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Split is a city with an authentic Mediterranean vibe and a relaxed way of living. It’s the second-largest city in Croatia and one of its most visited urban areas. Each year, more and more couples decide to have their proposal in Split and pop the question at some of the most famous Split proposal venues. The name of this city might not suggest the most fantastic start for the future of you and your partner, but we wish you that Split becomes the only split in your relationship.

As wedding and elopement photographers in Croatia, we have visited Split numerous times and explored most of its alleys and best places for couples photo sessions. Apart from Dubrovnik, Split is the second most chosen option for elopements, weddings, and proposals in Croatia.

We’re writing this article to serve you as the starting point if you are planning your proposal in Split. We know that proposals are usually planned by one partner and in total secrecy. It’s a shame you can’t share your thoughts about this topic with your partner, but then, the look on the face of your partner, once you pop the question, makes all the planning and sleepless night worth it.

Split proposal photographer

We are Andrea & Mario and we have been Croatia proposal photographers (and sometimes videographers) for a long time now. We have documented numerous proposals over the course of the last few years and that gives us valuable experience when it comes to helping you plan your proposal anywhere in Croatia.

We always work as a team which means that we document each proposal from 2 different angles. There are a few approaches to how we shoot proposals, feel free to contact us if you want to know more about it. Most of the proposals (99% of them) are secret proposals and in case, you don’t want us anywhere near you, we use a telephoto lens to stay hidden and still be able to take high-quality photos of the proposal.

Our policy is to deliver to you all the good photos that we made during your proposal in Split. Each of the proposals we shoot is followed by a short photo session on the proposal location with the possibility to do the extra photo session on the location of your choice.

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Welcome to Split, a Mediterranean paradise

Split is often remarked as a city with a true Mediterranean spirit and way of living. It has been on the visit bucket list for many young people visiting Croatia. Split is located on the Adriatic coast and it’s the largest city of the region known as Dalmatia. It’s a city famous for its rich history carved by many cultures through the millennia. The most famous of these was the Roman culture as Split was one of the most important cities of the former Roman Empire. Well-preserved Diocletian’s Palace is the standing evidence of Split’s rich history. The palace is located in the center of the city and it’s under the protection of UNESCO.

Split is a great starting point for any couple who wants to explore the best of southern Croatia. It’s easy to reach through the Split airport which has many connections with other airports throughout Europe. Split is also a great hub for all the explorations in southern Croatia. There are many ferry lines to some of the most famous islands in Croatia – Hvar, Brač, Vis, Korčula… There are other means of public transport too and you can visit places such as Krka national park, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Makarska Riviera, Neretva river delta…

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The best time to visit Split as a couple

We are writing this article at the beginning of yet another summer season. It’s the beginning of June, and the weather looks like a real summer. However, it’s not as crowded as it gets during the summer. A large amount of people is an especially common sight in larger cities such as Split. If you are planning your proposal in Split, you might want to avoid the most crowded part of the year which are the months of July and August. When it comes to elopements and weddings in Croatia, we always advise couples to choose preseason or postseason periods and months such as May, June, September, and October.

But when it comes to proposals in Split, things are a bit more flexible since proposals don’t last for a long time and don’t take up much place so it’s easier to find the empty spot to pop the question. The most famous period for Split proposals is the summer period since it’s the period when most young couples choose to visit Croatia and the Split area. Preseason and postseason periods will definitely be more grateful when it comes to crowds and proposal planning, but planning the summer proposal is also possible. Just make sure you choose the best period of the day for the best possible experience.

If you plan to have your proposal closer to the city center, you might want to organize it early in the morning when it’s not crowded. During the hot summer days sunrise and sunset are the best periods to have your proposal in Split.

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The best proposal spots in Split (and near it)

Split and its wider area offer many great spots for proposals. This section explores a few of our favorite ones. Choosing the right proposal spot in the Split area adds immensely to the overall proposal experience. However, some of them have some advantages such as the possibility of organizing a picnic at a certain venue. More about it later, let’s see what would be the best spots for proposal in Split.

Sustipan park

Sustipan Park is a beautiful park located near the old city core of Split. It’s a park with nice trees and a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea and nearby islands. It’s full of Mediterranean vegetation and it’s a great option if you want to have your proposal near the city, and yet among the trees and lush vegetation. It’s also possible to arrange to have a picnic as part of your proposal at Sustipan Park.

split engagement proposal 2 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Park forest Marjan

Marjan is the park forest that is located near the city of Split and you can easily reach it from the city center through one of the many paths that lead to it. There are many places on Marjan that are perfect spots for proposal in Split and one of our favorites is St. Jere church and a plateau near it which has a stunning sea view.

Klis Fortress

Klis Fortress is located just 20 minutes of driving away from the Split city center and it’s the perfect Split proposal venue if you want your proposal to feature one of the best views on the Split city and have the historical vibe at the same time. The fortress has become famous because it was a place where parts of the famous Game of Thrones show were filmed.


Trogir is a town located some 30 minutes of driving away from Split and it’s also a great proposal spot near Split. It’s a picturesque town with well-preserved old historical buildings and narrow stone alleys. It’s one of the best locations if you want to experience the feel of the old way of Mediterranean living. Sunrise is the best part of the day for proposals in Trogir, however, it can be done in other parts of the day too.

Organic Olive Grove near Split

This secret olive grove is one of the best locations for a picnic and proposal combination. Just imagine you and your partner having a picnic in the vast olive grove, completely alone, surrounded just by olives, one of the trademarks of Croatia.

Salona ruins

Salona ruins is yet another historical location for proposal in the Split area. It’s located just outside of the Split urban area, in a town called Solin. It’s one of the most famous and well-preserved ancient Roman ruins in Croatia.

How much could your proposal in Split cost you?

Let’s discuss how much could your proposal in Split cost you. This question largely depends on your proposal vision and the vendors you want to include in your proposal. The usual proposal vendors are photographer, florist, picnic, musician… Your proposal in Split might cost you somewhere in between 300 Euros and 1200+ Euros, depending on your wishes.

For example, a 300 Euros proposal usually includes only a photographer and a limited amount of photos delivered to you. It’s held at a public venue so no venue fee applies and no ticket needs to be paid. A 1000 Euros proposal might include photography services with a photo session afterward, a picnic at the proposal spot, floral decorations, and a musician for 30 minutes.

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How to make your Split proposal even better (tips&ideas)

Every proposal is a memorable experience and a big step forward in your relationship. However, there are some additional things you can do to make your proposal stand out even more. Picnic is one of these things. Who wouldn’t like to have a picnic in a nice place with a stunning view? So far, out of all proposals that we documented, the picnic was one single most chosen addon to the proposal. Except for the photographer.

The picnic can be just an introduction to dinner afterward. This is yet another great thing to do after your proposal in Split. Choose one of the famous restaurants with local cuisine and enjoy the Mediterranean with all your senses.

Having an adventure tour before the proposal is a great way to pump a bit more serotonin and dopamine in your blood which will make you feel good and excited. We suggest planning the mutual adventure tour a few hours before the proposal takes place so you have enough time to rest before popping the question.

Hire us to be your Split proposal photographer

Finally, we’re here if you want us to document your proposal in Split. Feel free to explore this website, our photography style and learn a bit about us. If you like what you see, just contact us through this website’s contact form or any other means available. We will answer you shortly. We know that proposals are sometimes last-minute things so no worries if you think that it’s too late to plan everything. You might be wrong.

We hope this article helped you in clarifying some things regarding the proposal in Split. We wish you great weather and that your partner says: “Yes”.

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