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If you ask anyone who ever visited Switzerland what the country and their experience there was like, they will probably have nothing but positive remarks. As an elopement & wedding photographer and videographer, we spend a lot of time documenting love stories in all parts of Switzerland. From a photographer’s point, it’s one of the countries with the best backdrops in Europe.

Through the years, we have focused on all kinds of couple photography – proposals, weddings, elopements, pre-wedding, and classical couple photoshoots. It has become our specialty although we do a lot of other photography work too. In this article you will find a lot of useful information regarding a Switzerland photoshoot for couples – reasons to book one, what to wear for one, and the best locations for a couple photoshoot in Switzerland.

Reasons to book Switzerland photoshoot for couples

We will start with a few reasons why we believe you should book a photoshoot for couples, not only in Switzerland but in any other country you are visiting as a couple too. We believe it’s a great way to make some great memories from a vacation apart from selfies and photos in which only one of you is present in them. In our career as a couple photographers, we have documented more than 300 love stories for couples from all around the world.

Capturing timeless memories in stunning landscapes

Let’s start with one of the most obvious reasons – the landscapes of Switzerland. The perfect backdrop for any kind of photoshoot. That’s why we love doing photography in this beautiful country. It has one of the most stunning landscapes in Europe. And it’s full of them – mountains, rivers, lush valleys, glacial lakes…

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Celebrating milestones in your relationship

Booking a couple photoshoot is a great way to celebrate the milestones of your relationship. Maybe you just engaged not so long ago or you decided to visit Switzerland on your anniversary. Having a photoshoot like this is a great way to make some memories and celebrate milestones like these.

Experience tailored to your love story

We have a different approach when shooting each of the couple’s love stories and we always do our best to listen to the wishes of the couple we’re shooting with. It’s all about you and we know the worst photos are always the stiff posed ones. So we let you relax and behave like you usually do while we capture all these little moments with our cameras.

Relaxing and creative experience

Relaxed photos are always the best ones. That’s why we try to make the Switzerland photoshoot experience as natural as possible. Sure, we might give you some suggestions and directions, but the rest is on you. We won’t bother you with controlling every movement and pose. Our goal is to make you great memories while having fun at the same time.

We are a Switzerland couple photographer and videographer

We are Andrea & Mario and we have been in the photography and videography business for a long time now. As already mentioned, we do all kinds of love stories – from simple couple photoshoots to large weddings and outdoor elopements.

With more than 10 years in the photography and videography industry, we sure did learn a lot when it comes to making your photos shine. If you are interested in our work and photography style, explore our website, there are all kinds of photos from all around the world there. If you would like to book us for your couple photoshoot in Switzerland, just contact us through the contact form on this website and we’ll send you our prices and packages.

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Switzerland as a photoshoot destination

Switzerland is truly an amazing country for vacation and anything photography-related. With a lot of distinctive landscape features, it’s easy to choose a perfect spot that will reflect your wishes and style. There are magnificent mountains, glacial lakes with some of the wildest colors you’ll ever see, rivers with mighty rapids, and waterfalls that fall from high cliffs.

When we do photography projects in Switzerland, we always experiment with different lenses and focal lengths to get the best possible result.

Our favorite Switzerland photoshoot locations

Switzerland is stuffed with jaw-dropping places and it’s impossible to put all of them into our list. In the list we have made we included some of our favorite places and usual choices of couples who book Switzerland photoshoots for couples. But if you happen to find yourself in any part of Switzerland, we’re sure you’ll easily find a great spot for a photoshoot.


Lauterbrunnen is one of the most famous locations in Switzerland and many tourists visit it each year. This small picturesque Swiss town is known for its traditional architecture and mighty waterfalls that fall from the cliffs surrounding the village. It’s believed that this is one of the places that inspired Tolkien to write his Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Zermatt & Matterhorn

Zermatt is another famous and often visited town in Switzerland. It’s a small car-free town located beneath Matterhorn – the single most famous landmark of Switzerland. There are many other beautiful places for a photoshoot in Switzerland near Zermatt. For example, by using a funicular from here, you can easily get to almost 4000 meters of height where a snowy plateau is located, just beneath Breithorn Peak.

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Interlaken is a town located between 2 lakes – Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. It’s also full of distinctive landscape features and a perfect backdrop if you prefer your Switzerland photoshoot to take place near the water surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Jungfrau region

Jungfrau region is one of our favorite parts of Switzerland. Lauterbrunnen is also part of it, as well as the highest train station in the world. Bachalpsee mentioned below too. Many different parts of this region will make your couple photoshoot in Switzerland to stand out.

Bachalpsee or Oechinnensee

Both of these are lakes and when it comes to lakes in Switzerland, they almost always feature dramatic and beautiful landscapes. Both Bachalpsee and Oechinnensee are amazing and perfect locations for any kind of photo shoot.

Best time of the year for a photoshoot in Switzerland

Switzerland is an all-year-round vacation location and each of the seasons has its options and possibilities. Winters are cold, but snow, mountains, and a festive atmosphere make a real winter wonderland. Some places are not accessible, but it’s still possible to make a great couples photoshoot this season. Spring and summer are the seasons when most visitors come to Switzerland. Snow is slowly melting and nature begins to awake. There are many fields full of flowers and snow remains only on the highest peaks. Autumn is the most colorful season because of all the foliages that turn into different colors.

You really can’t miss it when it comes to the best time to visit Switzerland and have a photoshoot in it. Just explore different options activities and places that are accessible in each season and plan your trip accordingly.

What to wear for your photoshoot

When it comes to what attire to wear for your Switzerland photoshoot there are not many rules and you should wear something you are comfortable in. Always check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Weather in Switzerland can change fast and it’s a good idea to bring some additional pieces of clothing in case of a sudden temperature drop. The same goes if you are going to have your photoshoot in higher altitudes where it’s a bit colder than in the valleys below.

Switzerland photoshoot cost estimate

The cost of a couple photoshoot in Switzerland can vary widely based on a few factors such as the location, duration of the shoot, the experience of the photographer, and any additional services provided such as makeup, styling, and so on. Generally, for a professional photoshoot, prices can range from as low as CHF 400 for a short, simple session to over CHF 2,000 for a full-day shoot with a highly skilled photographer that includes multiple locations and extra services.

These prices often include post-processing of images and a set number of retouched photos. Additional costs may include travel expenses for shoots in remote locations, special permits required for certain scenic or protected areas, and any extra prints or albums.

When planning a photoshoot in Switzerland, it’s important to discuss all these elements with your photographer to ensure you get a package that meets your expectations and fits your budget.

Book us as your photographers & videographers

If you are interested in doing a Switzerland photoshoot for couples and you like photography presented on our website, feel free to contact us and we’ll send you all the information about our packages and prices.

We hope this article helped you a bit and made it clearer about what to expect from photoshoots for couples such as this one in Switzerland.

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