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Although Opatija isn’t officially part of the Istria peninsula, we have always considered it a part of Istria. And if you read our other blog posts about weddings and elopements in Istria, you know how much we love this region and documenting weddings taking place there. Our previous articles covered pretty much all locations popular for weddings in Istria and now we write this one about all the information you’ll want to know if you are planning your Opatija wedding.

As a wedding photographer and videographer, we have documented numerous weddings on the Istrian Peninsula so far and this article aims to provide you with the necessary information for starting planning your destination wedding in Opatija or its area. If you have still not decided where to organize your wedding in Croatia or you are at the beginning of your wedding planning, explore the rest of our blog since we have a guide for many Croatian and European wedding destinations. There are many other topics that we cover and we’re sure you’ll find a lot of useful information that will help you start shaping your wedding ideas into reality.

Welcome to Opatija, A Timeless Wedding Destination

We like to think about the Opatija as the doors into the Istria, the largest peninsula in Croatia. Opatija is a town located just below the Učka mountain and on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. It’s a town that has a special place in Croatian history and it’s still very popular among tourists who visit Croatia each year.

Opatija has a rich history that dates back to the times of ancient Rome, but it was really during the Austro-Hungarian reign that Opatija became a luxurious resort for the elites of that time. A lot of that part of the history is still visible today and a lot of Opatija still seems just like it did a few centuries ago. That’s only one of the reasons for the charm of this town and why a lot of couples decide to have their wedding in Opatija.

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Opatija, in a sense, somehow looks like the time has stopped in the old times and like its villas are just waiting for the guests of the high-class society from long times ago. Opatija is famous for its lush parks and scenic sea promenade, both of which offer great opportunities when it comes to weddings and wedding photography and videography in Opatija.

The wedding industry is well developed here too, with many skilled vendors and venues to choose from. Numerous weddings are organized in Opatija each year and you can be sure you’ll find perfectly skilled vendors which is a very important aspect of every wedding. Opatija is great for weddings of all sizes, starting with elopements which usually only consist of the couple getting married to large weddings with up to 300 guests or more.

Finally, if you are looking for a destination that will add a vibe of luxury and elegance, then Opatija might just be the right location for your destination wedding in Croatia.

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Opatija wedding photographer and videographer

We are Andrea and Mario, destination wedding photographer and videographer and we document weddings and elopements of all types and sizes. We do it mostly in Croatia, but we often travel to other countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Ireland… to document unique love stories of couples from all around the world. We have been in the wedding industry for almost 10 years now and that’s one of the reasons why we believe we’re able to provide you with useful insider info regarding weddings and one of the reasons why we write articles such as this one.

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But we are primarily wedding photographer and videographer and we truly enjoy documenting different wedding stories and all of their uniqueness. We focus on documenting moments as they happen with minimal posing and stiff postures. Candid photos and ones where you’re not even aware you’re being photographed always turn out to be the best ones and most favorite to newlyweds. We have a lot of photos and videos on this website and they can give you an insight about our style and approach to wedding photography and videography.

If you like what you see while exploring our website, feel free to contact us and we’ll send you our Opatija wedding packages and prices and, hopefully, see you in Opatija or any other location.

Reasons to get married in Opatija

Historical Grandeur and Timeless Elegance

For a long time, Opatija was a retreat for the elites of the Austro-Hungarian Empire who built villas with lush gardens as a place to rejuvenate both body and mind. This aristocratic charm is still visible in Opatija and it’s even more evident than in some other similar locations. These historic locations, such as Villa Angiolina for example, offer a truly captivating backdrop for every Opatija wedding.

Enchanting Natural Scenery

Opatija is a place where the Adriatic Sea meets lush greenery and majestic Učka mountain. Opatija is also full of parks which, together with the Adriatic Sea and Učka mountain, make a perfect backdrop for any type of wedding in Opatija. The famous Lungomare promenade is also a great setting for a variety of wedding photos with some great spots for wedding ceremonies and receptions too.

Gastronomic delights

Croatia is famous for different culinary delights and each of its regions has some gastro specialties characteristic for it. It’s always great to incorporate local traditions and meals in your destination wedding. In this way, you make your wedding blend with the location and you make it much more rich and authentic. Istria is one of the most famous regions when it comes to culinary delights with truffles, olive oils, and wines being on the top of the gastro list.

Intimate and Luxurious Accommodations

Accommodation is a very important aspect of each wedding and a lot of couples unknowingly don’t pay too much attention when choosing their accommodation for their destination weddings. Sometimes even the location where the wedding is being organized doesn’t provide such a variety of accommodations so you don’t have much of a choice. The great thing about Opatija is that it has numerous accommodation options, from boutique hotels and luxurious villas to rustic estates located just outside Opatija town. If you are thinking about organizing a wedding in Opatija, you won’t have any trouble with finding a perfect accommodation.

Accessibility and Charm All Year Round

The mild climate of Opatija and the surrounding area means that you can organize your Opatija wedding in any season. Each of the seasons has its peculiarities and we are going to mention a few of them in the section below. Opatija is also easily reachable from major European cities which is great if you are planning a wedding with many guests attending it. They will, for sure, appreciate the ease of getting to Opatija and all the things to do and see in the area.

Best time of the year for wedding in Opatija

Choosing the best time of the year is another essential aspect of any destination wedding. Opatija is a year-round wedding destination and it’s up to you to choose the favorite season and timeframe for your wedding in Opatija.

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Spring Blossoms and Gentle Sunshine

Spring is the season of awakening in Croatia. Landscapes become greener and greener which is reflected in the parks of Opatija. Together with Autumn, Spring is the season with the most vibrant colors. This season is perfect if you want to incorporate colorful gardens and mild warm weather into your Opatija wedding. When it comes to Spring, it’s also a season that is not as crowded as Summer and it’s great if you want to enjoy in privacy and explore locations with fewer crowds than usual. Temperatures of the Spring also mean that wedding ceremonies can be organized outside.

Summer Radiance and Sparkling Waters

Summer is the usual choice when it comes to weddings in Opatija. The great thing about summers in Opatija is the long days and the warm Adriatic sea. It’s also the most crowded part of the year so if you are looking to organize your wedding in Opatija during this period, we suggest you book your wedding venue as soon as possible. If you are looking to have an outdoor ceremony, keep in mind that the summer days get rather hot so it’s best to plan anything happening outdoors in the afternoon hours.

Autumn Serenity and Warm Hues

Similar to Spring, Autumn brings a serene atmosphere to Opatija. Autumn has a completely different vibe and the colors of nature are vibrant which makes a great backdrop for any wedding. Most of the tourists are gone and it’s calm once again in Opatija. The sea is still warm, especially in September which is one of the most popular months for destination weddings in Croatia. Autumn is the season with warm hues and it’s a great time of the year for outdoor wedding ceremonies. However, it’s always a good thing to have a backup location ready in case of rainy weather.

Winter Elegance and Festive Cheer

Winter is colder than any other season in Opatija but the festive atmosphere around Christmas adds a special kind of warmth and vibe to every wedding organized at this time of the year. Winter offers the most intimate setting with a bit cooler weather and it’s perfect for weddings in some of the luxurious Opatija wedding venues.

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Opatija wedding venues

Hotel Milenij

Hotel Milenij is one of the most luxurious options when it comes to weddings in Opatija. It has a terrace overlooking the sea and it’s surrounded by beautiful gardens which are perfect for an outdoor ceremony. The hotel also has a ballroom great for the wedding dinner and party.

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Villa Angiolina

Villa Angiolina is located in the heart of Opatija and surrounded by Angiolina Park which is full of exotic plants and lush vegetation. This venue is perfect for couples looking for a ceremony with a touch of history and nature.

Hotel Royal

Hotel Royal is another elegant and luxurious Opatija wedding venue. It offers a unique mix of indoor and outdoor spaces as well as an intimate seaside setting for a wedding ceremony. A large ballroom is perfect for larger weddings.

Hotel Kvarner

Hotel Kvarner is one of the oldest hotels on the Adriatic coast and its Crystal Hall is the perfect venue for the luxurious and elegant wedding reception. High ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and a terrace with an amazing sea view make a scene to remember.

St. James’s Church (Sveti Jakov)

If you are looking to have a traditional church wedding, St. James’s Church is a place for you. It presents a serene and spiritual environment and its architectural beauty blends perfectly with the inviting interior atmosphere.

The Open Air Theatre

Open Air Theatre is an amphitheater that can be transformed into a beautiful wedding venue. It’s great if you are looking to have an outdoor wedding and enjoy stunning views of the Adriatic sea and surrounding nature.

For a truly unique experience, the Open Air Theatre is an amphitheater that can be transformed into a spectacular wedding venue. It allows couples to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and stunning sea views, all while hosting a grand event under the stars.

Opatija wedding cost: A comprehensive breakdown

And now we finally come to the budget which is yet another important aspect of every wedding and wedding planning process. We’ll do our best to estimate the prices for a wedding in Opatija which includes 50 guests. Please note that the prices stated here are just a rough estimate but they might provide you a useful insight about what to expect when it comes to prices of different vendors you might want to include in your destination wedding.

We suggest always checking the latest prices by contacting your wedding planner or vendors directly. We will also do our best to update these price estimates each year.

Estimated Total Cost Range for a Wedding in Opatija with 50 Guests

Such a wedding in Opatija could range between €12,000 to €30,000, depending on many factors we will state below.

Breakdown of Potential Costs by Vendor:

  1. Photography:
    • Range: €800 – €3,000 This usually includes a basic package from an emerging photographer at the lower end to full-day coverage from an experienced professional at the upper end.
  2. Videography:
    • Range: €1,000 – €4,000 Starting with a simple highlight reel to a more comprehensive package with drone footage and elaborate storytelling.
  3. Wedding Planner:
    • Range: €1,000 – €6,000 From day-of coordination to full planning services, including communication with vendors and on-site management on your wedding day.
  4. Hair and Makeup:
    • Range: €150 – €1,000 Lower end might include a local salon’s basic services or an exclusive package with a top stylist, including trials and on-site touch-ups.
  5. Venue Rental:
    • Range: €500 – €6,000 Depending on the location, this could be a simple venue hire fee or a comprehensive package including decor, seating, and exclusive use of the venue.
  6. Food and Drinks:
    • Range: €50 – €200 per person This could cover anything from a modest buffet or cocktail reception to a multi-course gourmet meal with fine wines and champagne.
  7. DJ or Live Music:
    • Range: €500 – €3,000 Accounting for a local DJ service up to a more renowned DJ or live band with extensive experience in weddings.
  8. Florist:
    • Range: €500 – €4,000 Encompassing the cost from simple floral decorations and bouquets to luxurious and bespoke floral arrangements and installations.

Looking for an Opatija wedding planner? We’ll recommend you the best ones

Wedding planners are an important part of almost every large wedding and through the years in the destination wedding industry, we have cooperated with some of the best wedding planners in Croatia. A wedding planner is maybe the single most important person when it comes to your wedding. It’s a person whose goal is to make your ideas and wishes into reality. She/He is present through all wedding planning stages and coordinates all the wedding vendors on the day of your wedding.

If you are looking to get married in Opatija and you are looking for a wedding planner, we’ll be more than glad to recommend you ones that suit your needs. Just reach out to us through the contact form and we’ll answer you shortly.

Hire us as your Opatija wedding photographer and videographer

Finally, if you like our photography and videography work and you would like us to document your wedding in Opatija (or anywhere else), we’ll be more than delighted to do so. Just connect with us and let us know a bit more about a vision of your wedding and we’ll send you our Opatija wedding packages and prices.

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