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We are common guests on Lokrum and when we have a wedding or elopement in Dubrovnik, we always secretly hope that at least part of it will be held on Lokrum. The nature of this island located near the famous city of Dubrovnik is so relaxing that we could spend hours just sitting in one of the island’s secluded places. This article is a real Lokrum elopement story of Aspen and Spencer, a lovely couple that flew from America to say their vows among the walls of an old Lokrum monastery.

Dubrovnik area is one of the most famous places for elopements and weddings in Croatia and there are so many elopement venues that the choice of the best one might be harder than you think. Hopefully, this story will make you virtually fall in love with Lokrum and its places that you’ll finally choose it as your elopement or wedding location.

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The meeting with Aspen and Spenser

We met in front of their hotel in Dubrovnik which was overlooking Lapad bay. The name of the hotel is Kompas and it has a great location overlooking the mentioned bay. We always arrive at least half an hour earlier than the appointed time and the reason is usually coffee. We like to drink coffee before we start shooting every elopement. And we like to discuss the shooting plan for the day as we drink our sacred drink and enjoy the view from the hotel lobby.

The plan for this elopement was not to shoot the getting ready process. Instead, we were to meet in front of the hotel and head straight to the Dubrovnik city port where we’ll take the first boat that will take us to Lokrum.

The boat ride to Lokrum

Another thing we love when it comes to Lokrum elopements is the boat ride. There are 2 boats that leave to and from Lokrum every half an hour. Apart from being the only means to reach the island, it’s also a great panoramic ride and we always snap a few photos of couples during this ride. The ride is not long, it lasts approximately 20 minutes and we suggest you spend it on the ship’s bow.

The Lokrum elopement venue

Aspen and Spenser choose to have their Lokrum elopement in the old monastery part of the island. It’s the part you can rent just for elopement occasions and in that case, nobody else has the access to your ceremony location. You can also go without renting a spot for your ceremony but in that case, you risk some of the many island visitors interrupting your ceremony.

Either way, there is always a park ranger that accompanies you during your elopement on Lokrum island. They are usually unobtrusive and don’t interfere with the ceremony in any way. There are several locations on the island that can be booked for private use and the permit needs to be issued in advance. This is something we can do for you so you have permission and tickets secured and don’t need to worry about permit paperwork.

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The ceremony

Aspen and Spenser chose to have a symbolic ceremony for their Lokrum elopement. Their ceremony included the hand-washing part as well as some other usual parts of the symbolic ceremony. This shows how customizable symbolic elopement ceremonies are and it’s no wonder so many couples eloping to Croatia choose to have this kind of ceremony.

The handwashing ceremony is the ritual cleansing of past sins and a way of honoring the transition into a new life as a married couple. Another ritual, commonly seen in symbolic elopement ceremonies is the handfasting ritual which symbolizes promises to each other as well as the bonds between the couple for the rest of their lives. Aspen and Spenser had this ritual as part of their Lokrum elopement too.

Choosing the right symbolic officiant means all the world when it comes to these kinds of elopement ceremonies. He/she is the moderator who leads you through all the aspects of the ceremony.

The photo session on Lokrum island

After each ceremony, we leave the couple in privacy for some time and this Lokrum elopement wasn’t the exception. We believe couples need a few moments alone just to soak in all the things they said to each other during the vows exchange and other parts of the ceremony.

After all these things said, it was time to explore the island and snap some great photos and video material along the way. Photo sessions are an inevitable part of each elopement and we always give our best to find the best possible shooting locations. With Lokrum it’s relatively easy because we know it well so we already had a plan in our heads for Aspen and Spenser.

One of our favorite spots on Lokrum island is its rocky shore located just 10 minutes of walking away from the monastery where this Lokrum elopement ceremony took place. You can see how cool this part of the island looks from the photos below. One of our favorite parts on this side of Lokrum island is a hole in the rocks which is a great place for some epic photos.

Out of high season, this part of the island is also a great spot for the Lokrum elopement ceremony, but we suggest avoiding it during the summer since it’s crowded with swimmers.

The island has many peacocks wandering around freely and they are used to people which is great for photos. Especially if you have some food ready for them, expect them to follow you around and photobomb as well.

Boat ride to Dubrovnik city

At last, it was time to return to Dubrovnik once more. On the way back it’s possible to make some great photos on the ship’s bow since it’s pointed toward Dubrovnik so this historical city acts as the backdrop. Our day with Aspen and Spenser wasn’t yet done, we still had a Dubrovnik photo session part left. The great thing about this particular elopement is that it was in the postseason so it wasn’t as hot as it usually is and the streets were less crowded. Anyone who ever visited Dubrovnik in the high season knows how crowded it can get.

When we have photo sessions in Dubrovnik, and we have a lot of them, we always seek secluded alleys and try to stay away from the people as much as possible. It’s because of the couple first since most people don’t like to do things such as elopement photo sessions with a bunch of people around them. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to find some private spots within the city walls, at least for the larger part of the photo session.

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Want to elope on Lokrum?

We are sure this article made you at least think about eloping on Lokrum island. It’s one of the best places for elopement in the Dubrovnik area and the photos you’ll see below this post will show you why is that so. We are mainly photographer and videographer and we focus on documenting your special day but, apart from that, we are also here to help you plan your Lokrum elopement. We had numerous elopements on this island and we know all the things there are to know.

Don’t hesitate and contact us if you have any questions or just want to know our wedding or elopement fares.

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