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Split might not have the most wedding-friendly name ever, but trust us, it’s one of the most favorite places for weddings in Croatia. Together with some other coastal places, Split is the absolute magnet for people from all sides of the world. As the city, Split has that special kind of Mediterranean charm mixed with the rich history, Adriatic sea, and easygoing way of living characteristic for the countries of southern Europe.

Many couples from all around the world choose to get married in Split and, as a wedding photographer and videographer, we are writing this article as the first step from which you might learn a lot of useful things about Split wedding that might help you to plan your special day in this charming city in sunbathed Dalmatia. This article will cover a wide variety of topics related to wedding in Split – from Split wedding venues to the best time of the year for weddings to things to do around Split on the days when you’re not getting married.

We’re sure that, once you read this article and look at the photos attached, you’ll wish to start planning your wedding in Split immediately.

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Split wedding photographer and videographer

We are Andrea and Mario and we have been wedding photographer and videographer for almost 10 years now. We love documenting weddings and everything that goes hand in hand with them. We love to document all the moments you might otherwise miss since you are focused on other aspects of your wedding day. As a Split wedding photographer and videographer, we spend a lot of time in this Mediterranean oasis, even when we are not in the wedding photography and videography business.

In the past 10 years, we got to know all the things that matter to couples getting married abroad. Apart from the wedding planners, we are the ones who spend the most time with newlyweds and we learned a lot from wedding day communication from the couples whose weddings we document.

We also live in Dalmatia, right in the middle between the famous cities of Split and Dubrovnik and we spend half of our wedding season in them. We spend the other half documenting weddings and elopements all across Croatia and Europe. If you are interested in our work, explore our website and learn more about our style. We’re sure you’ll find other relevant wedding planning resources too, especially on our blog.

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Why choose Split for your wedding?

Each of the couples choosing to get married in Split has some other aspect of this city affecting their decision. Split is definitely a place to visit if you are coming to Croatia, even if you are not getting married here. It’s especially popular among younger generations. There are many reasons for the popularity of Split and we are going to mention just a few of them:

Historic Charm and Modern Elegance:

The history of Split dates back to the Roman era and it offers a unique blend of old and modern. Diocletian’s Palace is one of the most popular parts of the city and it’s a living testament to the rich history of this city. This blend of romance of the old times and modern city architecture gives Split weddings have special vibe with a unique historical touch.

Stunning Natural Beauty:

Split is located in the region called Dalmatia. It’s the region with the most stunning beaches in Croatia and also its most visited region. Everybody who visits Dalmatia is absolutely stunned by its beauty. It’s a peculiar mix of the clear Adriatic sea on the coast, many islands with their own vibe, mountains that rise directly from the sea, rivers, and valleys that flow in the hinterland part of Dalmatia… Being in the center of Dalmatia, Split is no exception and you can find many beautiful places in it and close to it. All these natural landscapes make the perfect backdrop for any wedding in Split.

Gastronomic Delights:

Dalmatian cuisine is an absolute delight for a few of your senses. It’s famous for its fresh seafood and wines. Split’s local dishes will ensure all your guests will remember your wedding in Split for a long time. Split is full of all types of restaurants, ranging from family-owned traditional Konobas to modern restaurants. But most of them serve locally sourced food and offer a culinary experience you won’t easily forget.

Ease of Accessibility:

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and as such it’s an important and infrastructurally well-connected part of this country. Split’s airport is one with the most flights in all of Croatia and many international destinations are connected with it via direct flights. Split is also connected with the rest of the Croatia via motorway network, regional roads, and railway.

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Cultural Richness:

Dalmatia is a place of traditions and cultural richness. A wedding in Split allows newlyweds to include parts of these traditions such as music and dances in their wedding. “Klapa” singing is definitely something to think about including in your special day. Either of the local traditions you might choose to include in your Split wedding, we’re sure it will lift the whole wedding experience for you and your guests.

How to reach Split?

As we already mentioned in the section above, Split is the second largest city in Croatia and as such is very well connected with all parts of Croatia and many European airports. The best way to reach Split is by airplane as there are numerous routes connecting Split airport with many European ones. Once you land in Split, you are almost at Split as the airport is very close, located near another famous town called Trogir. Another place to visit while you are in the Split area.

For traveling around the Split you can use the public transport network which connects all parts of the city, but if you want to travel and explore further (which we strongly advise), it’s best to rent a car and have independence and ease of traveling around. Roads in all of Dalmatia are well maintained and they are among the most scenic ones in Europe.

Split is also a hub for reaching many other places in Dalmatia, especially nearby islands such as Šolta, Vis, Hvar, Brač, Lastovo… There are many ferry and catamaran lines connecting these places a few times a day.

Best time of the year for weddings in Split

You can never be quite sure about the weather and weather is something you shouldn’t stress about although we have witnessed many couples do right that on their wedding day. The good thing about Dalmatia is that it has more sunny days than any other region in Croatia. It has a Mediterranean climate which means hot days and long summers. Split and Dalmatia are most visited during the July and August. These are also the hottest and most crowded months. They are also not the best option to organize your Split wedding. It’s simply too crowded and too hot.

Late spring and early summer on one side or late summer and early Autumn would be the best periods for having a wedding in Split if you ask us. Late April, May, the first half of June, September, and early October all offer quite nice and warm weather (although not as stable and hot as during the summer) and far fewer crowds. As closer you get to the summer months, the warmer and more crowded it gets.

We noticed in the past years that June and September have become the most popular months for weddings in Croatia.

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The best Split wedding venues

One of the reasons why so many couples choose to get married in this Mediterranean pearl is the diversity of Split wedding venues. Split offers a place for everyone, whether you want your ceremony to be somewhere near the sea or in an ancient fortress with some of the best views of the Split area. This section covers some of the most popular places to get married in Split. Choosing the right one among Split wedding venues is very important and you should settle only for the one you like.

Some of the venues mentioned below are quite popular so we suggest you start planning your wedding in Split on time.

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Mestrovic Gallery

Mestrovic Gallery was the home and studio of Ivan Meštrović, a famous Croatian sculptor. This gallery holds some of his most renowned works. It’s also a masterpiece of architecture with elegantly designed interiors and lush gardens surrounding it. It’s one of the most unique among Split wedding venues.

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Sustipan is a park located near the old core of Split City. It’s a beautiful park with stunning views and rich Mediterranean vegetation in it. It’s located right above the sea so the view from it is nothing less than spectacular. Sustipan is a great place for a wedding ceremony in Split as it’s near the city and restaurant Adriatic, one of the best restaurants for wedding dinners and parties is located on the edge of the park.

Marjan hill

Marjan Hill is a natural oasis surrounded by Split City. It’s the peninsula covered with forest and it has many great places for the wedding ceremony as well as for the reception and wedding dinner and party. The famous Villa Dalmatia we mention below is located on the coastline of Marjan. Another great place for weddings on Marjan Hill is St. Jere Church which is located underneath Marjan cliffs and it has one of the best views that you can have from Marjan Hill.

Villa Dalmatia

Villa Dalmatia is one of the most favorite Split wedding venues. It stands as a beacon of elegance and timeless beauty. It provides an intimate setting for couples who seek privacy and aesthetic charm. Villa Dalmatia is located on the seafront and it has a stunning garden around it. It’s the perfect place for a whole wedding segment – reception, ceremony, dinner, and party.

Klis fortress

Klis Fortress is located a bit outside of Split, on top of the cliffs rising above today’s Klis. It’s the old fortress which is very well preserved and has some of the best views of Split and the surrounding area. The great thing about this venue is that the fortress is relatively easily accessible and it has many wide areas suitable for wedding receptions and ceremonies.

Kairos winery

Kairos Winery is located above Trogir, another famous and historical city in Croatia. As such, it has a stunning view of both Trogir and Split. Kairos Winery is perfect for smaller weddings with up to 40 guests and has a nice fairy lights lit terrace surrounded by vineyards in all directions.


Beach resorts

As Split is located on the coastline, it’s full of all kinds of resorts and restaurants/bars located near the sea. Some of these are available for wedding receptions, ceremonies, and dinner & party while some others are available for only some of the given segments. However, if you’re a couple who would like to get married at the seafront, these places are the right fit for you.

Split Wedding Cost: A Comprehensive Breakdown

When envisioning a wedding in the picturesque city of Split, one must consider the intricate tapestry of expenses. The azure waters of the Adriatic, Split’s historic landmarks, and the Mediterranean charm do come with their own price tags. Here’s a detailed guide on the costs you might encounter when planning a wedding in Split.

Estimated Cost for a Wedding with 60 Guests

For the purposes of this article, we will take the example of a wedding with 60 guests which can cost you approximately €30,000 to €50,000. Please note that this is just an estimate which includes costs such as venue, catering, photography, and more. The actual expenses can vary based on the chosen vendors, venue location, and specific requirements. Let’s talk about the price ranges you might expect from the each of wedding vendors you might want to include in your wedding.

Wedding Vendors Cost Breakdown

  1. Wedding Photographer and Videographer:
    • Photographer: A wedding photographer in Split can range from €1,500 to €3,000 for a full day of coverage, including editing and delivery of images.
    • Videographer: A full day of videography services could cost you between €1,500 to €3,500.
  2. Wedding Planner:
    • A good wedding planner in Split, responsible for handling all aspects from planning to execution, might cost you from €2,500 to €6,000, depending on their experience and reputation
  3. Venue Rental Fee:
    • Historic venues, beachfront resorts, or exclusive mansions in Split can have rental fees ranging from €3,000 to €10,000. The price often varies based on location, amenities, and the time of year.
  4. Hair and Makeup Artist:
    • A bridal hair and makeup package, including a trial session, might cost between €150 to €500. Add-ons for bridesmaids or family members will increase the cost.
  5. Florist:
    • For a wedding with 60 guests, including centerpieces, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and decor, the floral expenses can range from €1,000 to €3,500. The final cost is influenced by the choice of flowers, design complexity, and seasonality.
  6. Wedding Officiant:
    • Engaging a wedding officiant in Split might cost anywhere from €200 to €600. This price can vary based on the officiant’s experience, reputation, and any additional ceremonial elements.

Legal Requirements regarding wedding in Split

A great thing is that foreigners can legally get married in Croatia. A bad thing is that, in order to have a legal wedding in Split, you need to get involved in collecting some paperwork and bureaucracy. It’s inevitable but not as bad as it sounds. The only thing we suggest if you are eager to have a legal wedding in Split is to start preparing as early as possible. It usually takes one month or so to prepare everything for your legal wedding in Croatia.

In Croatia, legally binding marriage ceremonies are usually held in city halls, but registrars can conduct the ceremony at almost any given location. In the latter case, a certain fee has to be paid in order for the registrar to conduct the wedding ceremony outside of the Registrar’s Office.

Local wedding planners can be of immense help when it comes to this part of the wedding planning process. They are the ones who know all the things you need for a legal wedding. Local wedding planners can be of immense help in other parts of Split wedding planning and organization too, more about that in paragraphs below.

Symbolic wedding as an alternative

If you are not eager to deal with the paperwork, there’s a solution called symbolic wedding. More and more couples choose this type of wedding ceremony which is more intuitive and easily customizable to fit your wishes. Legal ceremonies usually have a strict form to follow and there’s no room to include some personal details or local traditions into it.

Symbolic weddings are conducted by symbolic officiants and they can be organized almost anywhere at much less cost than legally binding marriage. Usually, the couple getting married chooses to deal with the paperwork and legal issues back in their home country and come to Croatia to have a symbolic wedding and wedding celebration together with their guests.

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Need a Split wedding planner? We’ll recommend you the best ones

Through the years in wedding photography and videography, we have worked with numerous wedding planners from all across Croatia. We are well aware of the importance of a good wedding planner since they have an immense responsibility to make your wishes come true. Planning a destination wedding from afar can be a daunting task and that’s why we recommend you hire the services of a wedding planner.

If you need a recommendation for the best Split wedding planners, just contact us through the website form, let us know about your vision of a perfect wedding in Split and we’ll send you recommendations for the planners who might be the best fit for you.

Finally, if you love our work when it comes to wedding photography and videography, we’d love to be a part of your special day and make your memories that will last forever. Contact us and we’ll send you our Split wedding packages and prices.

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