Romantic Holidays in Croatia: Tips For Perfect Couples Holidays in 2024

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With all the images of vacation heavens you are being bombarded each day, it’s really hard to choose where to go next and spend a memorable time with your partner. As Croats, we’re here to tell you why we believe that romantic holidays in Croatia are a good idea for your next adventure abroad.

This post will cover some of the most romantic places in Croatia, give you some ideas about what to do during your holidays in Croatia. Croatia is a rather small country, but it’s so packed with beautiful places that it’s almost hard to believe it. If not this year, you definitely have to put Croatia on your couple’s travel bucket list.

Why should you visit Croatia as a couple?

There are many reasons why you should choose to spend your romantic holidays in Croatia. First of all, Croatia is full of natural beauties of all kinds. This small country has 8 national parks and each of these is different in terms of landscape. If you are a nature lover and you like to spend a lot of time in nature, then Croatia is the right choice for you.

Secondly, Croatia is cheaper than some other European countries, especially those in Central and Western Europe. Since it’s not so large a country, it’s easy to explore it and visit many different places. The Croatian side of the Adriatic sea is clean and clear with no hazards of any kind (sharks, medusas…).

Croatia is also home to some of the most romantic cities in Europe, take just Dubrovnik for example. Then there is Split, Trogir, Zadar, Hvar, Starigrad, and many more. All these cities have preserved old city cores with stone narrow alleys and many other romantic places.

Croatian beaches are simply beautiful. They are usually made of pebbles but there are some made of sand too. With so many beaches along the coastline, it’s easy to find a secluded one where you and your partner can be all alone.

Here are our best ideas for Croatia holidays for couples

romantic holidays in croatia

Best time to visit Croatia for couples

Croatia is most visited during the summer, especially during the months of July and August. In these periods, all the tourist vendors are open, the sea is warmest and the days get really hot. It’s very dry and the rain falls for just a few days during the whole summer. All the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are open and usually full of people. If you want to enjoy the nightlife and have many tour options, then summer is the right time for your romantic holidays in Croatia.

If you are more of a couple that appreciates peace and wants to enjoy your couple holidays in Croatia in a relaxed manner, then preseason and postseason periods are the best ones for you. The months of June and September are still very warm and the sea is great for swimming, especially in September. One of the things we love about this period in Croatia is the fact that there are not so many people around and you can enjoy most of the places almost alone. On the other hand, everything is just plain crowded during July and August.

Finally, months such as April, May, and October are the best if you want to embark on adventures and enjoy the natural landscapes of Croatia. The weather in these periods is still very nice, it’s warm and usually sunny, especially along the coast. The sea is maybe not as warm as during the summer, but it’s still possible to swim. Most of the places such as national parks are almost empty which is a great thing. On the other side, some of the tourist vendors such as tour operators, restaurants, and others are not yet open or have closed.

croatia holidays for couples

How to plan your romantic holidays in Croatia

Planning your romantic holidays in Croatia is not so hard. First of all, you need to choose the right period for your visit. If you plan to visit Croatia during the summer months, we suggest you book your accommodation as soon as you can because it’s almost impossible to find good accommodation last minute. If you plan to visit Croatia during the least crowded part of the year, then you have more options and you can book accommodation even upon your arrival in Croatia.

You should also make an approximate plan of the places you want to visit. Of course, we all want to visit as much as we can when visiting a foreign country, but it’s better if you focus on quality rather than quantity when planning your couple’s holidays to Croatia. Next, think about things you want to do during your holidays in Croatia, what tours and services would you like to book, and so on.

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Most romantic places in Croatia

We did our best to shorten this list of the most romantic places in Croatia as much as we could. We have visited all these places and can just say that all of them are beautiful in their own way. Of course, there are many more places that we recommend you visit in Croatia, but when it comes to romantic holidays in Croatia, try to visit at least 2 places from the list below.


Dubrovnik deserves to be first on this list because of numerous reasons. It’s an old city with a rich past and one of the most iconic places in Croatia. The chances are that you already heard about Dubrovnik. This ancient city was featured in the Game of Thrones series, it’s very famous and visited and it’s one of the most romantic places in Croatia.

Dubrovnik is located in the sole south of Croatia and it’s definitely a place you want to visit as a couple. The old city core will amaze you. Our pro tip is to avoid the most crowded hours and explore the city early in the morning and embark on adventures around the city during the rest of the day.

Here are some ideas on what to do in Dubrovnik as a couple

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Any of the national parks in Croatia

Croatia has a total of 8 national parks and every one of them is simply stunning. We couldn’t decide on which park to recommend you visit as a couple and realized that any of them would be a perfect choice, depending on your route or place of stay in Croatia. National parks are some of the most romantic places in Croatia, especially if you visit them during the not-so-crowded periods, which we strongly suggest for the best possible experience. Try to visit them early in the morning if you are visiting Croatia during the crowded summer months.

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Hvar island

Hvar island is characterized by a crystal clear sea, preserved old way of life, and pristine nature. We suggest you visit at least one island during your romantic holidays in Croatia. We have chosen Hvar for this list because we fell in love with this island a long time ago and we spend a lot of time in its beautiful nature.

The towns of Stari Grad and Hvar are simply amazing and will show you what life on the island looked like before tourism developed. Both Hvar and Stari Grad are among the most romantic cities in Croatia and places you must visit if you are visiting Hvar island.

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Korčula city and the island

Korčula island is another beautiful island in Croatia. The whole island is stunning, but Korčula town is its most visited place. It is believed to be the birthplace of Marco Polo, the world’s famous explorer. We don’t know if this is true, but we know that you have to visit Korčula during your romantic holidays in Croatia.

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Split & Trogir

We have put these 2 famous cities together because they are not far from each other and we suggest you visit them both if they are on your route through Croatia. Split is the second-largest city in Croatia and it has a very rich historical heritage tied to the Roman empire. You will enjoy walking through Split alleys and the sea promenade. Visit Split and see what life in Dalmatia looks like.

Trogir is yet another historical place in Croatia. We always considered it to be a smaller version of Dubrovnik. It’s gorgeous and if you are visiting Split, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Trogir too. If you are coming to Croatia by airplane and landing at Split airport, then Trogir is just a few minutes of driving away from you.


It’s believed that Zadar has the most romantic sunsets in the whole of Croatia. At least if you believe Alfred Hitchcock because these are his words. Zadar is also an old city with preserved old parts of the town. It has some cool places such as the sea organ and Monument to the sun which earned Zadar the title of one of the most romantic places in Croatia.

Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera is a unique blend of the Adriatic sea and Biokovo mountain. It has some of the best beaches you’ll find in Croatia. Combine them with the clear Adriatic sea and you have a perfect combination for couples holidays in Croatia. Makarska Riviera has a lot of secluded beaches that are perfect if you want to enjoy beach time on your own.

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Istria is the largest peninsula in Croatia. It’s home to some of the most picturesque small towns you’ll ever see. It’s close to Italy so some Italian influence is evident. Istria is also very famous because of its wines and other gastro specialties.


Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia. We spent 10 years living in it and we explored every single place there is to explore. Zagreb is a beautiful city built in the style of old Central European cities such as Vienna. The most romantic place in Zagreb is its Upper Town district which is the old part of the city and it will leave you breathless. We suggest you visit some other parts of Zagreb too. This city is perfect to visit during Christmas time since it has one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe.

Our tips for couples holidays to Croatia: Romantic things to do in Croatia

You can visit Croatia and have a great time regardless of anything we say, but here are some tips you can apply when organizing your couples holidays to Croatia. These are just some of our suggestions and the list can be expanded in many similar ways so just use your imagination and surprise your partner with something you haven’t planned.

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Rent a car

Renting a car is a great way for an easy and convenient exploration of Croatia. It’s our top suggestion for any country you visit and that’s the first thing we do when we go abroad. A car will take you to any of the places we have listed as the most romantic places in Croatia. It’s not so expensive to rent a car, roads in Croatia are in great condition and sole driving through Croatia is an experience in itself.

Go off the beaten path

This means that you should visit some places that are not mentioned in the usual Croatia guides. Go somewhere by yourself. But this also means that you should visit some of the places we mentioned in less crowded parts of the day. Don’t do it as everyone else does, wake up early in the morning and you’ll have the best experience of any of the places we have mentioned.

Have a couple photo session in Croatia

A couple of photo sessions is a great way to make some romantic memories of your couple’s holidays in Croatia. Choose a beautiful place, book a professional photographer and let him/her make some great photos that will remind you of your time in Croatia for a long time.

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Last-minute elopement in Croatia

Do you know what elopement is? It’s basically a wedding without the usual wedding stuff such as many guests, a lot of planning and organization, and so on. Elopements are something you want to do only with your partner in a location that you both like. So why not do it in Croatia? A great thing about elopements is that they can be organized pretty fast unlike traditional weddings.

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Propose your partner during your Croatia holidays

Proposing to your partner during your travel together is a great first step toward your future life and all the upcoming adventures. Many young couples choose Croatia for the proposal since it’s full of stunning places which make a proposal from your partner stand out.

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Book an adventure tour

Since Croatia is a country with such natural beauty, it would be a shame not to experience these landscapes in a more adventurous manner. Book rafting or a kayaking trip and explore pristine nature with a scent of adrenaline. There are a lot more adventures to choose from – zip lines, hiking tours, jeep safaris, and bungee jumps…

Zen kayaking adventure photo session in Croatia

Have a picnic in nature and far from everyone

There are not so many things as romantic as a picnic in a place that’s far away from everyone and everything. It’s quality time just for the two of you and something we recommend you do during your romantic holidays in Croatia.

Go stargazing and night swimming

If you are visiting Croatia during the summer months, you can enjoy some Astro events such as the Perseid meteor shower. Croatia is a perfect place for stargazing since there are many places that are not so light-polluted which makes many stars visible to the naked eye. Secluded beaches that are far away from tourist centers are perfect for stargazing. Combine it with a night swim and enjoy some of the most romantic things to do in Croatia.

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