations online search will recommend to you.

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Welcome to the magical Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of the most famous tourist locations in Slovenia. It’s located in the northwestern part of Slovenia and it’s part of the Julian Alps. Slovenia is not a large country, but it’s packed with natural beauties and Lake Bled is just one of them. Bled is not so far away from Ljubljana airport and you will need less than 1 hour of driving to reach it once you land in Slovenia.

bled wedding venues

Lake Bled is famous for its landscape and history. Just type ‘Lake Bled’ in your search engine and you’ll see why Bled is one of the most visited parts of Slovenia. The lake is of mixed glacial and tectonic origin and there is a small island in it. Lake Bled is surrounded by mountains and dense forests and it was a popular place for vacation of political leaders from neighbouring countries. These residences are among some of the most popular Bled wedding venues today.

We are Lake Bled wedding photographer and videographer

We are Andrea and Mario and we have been in the wedding and elopement photography and videography business for almost 10 years now. We are originally from Croatia, but document weddings all across Europe. Slovenia and Croatia are neighboring countries so we spend a lot of time in Slovenia too. As much as we love the Adriatic sea backdrop that Croatia is famous for, we adore the mountains and nature of Slovenia too.

Our wedding photography style is documentary and we tend to ‘capture’ moments as they happen and evolve. We believe that these moments bring out the real emotions and documenting these is the main goal of every wedding photographer and videographer.

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Need a Lake Bled wedding planner? We’ll suggest you the best ones

Planning a destination wedding in Slovenia can be overwhelming at moments, especially if you are from a distant country. Although it might be manageable to organize your own wedding in the Lake Bled area, we strongly suggest you hire a local wedding planner who will help you with every aspect of wedding planning and potentially save you a lot of nerves.

Wedding planners are professionals who take care that everything runs smoothly on your special day. Their services are also very important when it comes to something nobody likes to do – paperwork and bureaucracy. Unfortunately, these things are inevitable if you are planning to have a legal wedding at Lake Bled, but a good wedding planner will help this step pass quickly and stress-free.

Finally, wedding planners are of immense help when searching for the best ones among Bled wedding venues. Planners will help you choose the best one according to the size of your wedding and your personal wishes. They are also the ones who will gather all the wedding vendors and stay in touch with all of them so you have more time to focus on the things that really matter.

If you are looking for a wedding planner for your Bled wedding, contact us and we’ll connect you with the best ones in the area.

The best Lake Bled wedding venues

Lake Bled doesn’t cover such a large surface but some of the best wedding venues in Slovenia can be found right here, in the heart of untouched nature, among the mountains and forests. Each of the Lake Bled wedding venues we mention below has its own peculiarities and each of them can host weddings of different sizes.

The great thing about Lake Bled is the fact that everything is close and everything regarding the wedding (getting ready, ceremony, reception…) can be done basically at the same place. Bled is perfect for wedding photoshoots too providing many locations with beautiful views of the lake and surrounding areas.

Let’s explore some of the most famous Bled wedding venues.

Lake Bled castle

Lake Bled Castle offers one of the most spectacular panoramic views among all Bled wedding venues mentioned in this list. It’s an old medieval castle located on the top of the cliffs rising almost directly from the lake. Together with Lake Bled Island, it’s one of the most recognized landmarks of the area. This castle is great for organizing weddings with around 100 guests and it’s possible to have only a ceremony at the premises of the castle, or you can have the ceremony and wedding dinner & party at the Bled castle.

Lake Bled island

Lake Bled Island is the single most popular landmark of Lake Bled. It’s a historical place with a church on it and it’s one of the best places to have a church wedding. Bled Island provides a different perspective of the lake and your guests will love the panoramic ride with traditional boats that are necessary to reach the lake premises. There are also some wedding legends that are connected to this island and one of them says that the groom needs to carry the bride over the 99 steps that reach the church in order to have a happy marriage.

Vila Bled

Vila Bled is one of the many residences that Tito (president of former Yugoslavia, which Slovenia was also part of) has ordered to be built all across former Yugoslavia. It’s one of the best-bled wedding venues when it comes to luxury and style. Vila Bled is surrounded by a park which is perfect for photo sessions on the wedding day. It’s located near Lake Bled Island and has some of the best views on it. Vila Bled is a beautiful work of architecture perfect for weddings of up to 100 guests.

Grand Hotel Toplice

Grand Hotel Toplice is the perfect Bled wedding venue if you plan to have a larger wedding since this hotel hosts weddings with more than 200 guests. Grand Hotel Toplice is one of the premium Lake Bled wedding venues. Overlooking the lake, its ballroom and terraces are the ideal settings for both intimate ceremonies and grand wedding receptions.

Villa Adora

Villa Adora (former villa Istra) is another lakeside option among Bled wedding venues. Villa Adora is a small luxury hotel nowadays and it’s perfect for intimate weddings on the lakeside.

Lake Bled elopement

We are not sure how familiar you are with the concept of elopements – weddings in which usually only the couple getting married is present. As a photographer and videographer, apart from weddings of different sizes, we document a lot of elopements too. These types of weddings are much easier to organize since there are way fewer people involved. Most of these Bled wedding venues we mentioned above can be a place where you can have your elopement ceremony.

Elopements are also a budget-friendly option for getting married abroad and this concept is more and more popular among young couples with each passing year. The great thing about Lake Bled elopements is that you have even more ceremony options than traditional weddings do. For example, there are a few viewpoints that are located on the hills above Bled and these are great options for an elopement ceremony at Lake Bled.

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Whether you have any questions you feel we might help you with or you like our work and want to hire us to document your Lake Bled wedding, feel free to reach out through the contact form and tell us more about your vision of a wedding in Slovenia. We’d love to be a part of it and help you make some of the best memories in your life.

We hope this article about Lake Bled wedding venues helped you to start the journey of planning your destination wedding in Slovenia. We are sure you’ll find at least a few options you like among the ones we presented above. And we are sure you’ll fall in love with Lake Bled and Slovenia too.

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