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As a wedding photographer and videographer, we’re always in search of new photo shoot locations and wedding venues. While we shoot a lot of outdoor weddings with nature as a backdrop, we’re equally attracted to the architectural marvels such as the one we’re presenting in this article – Mestrovic Gallery Split wedding venue.

When it comes to weddings in Croatia, there is a limited number of venues available with a few new emerging every year or so while some others are not being used as a wedding venue anymore. It’s the evolving world of stunning locations in which you can organize your wedding too.

We decided to write about each of the wedding venues we documented weddings at as a guide of potential wedding locations for your destination wedding in Croatia. Today we’re in Split, a Mediterranean oasis on the Adriatic Sea and we explore one of its most famous wedding venues.

Split, an ultimate Mediterranean vibe wedding location in Croatia

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia and the largest one in the famous Dalmatian region. Dalmatia is one of the most visited regions of Croatia with its rich history and monuments and beautiful nature and the crystal clear Adriatic sea is the most common reason for visiting this region. Split is the center of Dalmatia founded in the 4th century by the Roman Emperor called Diocletian. His palace is the main attraction of Split up to this day. It’s also protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site and it’s a living heart of the city even in these modern times, just like in the past.

Split is a city with an easygoing Mediterranean lifestyle and a place where history and modern times blend to create unique settings that spark the imagination of many couples thinking about destination weddings in Croatia.

Split is one of the most chosen places for weddings in Croatia and many couples choose it not only because of its beauty, but also because of the possibilities it offers when it comes to wedding organization, but also in regard to other things not directly connected to wedding. Split is the main hub on the Croatian coastline and it’s among best-connected cities when it comes to infrastructure and transportation. This means that it’s easy to reach it which is an important aspect of every wedding organization. Locations that are easily reachable are among the most chosen ones. Split airport is connected with many European airports and you and your guests will love the ease of reaching Split.

Finally, Split is famous because of the setting your wedding there might have. This city offers numerous and diverse wedding venues and we’re sure that you’ll find a perfect one for your destination wedding in Split.

Introduction to Mestrovic Gallery venue

Mestrovic Gallery wedding venue is one of the favorite choices of couples choosing to get married in Split. If not for the wedding reception and ceremony, then at least for a photo shoot. Mestrovic Gallery is located just outside of the older parts of the city and it’s a tribute to one of the most famous Croatian sculptors of the 20th century – Ivan Mestrovic. There are still many of the Mestrovic’s work still housed in the gallery. The gallery is a true architectural marvel and a dream of every photographer and videographer documenting weddings in Split. Mestrovic Gallery overlooks the Adriatic Sea and there are many backdrop possibilities once you are in the gallery premises.

The collection shown in the gallery presents some of the most valued artist’s work from the fields of architecture, drawing, design, and sculpture. A lush garden surrounds the whole gallery and softens its architecture. It also adds to the photography potential of the whole venue. Mestrovic Gallery was built between 1931 and 1939 and it was designed by Mestrovic himself. Apart from the weddings, Mestrovic Gallery hosts many other events throughout the year. Just like with many other wedding venues, it’s important to book the venue as soon as possible since many couples choose to get married there. This is especially important if you want your destination wedding in Split to be held during the busy summer months.

Mestrovic Gallery Split Wedding photographer and videographer

We are Andrea and Mario, Split wedding photographer and videographer and we document elopements and weddings of all sizes in Croatia and Europe. We have been in the wedding industry for almost 10 years now. Our style is documentary with a focus on real emotions and moments as they really happen. We believe that these moments are much more valuable for every couple than the posed photos. Sure, each wedding has some posed photos to an extent, but the best ones are usually unstaged ones.

Apart from being in the photography and videography business, we write this blog about the usual topics that are of interest to any couple choosing to get married abroad. Explore our website if you are at the beginning of the wedding planning process and we’re sure you’ll find many valuable information that will help you make destination wedding planning at least a bit easier.

Finally, our main work is still photography and videography. If you like what you see on our website and would like us to be part of your special day, just contact us through the webform and we’ll send you our Split wedding packages and prices. See you in Split.

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Reasons to choose Mestrovic Gallery for your wedding in Split

Timeless Elegance and Artistic Backdrop

Mestrovic Gallery wedding is a great choice for anyone interested in the art and elegance of architecture or just wants to have such a backdrop. Couples who choose this venue, together with their guests, are immersed in the aura of creativity that emanates from this place. The sculptures and architecture of the Mestrovic Gallery provide a rich historical backdrop for each wedding.

Natural Beauty and Scenic Vistas

Mestrovic Gallery has both indoor and outdoor wedding options. You can easily split parts of your wedding in different settings. The gallery is surrounded by a lush garden and has a scenic view of the Adriatic Sea making it a mesmerizing ambiance for outdoor weddings during the warmer days.

Exclusivity and Privacy

The great thing about any wedding venue anywhere in the world is the level of privacy it provides when it comes to events such as weddings. Usually, the most favored wedding venues are the ones that provide you with seclusion and privacy. Weddings are simply events in which you want to enjoy far from curious eyes and everyone else that is not part of your wedding. Mestrovic Gallery is such a wedding venue that provides you with much-needed privacy during your wedding day.

Mestrovic Gallery Split Wedding 1L4A8355 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Customizable Space

Finally, Mestrovic Gallery is a very versatile space that can be customized according to your preferences. Whether you want to combine indoor and outdoor aspects of a wedding, or you are looking for a small intimate wedding or a large one, Mestrovic Gallery has options to adapt to every kind of wedding and produce a truly personalized event.

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