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We just love Dubrovnik out of the season. It’s truly the best period to fully experience all that Dubrovnik has to offer. The same is with weddings and elopements. As Dubrovnik wedding and elopement photographer and videographer, we have witnessed all faces of Dubrovnik throughout the year, and we immediately knew that Emma and Lucas made a great choice when they decided to have their Sponza Palace wedding in November.

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sponza palace wedding

Sponza palace

Sponza Palace is one of the most popular wedding venues in Dubrovnik and as such is often booked for years in advance. Finding an empty slot during the high season is almost impossible if you are organizing your wedding or elopement last minute (still, don’t get discouraged by this fact, make sure you ask if there are any periods left if you want to have your wedding in Sponza Palace).

Dubrovnik in November

We arrived in Dubrovnik early in the morning. It was cloudy, but not ‘it’s gonna rain’ cloudy, the sky just had a thin white coat of clouds. The first sight we had was Dubrovnik with significantly fewer people around. And it was a beautiful thing to see after the hectic summer season. If you plan to visit Dubrovnik, think about doing so in the preseason or postseason period. You’re welcome.

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Importance of proper accommodation

Emma and Lucas booked their accommodation on the outskirts of the old city core, just opposite the wall surrounding the whole old part of the city. Their apartment was in an old building and in a relatively calm part of the city. This gave us the opportunity to get more Dubrovnik vibe in photos of the getting ready part of the wedding.

If you are a couple planning to get married abroad, think about accommodation too. The place where you are getting ready for your special day should be special too. There is plenty of nice accommodations in Dubrovnik and the prices are even a bit lower outside of the main season.

Walking the (almost) empty streets of Dubrovnik

After the getting ready part was done, it was time to walk to Sponza Palace from Emma and Lucas’s place. The couple separated before Emma started to get ready and Lucas went to Sponza a bit before her. We were accompanying him through the narrow streets of Dubrovnik and returned to walk on Stradun street with Emma. Stradun is the main street in the old part of Dubrovnik city and there’s usually a river of people walking on it. But this time was different, just a few persons scattered across it, real refreshment.

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Sponza Palace wedding of Emma and Lucas

Emma and Lucas had their first look at Sponza Palace. They hired a planner from Yes I DU wedding planning agency in Dubrovnik who made sure everything run as smoothly as possible. Sponza Palace is really unique wedding venue in Dubrovnik and all the weddings organized at this place have this special kind of vibe – love mixed with history. Emma and Lucas decided on a simple decoration with one main floral arch.

The ceremony was conducted by the symbolic officiant. More and more couples decide to have a symbolic wedding ceremony because of many reasons – no paperwork and easy customization being one of the most important ones.

Sponza Palace wedding and elopement photographer

If you are interested in having your wedding or elopement in Sponza Palace, feel free to contact us through the form on this website. There are many other popular wedding and elopement venues in Dubrovnik, explore our blog and find out more about them.

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