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Man do we love Slovenia. Apart from just being wedding and elopement photographers, we spend a lot of time traveling around the globe. A good thing about Slovenia is that it borders Croatia so we can visit it rather often. For a long time, we were thinking about how Slovenia is a perfect country for elopements and intimate weddings. This post should clarify why we think that Slovenia elopement should be on your list if you are planning on eloping in Europe.

This article is also meant to be a comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to elope in Slovenia as it will give you valuable insight about everything you need to start planning and organizing your Slovenia elopement. Hop on this train and explore this gorgeous country with us.

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Slovenia elopement

Few words about us

Love and Ventures are Andrea and Mario, elopement photographer and videographer, working in Slovenia & Europe. With years of experience shooting elopements and intimate weddings in all kinds of landscapes, we decided to create this guide to serve you as a good starting point for planning your elopement in Slovenia. 

Let the adventure begin!

‘Love and Ventures are amazing! They helped us pick through locations for our ceremony and accommodated us when we changed locations one week before the ceremony. They also helped us find a makeup artist and officiant. The photos and video they made are incredible, and the locations they picked for them were perfect! We loved working with them and appreciate all they did to memorialize our special day!’

– Ellie and Jared

A bit about Slovenia

Slovenia is a country in central Europe. It’s a rather small country compared to some other European countries, but it’s so full of amazing landscapes that many other, larger countries, could envy Slovenia. Slovenia has a population of around 2 million people and the capital of Slovenia is the city of Ljubljana. Both Croatia, our home country, and Slovenia, were once part of the same country called Yugoslavia. That’s why we understand each other very well.

Slovenia is mostly a continental country with not much coastline as in Croatia. Slovenia is famous for its jaw-dropping mountains and mountain landscapes. We believe that it’s a perfect country for mountain elopements or intimate weddings. Apart from stunning mountains, Slovenia has many other natural landscapes that stand out and make this country a must place to visit for anyone who is into nature and outdoors. Lakes Bled and Bohinj, Soča river together with its valley, Pohorje, are just some of the places that are perfect for both Slovenia elopement and exploring during your visit to Slovenia.

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How to reach Slovenia

Since Slovenia is a country in Central Europe, there are many ways to easily reach it by most of the transport means. If you are coming from afar, then arriving in Slovenia by airplane is the best and most convenient way to reach this country. There are many airports available and you could choose any since Slovenia is not so large country, which means you can reach your destination within Slovenia rather quickly. You could also land at some closer airports in countries bordering Slovenia and still not be so far away. Zagreb airport in Croatia is just an hour away from the border with Slovenia.

If you are arriving by airplane, the first thing we suggest you do is to rent a car. It’s the best way to explore Slovenia. It’s rather cheap and you’ll simply enjoy driving through the Slovenia landscape. You could use public transport instead, but honestly, it will leave some of the places out of your reach. Renting a car in Slovenia is worth every penny.

If you are coming from a country that is not so far from Slovenia, then arriving by car or public transport is another, rather cheap and convenient, way to get into Slovenia. This country is well connected with others via a motorway network which will take you to any place you wish very quickly. Slovenia has a good motorway system that connects all the important places of this country.

Finally, you can reach Slovenia by bus or train easily too. But in that case, we also suggest you rent a car once you reach your destination in Slovenia and just keep driving and exploring.

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Nature of Slovenia

The nature of Slovenia is one of the main reasons why we fell in love with this country. Slovenia is mostly a mountainous region and mountains are really embedded into the culture of Slovenia. Just like in the case with Croatia, we are surprised how a rather small country has so many beautiful natural attractions. And it’s not only mountains, although they are some of the most significant landscapes of this country.

The Alps make the most of the mountain landscape in Slovenia. There are really many mountain peaks with spectacular views and some of them are rather easy to climb, such as Viševnik peak for example. Some others pose more of a challenge, take Triglav, the highest peak of Slovenia, for example.

Apart from mountains, Slovenia is full of other natural landscapes. Soča river is a gorgeous river whose turquoise-colored water will astound you. Lakes Bled and Bohinj are the most famous lakes in Slovenia and very famous tourist attractions. Postojna cave is one of the largest cave systems in Europe and one of the most beautiful and unique places we have ever seen.

All these places are potential locations for your Slovenia elopement and are reasons why we believe you should elope in Slovenia if you are an outdoor enthusiast or just seeking a perfect natural backdrop.

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Why should you elope in Slovenia?

As we already mentioned, Slovenia elopement is perfect for anyone who has a love for the great outdoors. All of the Slovenia landscape whispers ‘Adventure’. And it’s not just mountains that make Slovenia a perfect elopement destination, there are many natural landscapes that are great for all different kinds of you out there. You can make your Slovenia elopement to be held on the top of the mountain, deep underground or somewhere in a gorge, by the sound of waterfalls.

We are nature lovers and that’s the reason why we always put nature in the first place. But, apart from nature, Slovenia has many historical places, such as castles, that are another great option if you plan to elope in Slovenia. Another good thing about eloping in Slovenia is its prices which are a bit lower than in some other European countries.

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Best time of the year to visit Slovenia

Just like in Croatia, the main session in Slovenia is during the summer months, especially during July and August. That’s also the hottest and dryest part of the year in Slovenia. If you plan your Slovenia elopement during this period, you can expect all the popular places to be crowded, and overall, there will be many tourists lurking around.

Slovenia has a diverse climate, depending on a part of the country. The northern part of the country has a continental climate while some higher mountain parts have an Alpine climate. That means that winter gets snowy and temperatures usually drop below zero degrees Celsius. If you are into winter elopement, this period is perfect for you.

If you ask us what would be the best period to visit any country, Slovenia included, we would say preseason and postseason period. For Slovenia that would be months of April, May, June, September, and October. The closer your visit is to the peak months of July and August, the more tourists you’ll encounter during your stay.

We recently visited Slovenia during the first half of October and we must say that Autumn in Slovenia is something magical. All the major tourist places were not crowded at all, most of the tourist vendors and attractions were open and it was simply amazing. In case you have the option to choose a period for your Slovenia elopement, we suggest either late Spring or early Autumn.

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Love and Ventures & Slovenia

So what’s our story regarding Slovenia anyways? We have visited Slovenia many times so far and got to know some of the best places in this country. For a long time we have lived in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and we often went to Slovenia during weekends. Zagreb is not so far from Slovenia and it was one of our favorite picks for weekend getaways.

After our Zagreb era, we have moved back home, to southern Croatia and we started to photograph and film weddings and elopements. It’s something we love to do, especially if these weddings and elopements are being organized in nature. In all this time we haven’t forgotten about Slovenia and we were thinking how cool would it be to shoot some elopements in this country, to change a sea with the mountains for a while.

We are also hiking addicts and we spend a lot of our free time in the mountains. Although Croatia is full of mountains too, the mountains in Slovenia have a little bit of a different look and vibe since they are part of the Alps. And since Slovenia is just a few hours of driving away, it was a logical next step in our outdoor elopements endeavor.

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Equipment you could need for your elopement in Slovenia

This depends on the time of the year you are planning to visit Slovenia and the kind of Slovenia elopement you are dreaming of. The equipment and clothing for mountain elopement will be different than for elopement by the lake. If you are interested in a hiking elopement in Slovenia then you will need proper hiking equipment – warm clothes, good hiking boots, and a backpack.

Elopements usually include a walk (or some other kind of transportation) to the desired elopement location. Depending on your choice, you’ll need to plan and choose the right gear for your elopement. We were photographing a few mountain elopements in which the bride and groom were dressed in the usual wedding attire, but they had hiking shoes instead. This looked absolutely great and most of the elopements are done in this manner.

Have in mind that Slovenia is an outdoor elopement destination with many mountains, rivers, creeks, and gorges, and think about the clothing and shoes you are going to bring. Not only for your elopement but for the pre and post-elopement traveling and exploration.

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Slovenia wedding & elopement planner

Planning and organizing your Slovenia elopement or a wedding from a country far away can potentially be stressful and hard. This is especially the case with larger weddings and ones that include many different vendors. That’s why we always suggest the couples that contact us hire a wedding planner in the destination they are planning to get married at.

A wedding planner is a person who will help you in all the stages of your elopement or wedding in Slovenia. They take care of all the vendors and make sure that everything sticks to the schedule on your special day. However, in case you are organizing a rather small intimate wedding or elopement, you might do it by yourself. Especially if you want to elope in Slovenia. That’s the reason why we love elopements so much. They are much easier to organize and usually don’t have the amount of stress some large weddings could have.

Although we are elopement photographers, we do help the couples that hire us in the planning process of their elopement too. We always explore the location, potential vendors and we make an elopement guide with all the info you could need to successfully plan and organize your elopement.

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Slovenia elopement photographer

We are elopement photographer and videographer that do elopements and weddings all around the globe, with the main focus on outdoor and adventurous elopements. Hiring a good elopement photographer is the best way to make sure you have great memories of your elopement in Slovenia. However, unlike the common wedding photographer, the elopement photographer should have some outdoor experience too since most of the elopements are being organized outdoor and sometimes in remote locations.

Apart from just being elopement photographers, we are outdoor guides too. We spend a lot of our lives traveling and exploring outdoor places. You can check our Life and Ventures Instagram profile to learn more about us and our outdoor adventures. When it comes to elopements, we are in a constant search of locations that are perfect for elopements.

When hiring a Slovenia elopement photographer, have in mind that he/she will spend most of the day with you and will also be your guide in uncharted territory.

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Slovenia elopement price & packages

Elopements are perfect because even the most expensive elopement is usually cheaper than a regular wedding. Slovenia is a good elopement option because it’s not as expensive as some other neighbouring countries. The total price of your Slovenia elopement will vary according to the location you choose and vendors included in your elopement. For the elopement which includes the wedding dress, florist, and photographer, you can expect to pay a price in a 5000 to 8000 Euros range.

Please note that the estimated prices shown in this article may not reflect current prices at the moment, as the market is volatile and prices are constantly rising.

Send us an inquiry if you are interested in our Slovenia elopement packages.

Slovenia elopement venues: Our top pick

We already mentioned that Slovenia is absolutely wonderful country for and outdoor elopement. Period. There are many beautiful places in this country and we bring you some of our most favorite ones. The Western part of Slovenia is the one we explored the most and we believe that it’s the best part for the elopements because of the many different locations that are close to each other which is a great thing and perfect for your vacation part of Slovenia elopement.

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Triglav national park

Triglav national park is the only national park in Slovenia and it got its name because of Mt Triglav, the highest mountain peak in Slovenia. But the park is much more than just this mountain peak. It has many glacial lakes, rivers, and gorges that are part of it. Since it’s the only national park in Slovenia, you can imagine all the beauty it holds and why it is so perfect for elopements in Slovenia.

There is also an option of eloping on Triglav, the highest standing point of Slovenia, but have in mind that Triglav is not the usual hike and you should have a bit of hiking experience before embarking on this adventure. If you would like to elope on the mountain peak in Slovenia that is not so hard to reach, we suggest Viševnik peak, a peak with a stunning view of a Triglav and surrounding mountains. It’s also not hard to reach and the hiking trail is beautiful.

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Lakes Bled and Bohinj

Lakes Bled and Bohinj is located near the Triglav national park, in the Julian Alps part of the country. Both of these lakes are one of the most famous tourist attractions in Slovenia. Lake Bled is one of the most popular destinations for weddings in Slovenia. And it’s perfect for the elopements too.

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We have visited lake Bled numerous times and it looks different during each season and it’s hard to even choose our favorite one. Summers on Lake Bled are definitely the most crowded part of the year and a time when most of the tourist attractions are available for a visit.

But other seasons are great for visits and elopements too. Lakes Bled and Bohinj is just 30 minutes of driving from each other and both are great options if you want to elope in Slovenia.

Check out our ultimate guide to elope on Lake Bled.

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Soča river valley

Soča is one of the most famous rivers in Slovenia. It has that beautiful emerald green watercolor and it’s one of our favorite parts for Slovenia elopements. Soča is the Alpine river and our most favorite part of this river is located near the city of Kobarid.

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Top of any mountain

Slovenia is the country of mountains and it’s perfect for mountain elopements. There are many mountain peaks that are perfect for elopement and they vary in difficulty to reach it. The great thing about mountain elopements in Slovenia is the hiking experience and the view from the top. Viševnik mountain is one of our favorites since it’s not so hard to reach and the view from the top is simply stunning.

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Vintgar gorge

Vintgar gorge is located near the lake Bled and it’s also one of the most visited natural landscapes in the area. We have visited it during the Autumn and we strongly believe that Autumn is the best time for elopement in Vintgar gorge. The whole walk through the gorge is not so long and there are many different locations to choose from for your elopement.

Postojna cave

If we are to discuss the most famous and unique attractions of Slovenia, Postojna cave would probably be the winner. It’s a cave system located near the Postojna in southwestern Slovenia. Postojna cave was made by the Pivka River and it’s something you need to experience when visiting Slovenia. Postojna will amaze you. It’s also an option for your Slovenia elopement, but expect to pay some additional fees to have your elopement ceremony inside of Postojna cave.

Things to do after your Slovenia elopement

Your Slovenia elopement will last for a day and there are many more places and experiences you can try when visiting this European country. We already told you about our favorite places for eloping in Slovenia, and each of them is perfect for just a regular outdoor adventure. As a part of any of these locations, there are many other things to do and try such as kayaking, rafting, hiking, etc.

Slovenia is a great country for a road trip too and you’ll enjoy traveling through it. That’s why we suggest that you rent a car if you are not coming to Slovenia on your own. If you are visiting Slovenia during the summer months, the Croatian region of Istria is a great place to visit and it’s not so far away.

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We hope this Slovenia elopement guide has helped you and showed you why Slovenia is a perfect country for outdoor elopements and small intimate weddings.

If you have any other questions regarding a Slovenia elopement or you would like to hire us to be your elopement photographer and adventure guide, feel free to contact us through the contact form below.


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