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The world wouldn’t be the same without Switzerland. What do you think about first when somebody mentions this gorgeous country? Breathtaking scenery? Otherworldly mountains? Or maybe marmots as they are wrapping up chocolate? Switzerland has it all and, trust us, as soon as you set foot in this country, you’ll fall in love with it.

That’s how it was with us. One visit was enough to make us think about how we want to visit this country over and over and explore all of its places. And that’s how we ended up with the idea to write a comprehensive guide for Switzerland elopement. And let’s be honest, Switzerland is one of the most stunning places for elopements in Europe.

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Who we are

Love and Ventures are Andrea and Mario, an elopement photographer and videographer, working in Switzerland. With years of experience shooting elopements and intimate weddings in all kinds of landscapes, we decided to create this guide to serve you as a good starting point for planning your elopement in Switzerland. 

Let the adventure begin!

‘Love and Ventures are amazing! They helped us pick through locations for our ceremony and accommodated us when we changed locations one week before the ceremony. They also helped us find a makeup artist and officiant. The photos and video they made are incredible, and the locations they picked for them were perfect! We loved working with them and appreciate all they did to memorialize our special day!’

– Ellie and Jared

We’ll give our best and try to explain everything you need to know if you want to elope in Switzerland – what kind of weather to expect, what type of gear to bring, the best Switzerland elopement venues, and finally, how much Switzerland elopement packages cost.

It’s going to be a lengthy article, same as with our other Europe elopement guides so make yourself comfortable, grab a coffee and let’s plan your Switzerland elopement together.

Few lines about Switzerland

We always like to begin with a short introduction to the country we present in the article. You might have heard about Switzerland many times in your life but don’t know anything about it or what to expect from it when it comes to an elopement in Switzerland. The first step you might want to take is to Google the terms like Switzerland or Switzerland landscape and scroll through the images. We often do it when exploring countries we don’t know much about. Then a particular image takes all of our attention and we explore it further.

We like to call Switzerland the heart of Europe. It’s somewhat in the middle of this continent and it’s surrounded by high mountains. It’s famous for many things but we adore it because of its landscapes and scenery. Switzerland is not a large country and it doesn’t have access to the sea. If you are a mountain type of person, then this country is among the best European destinations for you.

Switzerland is also known for its policy of neutrality and non-interfering in conflicts. Official languages spoken in Switzerland are German, French, and Italian. These are the countries Switzerland is bordering with. The largest city in Switzerland is Zurich while the capital is Bern. It’s also one of the richest countries in Europe.

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How to reach Switzerland and travel within it

The answer to this question depends on the place you are coming from. If it’s a country bordering Switzerland or near it, we suggest you come in your private car. A car is a great option if you want to explore all of Switzerland’s great places and trust us, this country is full of awesome locations for both elopement and exploring too.

If you are traveling from afar, coming to Switzerland by airplane is your best and most convenient option. This country is very well connected with many international airports and we are sure that you’ll have no trouble of any kind in finding the best suitable flight for you. Once you land in Switzerland, we suggest you rent a car straight away. Driving through the Swiss landscape is an experience for itself and something that will definitely spice up your Switzerland elopement.

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Finally, even if you are reluctant of driving through Switzerland, you can still use this country’s perfectly organized public transport. Swiss people are famous for their punctuality when it comes to time schedules so you don’t need to worry about you being late anywhere. And when it comes to public transport, trains are something you need to try when visiting Switzerland, even if you rent a car. One of the most famous train routes is the Bernina Express line. More about it later.

What type of persons is Switzerland elopement most suitable for?

Everybody’s different and we all have different landscapes we love. Somebody is more of a sea type while others adore mountains more. Well, you can already guess an answer to the question from the headline. Switzerland is the perfect country if you want to elope in the mountainous landscapes with jaw-dropping nature wherever you look.

Of course, the Swiss landscape is not only mountains, there are lakes, canyons, and gorges, but somehow everything revolves around mountains, and to be more specific – the Swiss Alps. We will talk about the Swiss Alps elopement a bit later in the text.

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So if you and your partner are outdoor persons and your dream getaway is a hiking weekend somewhere far from everything then you should definitely consider eloping to Switzerland. There are also some other similar countries with mountain landscapes such as ItalyAustria, and Slovenia, and each of these has some differences although they share the same mountain range – the Alps. You can check our other guides to find out more about eloping in these countries.

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Can foreigners get legally married in Switzerland?

So far, everything seemed perfect, but we need to tell you one piece of ‘bad’ news which might not be bad at all. Depending upon your wishes. Unfortunately, foreigners can’t legally marry in Switzerland. In fact, they can, but it’s a complicated process and we wouldn’t like to bother you with all the bureaucracy it involves. And after all that paperwork you still need to spend some time in Switzerland and so on. Complicated and unnecessary.

But there is one other thing you can do and the thing most of the couples we have photographed so far do – a symbolic wedding in Switzerland. Easier, better, cheaper. Sounds like an ad for low-cost airlines but it’s the best recipe if you want to elope in Switzerland. A symbolic wedding can be conducted by a symbolic officiant and this kind of ceremony often include some local traditions or you can have a type of wedding ceremony where only you and your partner will be present.

In that case, you can simply exchange vows or you can also spice up your elopement with some local customs.

Where to start when planning your elopement in Switzerland?

This article is meant to spark your imagination about eloping in Switzerland. It should also present you with some basics about planning a wedding in this country. The first step toward your elopement is that both of you ‘click’ with the country you want to elope in and decide to move forward. Choosing a country is the first real step (considering you already decided you want to have the elopement type of wedding) after which you can start the real planning.

Once you have decided you want to elope in Switzerland, you need to find a more specific location where you want your ceremony to take place. Will it be on the mountain, near the lake, in a remote canyon, under the Matterhorn, at the top of the Matterhorn… Options are numerous and we’ll present you with some of the most popular Switzerland elopement venues later in this text.

After the location, your 2 most important steps are done so congratulations. Well done. Now it’s time to decide about the other things that will make your elopement not look like an ordinary walk in nature. You need to look pretty so think about what clothes to wear, book a symbolic officiant if you want one, and don’t forget about Switzerland elopement photographer and videographer to make your memories last forever…

In case you are planning to have a bit larger wedding with more than 10 guests included, you might want to think about hiring a local wedding planner to make sure everything runs smoothly. One of the crucial things about planning the elopement is to start planning early enough. Although last-minute elopements are totally possible and often practiced, they still have some limitations which reflect on a total elopement experience.

We’re all yours if you have any questions about Switzerland elopement planning, just contact us via the form at the bottom of this article and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

Swiss seasons: the best time for elopement in Switzerland

Switzerland is in the middle of Europe, surrounded and filled by high mountains, and very cold. Each season brings something new when it comes to Switzerland. And each could be perfect for outdoor elopement in Switzerland, depending on the place of course. You can’t expect to elope in the Swiss Alps in the middle of the winter. On the other hand, it would be nice to elope somewhere where the snowy mountains would be your backdrop.

We would need to say that summer might be one of the best options for your Switzerland elopement simply because it gives you many opportunities when it comes to locations available and it simplifies the overall elopement planning process. Late Spring and early Autumn are also very good options with a bit lower temperatures, but still nice and beautiful.

The weather is most predictable during summer and, just like in any other place, it’s the warmer season of all. And it’s also a time period when Switzerland is most visited. If you want to avoid crowds, plan to visit Switzerland outside of the main season, during June or September maybe.

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What kind of equipment to bring for eloping in Switzerland

Another important aspect of your Switzerland elopement is the equipment. Depending on the location of your elopement ceremony you might need more specific gear but in any case, you should have regular hiking gear beside you all the time you are in Switzerland. And we highly suggest you have a good pair of hiking boots as a part of your elopement attire. There’s no better combination than a wedding dress and hiking boots.

If you plan to elope in higher parts of the Swiss Alps, then you should think about hiking with your dress and suit attached to your backpacks and changing your clothes once you are near the elopement ceremony spot. These hikes are also a part of the elopement and a good way to bond together just before the ceremony. Warm clothes are also a must when hiking in the Alps. It’s always easy to take your shirt off if you warm up than not to have anything to wear if it gets colder.

In higher mountains that are covered in snow, it’s advised to walk with a safety harness and a rope connected to every member of a group. Is there a cooler way to step into the new part of your relationship than tied by a good and durable alpine rope? We don’t think there is.

So to conclude: good backpacks, hiking boots, warm clothes and you are good to go for most of the Switzerland elopement venues. And last but not least, travel insurance is a must when traveling abroad for an elopement.

Switzerland elopement packages cost

Not the most important part of your elopement, but still a very important one. This question is always hard to answer since a lot of the Switzerland elopement costs largely vary according to your wishes. Roughly we’re talking about the 6500 to 10000 Euros range (for 2 persons). The lower end of this range might include a photographer and videographer for roughly 4 hours of coverage, a florist, hair, and make-up.

On the other hand, the higher end of this range might include a wedding planner, photographer and videographer, florist, cake, hair and make-up, symbolic officiant, and a helicopter ride to the remote ceremony location.

If you are planning to have more guests at your wedding, you can expect the price to rise proportionally with the number of guests. For example, a small elopement or wedding in Switzerland with 10 guests will cost you somewhere in the range of 15000 to 25000 Euros.

On the other hand, elopements are still the cheapest way to get married and celebrate your love accordingly. And remember good planning and booking things at the first minute might save you some money.

Please note that the estimated prices shown in this article may not reflect current prices at the moment, as the market is volatile and prices are constantly rising.

Switzerland elopement venues: Our top pick

You can hardly choose a bad elopement location in Switzerland. This country is full of stunning landscapes and locations that it’s impossible to say a bit about every single of them and still keep this article a normal size. What we are going to do instead is list a few of our favorite locations for a Switzerland elopement.

Jungfrau region

Jungfrau region is one of the most famous regions in Switzerland. Some of the most picturesque mountains and mountain peaks such as the mighty Eiger are located here. Jungfrau region is the ultimate place for Switzerland elopement for anyone who wants to get married with some of the best views Switzerland has to offer.

Some of the most popular Jungfrau elopement venues are Lauterbrunnen, First, Schynige Platte, and Grindelwald.

Interlaken area

Interlaken is a lake-dominated region of Switzerland, bordering the Jungfrau region. It is great for elopements near the turquoise water and lush naturescapes. Interlaken is just 30 minutes of driving away from the Jungfrau region and you can easily get both green and lush photos by the lakes Brienz and Thun and the mountain-dominated ones in single elopement.

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Matterhorn area

Matterhorn is one of Switzerland’s trademarks. If you ever ate a Toblerone chocolate and looked at its package, you saw a Matterhorn drawing on it. It’s a symbol of Switzerland and if you just Google this country you are likely to see many images of this wonder of nature. Although Matterhorn is not the easiest mountain to climb, nothing is stopping you to have an elopement ceremony somewhere beneath it with this magical mountain as a backdrop. Let’s face it, elopement on the top of the Matterhorn sounds nice, but you won’t have the slightest bit of beauty of this mountain in photos if you do it this way.

Switzerland elopement wedding guide 41 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer
plitvice lakes photographer


Breithorn is a mountain peak perfect if you want your Switzerland elopement to be in the mountains but you don’t want to hike too much. Another cool fact – Breithorn is higher than 4000 meters and it’s widely considered to be one of the easiest 4000 meters high peaks to climb. One of the reasons for this is the fact that a cable car can lift you up pretty close to the peak and leave you to hike just for a bit more. Although we have to say that there are no easy peaks above 4000 meters, this one is still easier to climb than any other.

At any of the glacial lakes – Oeschienen Lake as an example

Switzerland is full of glacial lakes of vibrant emerald-like colors. Most of them are the perfect backdrops for elopements and you can choose any you like. Some of them are at lower heights and these are perfect if you are not a mountain type but still want to get married by the lake. Some others are a bit higher and these are true jewels when it comes to elopement venues in Switzerland.

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Gorner Glacier

Switzerland is also full of glaciers that are slowly moving from the mountain tops to the valleys, passing short distances each year. There are not many places like this where you can show a different place you eloped each year. You can consider glaciers almost as a living being slowly traveling to the valley and finally becoming a glacial river. Other than that, glaciers are very beautiful places of immense beauty and strange ice formations and as such present some of the best places for Switzerland elopement.

Switzerland Elopement Photographer21 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

On any hiking path in the Alps

Sometimes couples tend to choose a location while they are walking through the area. Let’s say you have decided on a wider area where you want to get eloped and you want to do it sometimes during your hike in that area, at any place you might like. That’s totally doable and we did these kinds of elopements many times. Jungrafu region is full of beautiful hiking paths. Check out the Lauterbrunnen area for some inspiration.

Almost every hiking path in Switzerland is surrounded by such beauty that you will have a hard time choosing the best place since everything is equally beautiful. Take these cool ice formations we stumbled upon while climbing to Signalkuppe peak (4554m) in Monte Rosa massif.

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Switzerland elopement wedding guide 53 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Swiss Alps elopement: Love in high places

Since Switzerland is a mountainous country, most of the elopements in Switzerland involve mountains in some cases. This part is aimed to explain to you what to expect if you are interested in a more adventurous form of Switzerland elopement. First, you need to have a certain hiking experience and knowledge if you want to elope in the higher parts of the Swiss Alps. There are many safety precautions too since higher parts of the Alps are also the most dangerous places for Switzerland elopements.

Summer is the most common time for high climbs in the Alps and even then you must be well prepared when embarking on an adventure such as this. First of all, you should have all the necessary alpine equipment. A local hiking guide is highly advised and we suggest you hire one because these are experts when it comes to guiding through the Alps. There are also many rules to abide by since highland hiking is a bit different than a common one. But if you are willing and able to push your limits a bit, your Switzerland elopement might be a truly unforgettable event.

Things to do after you elope in Switzerland

Same with the other weddings abroad, your elopement is not the only thing to do while visiting Switzerland. Nor should it be the only event you are going to focus on during your stay in this beautiful country. Elopement should be the most important event which comes after a great time spent together. So take your time and explore Switzerland. We already wrote that renting a car is the best way to have freedom of exploration.

Go from one place to another, just cruise through the Swiss landscape and enjoy with all senses. Drink a coffee at high mountain passes, go on a scenic train ride together (Bernina Express being one of the most famous ones), go hiking somewhere, try some adventure tours like descending in small carts on steep slopes, or learn skiing if you have never tried it before. Make your Switzerland vacation something to remember for a long time and make your elopement the best part of it.

Plitvice Styled Shoot Love and Ventures 281 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Switzerland elopement photographer and videographer

We have hiked some of our most stunning mountain peaks in Switzerland and specialized in adventure elopements through time. We are also available for any kind of wedding or elopement in Switzerland or Europe. When choosing your Switzerland elopement photographer and videographer it would be good to choose someone who has the outdoor experience and can guide you through different types of terrains. As adventure photographers and outdoor guides, we constantly work on improving our skills in all the areas involved.

We help all of the couples who hire us to plan their elopement – from choosing the right location to suggesting the best elopement schedule possible. Hope we have helped with this article to show you the possibilities Switzerland as the country has for adventure elopements. If you are interested in eloping in Switzerland and want to know more about our elopement packages or have any other questions, contact us through the form below and we’ll answer you shortly.

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