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When it comes to weddings in Croatia, there are not many places as famous as Dubrovnik, a city in southern Croatia and one of the most known Croatian cities. But even within Dubrovnik, you have many great locations where you can organize your wedding ceremony. If you want something different, a place with the best view of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area, then you should consider Mount Srđ wedding.

This post will tell you everything about this location, why you should consider getting married on Srđ, and what types of weddings this location is most suitable for.

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About Mt. Srđ

Mount Srđ is the hill above the city of Dubrovnik. Its highest point is 415 meters above sea level and there is an old Imperial fortress on top of it. Mount Srđ is a famous destination for everybody who visits Dubrovnik and it’s one of the best locations for sunset watching in the Dubrovnik area. A long time ago, Mount Srđ had a vast oak forest that locals called Dubrava, and that’s how Dubrovnik got its name.

Srđ is definitely a place you want to visit when you are visiting Dubrovnik as it will show you the beautiful landscape in which Dubrovnik city is located. On the highest point of Srđ, at Imperial fortress, you have a chance to eat at the restaurant with an amazing view. There are also a few adventure options that take place at Mount Srđ, such as a buggy safari experience.

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How to reach Mount Srđ?

There are 3 main ways to reach Mount Srđ – cable car from Dubrovnik, walking on a hiking trail, and by road that leads all the way to the top of the Srđ. Each of these has its own advantages and it’s possible to combine them, go up by the cable car and descend the hill on your way back. The starting point of the cable car to Mount Srđ is located near the Old town and the price is 170 HRK for a ride in both directions.

If you are planning to walk your way to the top, expect to hike for approximately 1 hour. The trail to Srđ is not so steep and you get to enjoy a beautiful view all the way to the top. The last, and very common way of reaching Mount Srđ is by car. The road that goes all the way to the top is in very good condition. However, it’s very narrow and that can cause you some trouble if you are trying to reach the top during peak hours. You can expect a lot of reverse driving. Our best suggestion is to take a taxi and enjoy a stress-free ride.

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Reasons why you get married on Mount Srđ

The stunning view is one of the most common reasons why people decide on Mount Srđ wedding. Apart from the view, it’s easy to find an empty spot somewhere on the hill which might be impossible to do if you are in the city. The best location for a Mount Srđ wedding isn’t even on the top of it, but a few kilometers down the road. If you ask us, it’s the best spot with the best view of Dubrovnik city. It’s great for small weddings (for up to 20 guests) and perfect for elopements. On the other hand, if you want to have a larger wedding, then the amphitheater located in the Imperial fortress is your best option.

A combination of views on Dubrovnik and the surrounding area, as well as ease of access, make Srđ one of the best wedding venues in Dubrovnik.

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Best time of the year for Mount Srđ wedding

Dubrovnik, as well as Mount Srđ, are most visited during the summer, especially during July and August. It’s the hottest and dryest part of the year. Dubrovnik is full of people and many of them choose to visit Srđ too. We photographed a few wedding ceremonies during the summer period and we have experienced how the Srđ looks like when it’s full of people. However, even in this period, it’s not so hard to find an empty spot where you can have your ceremony. If you are considering summer for your Srđ wedding, we suggest early morning or late afternoon as the best period for it.

If you want to enjoy Dubrovnik and Srđ with fewer people, then months such as April, May, September, and October are best for you. The weather in these periods is warm, nice, and pretty stable. There are still many visitors within the old city part, but not as many as during July and August. Finally, less heat makes everything much more bearable.

Best time of the day for a wedding on Srđ

The best time of the day for your Srđ wedding ceremony is sunset or late afternoon hours. Sunset is the usual time for wedding ceremonies during summer because it’s not as hot as during the rest of the day. And sunsets are maybe the most romantic part of the day. The light at sunset period is great and you’ll end up with amazing photography and videography material.

If you are considering having an elopement on Mount Srđ, sunrise is a great period too. Just imagine how magical would it be to watch the rising sun and the first sun rays that hit the Adriatic sea and Dubrovnik city. It’s equally beautiful as gazing at the sunset. The only difference is that you need to wake up early to get to Mount Srđ in time. The sunrise period is also much less crowded than the sunset period on Srđ.

To conclude, sunrise and sunset periods are the best for your Mount Srđ wedding or elopement ceremony. The rest of the day is better to be avoided, especially during the hot months (June, July, and August).

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Combining Mount Srđ wedding with Dubrovnik photo session

Let’s take a look what your Srđ wedding might actually look like. Let’s say you have decided to have a sunset wedding ceremony with about 20 guests present. One thing we suggest you do before you head to Srđ to get married is the couple photo session in the old part of Dubrovnik city. It’s definitely something you need to do since Dubrovnik is considered to be one of the most romantic European cities. Every wedding we did in Dubrovnik included the Old City photo session.

Less than 1 hour is enough to make some great memories within the city walls, just right before you embark on Srđ hill where other guests will be waiting for you. Once your Srđ wedding is over, we suggest you have another short photo session with your partner, just to capture the mood and ambient of the location.

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Mount Srđ elopement: one of the best elopement venues in the Dubrovnik area

When it comes to elopements, Mount Srđ is one of the best venues for this kind of wedding ceremony. Elopements are much more adaptable and customizable forms of wedding and, when it comes to Mount Srđ, more places are available for elopement than traditional weddings. The main reason for this is the ease of access to some certain places. You can’t expect 20 of your guests to get to a place that is a bit harder to reach, but a couple who wants to elope will reach it much easier.

That way more and more places become available and you can find a spot where there won’t be anybody around you. Of course, if you want to have an elopement with other vendors, such as a photographer and videographer, registrar, or symbolic officiant, that again means that you’ll need to find a compromise when it comes to the location of your Mount Srđ wedding.

Explore our comprehensive guide for your elopement in Croatia!

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Mount Srđ wedding photographer and videographer

We are a wedding photographer and videographer duo and we shoot and film many weddings in the Dubrovnik area throughout the year. We document many different kinds of weddings and outdoor ones are among our favorites. If you want to know more about our Srđ wedding packages, we’ll be more than happy to send you our offer. Just connect with us through the form below this post and we’ll answer you shortly.

We also provide services of elopement planning and help you with a choice of the best location and local vendors for your elopement ceremony.


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