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Every time we scroll through these photos we created in Park Orsula near Dubrovnik, we feel instant calmness. And the very same feeling we had when we were shooting there with Por and Ken, a couple from Thailand. We are so happy to finally share this story because it feels inspiring and also to give you an idea of how, decorated with nature and sunset only, Park Orsula is the perfect place for engagement or an elopement.

‘My fiance and I met Andrea and Mario in Dubrovnik while we were on holiday there. They were super friendly and really tried to help us in the photos, considering we never had a session like this. They really went above and beyond, taking us through the hidden corners of Dubrovnik and unique places we would never have went by ourselves. The photos were simply amazing and gained new friends along the way :)’

Ken & Por
Park Orsula Engagement Dubrovnik Por Ken Love and Ventures Photographer 17 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

At first, we weren’t supposed to have a photo session at Orsula. Por and Ken reached out to us with a plan to have a photo shoot in Dubrovnik city. We proposed the idea of an amazing location very close to the city, and they agreed instantly.
We did start with the shooting within the city walls in the early afternoon because we wanted to keep the best light during the golden hour for Park Orsula.
Not to mention that the view from the park on the islands, the sea, and Dubrovnik completely amazed these two who didn’t know it even exist.

Our Ultimate Dubrovnik Elopement Guide

Park Orsula Engagement Dubrovnik Por Ken Love and Ventures Photographer 11 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Park Orsula is the perfect place for engagements

This gorgeous place is located outside the city, just a few minutes’ drive from the Dubrovnik Gates. The place is set on a cliff, 200 meters above sea level. The park is planned as a summer stage for concerts and shows – there is an amphitheater with beautiful panoramic vides on the bay. There is a ruin of the church of St. Orsula, dating back to the 14th century and it is an ideal picturesque wedding ceremony location.

The best time for a photo session at Park Orsula

We are picky with the light, we admit that. So we will always go in the early morning or late afternoon. The park is the perfect place for early morning elopement because there are few to no visitors at that time of the day. As the sun is coming out from the east, it lightens up city walls so you have a beautiful view of Dubrovnik and Lokrum Island as the backdrop for your elopement ceremony.

For the engagement session, we would opt for the afternoon hours because you get to have an amazing proposal just at the time of sunset. At this time, the sun is on the west side so you can not see the city clearly but as soon as the sun falls to the sea and the traffic lights in the city turn on, you get such a romantic atmosphere and epic night panoramic views. We believe that is a great time to celebrate your engagements, hugging on a blanket with a glass of local tasty wine.

Pro tip: if you plan to have a secret Park Orsula engagement proposal, you can hire a musician who, ‘accidentally’ practice on the stage of the park and you can prepare some sparkling wine to celebrate!
Let us know if you need a musician because we have one that is an amazing guitar player and singer. And yeah, we know the convenient place to hide a sparkling wine, ready to be opened after the love of your life says ‘yes’.

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