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mljet wedding

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If you are to ask us what would be one of our favorite places to get married in Croatia, Mljet would be very high on our list. It’s the largest island in southern Croatia and a place we adore. This post is meant to be a Mljet wedding guide that will give you an idea of what to expect if you want to get married on this island. We’ll cover topics such as the best Mljet wedding venues, elopement on Mljet island, how to choose a Mljet wedding photographer and videographer, etc.

mljet wedding

About Mljet

Mljet is the largest island of the Dubrovnik archipelago. You probably already heard of Dubrovnik as it is one of the most famous cities in Croatia. It’s also one of the most romantic cities in Europe and a place where many couples decide to get married. Mljet island was a part of the old Dubrovnik Republic. Part of the Mljet is also the southernmost national park in Croatia.

Mljet is not so large island and it’s possible to visit most of the famous locations in just one day. But if you really want to experience the island, we suggest you stay for a few days on it. Mljet is considered to be the greenest island in Croatia because of the amount of vegetation that covers the whole island.

It’s considered that Mljet is the mythical island from Homer’s Oddysey and a place where Calypso held Odysseus before he continued his journey home. There’s even an Odysseus cave which is one of the must-see places on Mljet island. Mljet has many other attractive locations and some of them are great for weddings and elopements.

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How to reach Mljet Island and how to travel across it

Reaching Mljet island is possible only from the sea and there’s a ferry line that connects Prapratno on the Pelješac peninsula with Sobra ferry port on Mljet island. There are some catamaran lines available too. The ferry is the only option if you want to get to Mljet by car which we strongly recommend. There’s a bus line but the bus is not operating frequently so the car is the best option to travel across Mljet.

If you are not visiting Croatia by car or you haven’t rented one, there’s an option to rent it at Sobra ferry port. Roads on the Mljet island are in good condition, although not as wide as on the coast. Traveling from one end of Mljet to another could be done in an hour or so. The closest airports are Split and Dubrovnik, with Dubrovnik being closer to Mljet.

Mljet National Park

Mljet National Park is the southernmost national park in Croatia. Not the whole island is part of the park, but only the northern part of it. Mljet national park is famous for its pristine nature and some of the best shades of blue you’ll see in Croatia when it comes to the Adriatic sea. There are 2 saltwater lakes in the park and the rest is covered in dense forest. There is an old monastery located on the island at one of the lakes inside the park and it’s possible to reach it by boat. This island is one of our favorite Mljet wedding venues inside the national park.

If you want to explore Mljet national park, the best and most convenient way to do it is by bike since cars are not allowed in the parking area. Apart from the lakes, there are great hiking trails in the national park, and we suggest one that goes to the Montokuc peak, probably a place with the best view of the Mljet national park.

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Why should you get married on Mljet Island?

A simple and short answer to this would be – that it’s one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia. It’s full of green and blue shades. It has that nice Mediterranean vibe. Mljet island is surrounded by crystal clear Adriatic sea and there are many great locations at your disposal for your Mljet wedding. Mljet island is located in southern Croatia, one of the most beautiful and most visited parts of this country. Cities like Dubrovnik, Ston, and Korčula are very close to the island. And it’s not just them, gorgeous Pelješac peninsula, Neretva valley, Makarska Riviera, all these places are relatively close to Mljet island.

Mljet is great for small intimate weddings and elopements. There are many possible locations where you can have your wedding ceremony, and some of these are something you won’t see anywhere else in Croatia, take the Odysseus cave for example. More about Mljet wedding venues later in the text. Finally, if you ever set foot on Mljet, you’ll fall in love with it. Same as we did.

If you are planning your wedding in Croatia, explore ideas in our guide

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Best time for a wedding in Mljet

Just like the rest of Croatia, Mljet is most visited during the summer months, especially July and August. This period is great if you want to enjoy the hot and dry weather and swim all day long. But it’s also the most crowded part of the year, and we believe that you, same as us, don’t like too crowded places. If you want to get married in Mljet during the summer period, the best times of the day for your ceremony are early morning or sunset time. The hours in between can get pretty hot.

If you want our suggestion regarding the best time for the Mljet wedding, we would say it’s best to choose preseason or postseason periods and months such as April, May, June, or September. The weather is still very nice during these months, it’s warm, but not too hot. There are significantly fewer tourists and you can truly have a great experience of both Mljet island and your wedding.

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Mljet elopement: a great place for a great adventure

Elopements are a trend that started in the US and it slowly poured into Europe. These kinds of weddings are usually done abroad, somewhere in nature and, in most cases, only the couple getting married is present. We have written a lot about elopements on our website so check our other posts to get familiar with this topic.

Elopements are a great alternative to traditional weddings, especially in times plagued by Coronavirus pandemics. They are also much easier to plan and organize. Finally, they tend to be a much cheaper form of wedding. Mljet is the perfect place for elopements and has some great places in which traditional wedding ceremonies couldn’t take place.

Here is our comprehensive guide to elope in Croatia

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Mljet wedding and elopement venues

Mljet island is full of great places both for traditional weddings and elopements. Some of the places we mention in the list below are not easily accessible which means that traditional weddings cannot be held there. Odysseus’ cave is one such example. These places are perfect for elopements. We have traveled all across the Mljet island and we got to know pretty much all of the places suitable for Mljet weddings or elopement ceremonies.

Odysseus cave

Odysseus cave is first on our list because it’s one of our favorite places on Mljet island. It’s beautiful, unique, and…hard to reach. This is a perfect combination if you are an adventurous couple. Odysseus’ cave is perfect for elopements on Mljet island. It’s believed that Mljet is the island where Odysseus found shelter amidst the storm and finally stayed there for 7 years. It’s possible to enter the cave from the sea, by swimming through a small opening, and by descending on a steep cliff that leads to the cave.

The best time of the day for Mljet elopement in Odysseus’ cave is around noon because of all the reflections and colors that happen in this period. The sun never reaches the bottom of Odysseus’ cave.

Mljet national park – St. Mary island

The whole national park area is a great place for Mljet weddings or elopement. You can get married near the lakes, with beautiful nature as your backdrop. If you ask us, one of the best places to get married inside Mljet national park is St. Mary island (otok Sveta Marija). It’s the only island within the lakes and there’s an old monastery built on it. If you choose your Mljet wedding or elopement to take part here, then a nice boat ride to this location will be a part of it. St. Mary island is perfect for both small and intimate traditional weddings and elopements.

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Montokuc peak

Montokuc peak is yet another of our favorite places inside of Mljet national park. It’s the place with the best view of the park area and the rest of Mljet island. Montokuc is perfect for elopements on Mljet since you need to walk for about 40 minutes to reach it. If you want your elopement to have a great view, and you also love hiking, then Montokuc peak is the right place for you.

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Blatina lake

Blatina lake is located almost at the center of Mljet island and it’s something completely different from anything else you’re going to see on Mljet island. It’s a good location for a smaller wedding on Mljet and the perfect location for Mljet elopement. It’s basically a marshland in the middle of the island and it would be a great backdrop for your ceremony.

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Limuni beach

Limuni beach is located in the southern part of the island, and it’s the only sandy bay on the whole island. It’s full of people during the summer months but almost empty in the preseason and postseason periods. It’s a great option if you want to have a Mljet wedding or elopement on the beach.

What to do after your Mljet wedding or elopement: Things to do and see

Mljet island is not so large and it’s possible to explore most of the famous locations within a day or two. We suggest you spend at least 2 days on the island if you want to truly experience all of its places. Locations we mentioned as great for Mljet wedding and elopement are also perfect for visiting too. These are all must-visit places on the island. We would add old villages of Mljet island, especially in the national park area. The villages such as Goveđari still resemble the old villages that existed on the island.

There are many tour options too. Buggy safaris, kayaking, cycling – these are all great options to spend your time on Mljet island. When visiting Mljet national park, you have to take a swim in one of its lakes. The smaller lake is more shallow and the water inside of it is warmer and great for swimming even if you are visiting Mljet outside of the summer period.

Mljet wedding photographer & videographer

We are Mljet wedding photographer and videographer with a base not so far from the island. In the case that you wish to elope on Mljet island, we provide the services of an elopement planner and help you plan and organize your Mljet elopement. We also provide you with a more specific guide for wedding photography and your wedding day.

We’d love to hear back from you so if you are interested in our Mljet wedding and elopement packages, contact us through the form below and connect with us in a few simple steps.


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