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Vis. Vis rhymes with a kiss. Kiss is a symbol of love, This ultimately means that Vis is the perfect island for weddings and elopements in Croatia. This post could end right here if life would be simple. But it isn’t. And there are many things you should know if you are planning your Vis wedding or elopement.

Fear not because we’re here to help you make your wedding day memorable and your Vis wedding planning piece of cake. This article will cover a variety of topics, each of them connected to a wedding or elopement on this gorgeous island and you’ll learn about the best Vis wedding venues, all you need to know about elopement on Vis, how much Vis wedding packages might cost, and much more.

Make sure you have a coffee or your favorite drink beside you and let’s start dreaming about a wedding on one of the most remote of the Croatian islands!

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Pioneers of outdoor elopements in Croatia

Love and Ventures are Andrea and Mario, a wedding and elopement photographer and videographer, based in Croatia. With years of experience shooting elopements and intimate weddings in all kinds of landscapes, we decided to create this guide to serve you as a good starting point for planning your elopement or wedding in Vis. 

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Let the adventure begin!

Why Vis? Our top reasons

Let’s dive into our reasons why we believe that Vis is a great choice for both weddings and elopements. First of all, just like any other island in Croatia, Vis has a special island vibe and way of life. You could say that life on the islands still has that unique Mediterranean vibe, something that is slowly fading away in coastal Croatia.

Secondly, Vis is a calm island most of the year. Being one of the furthest islands toward the open sea, it’s not as easy to reach as some other popular islands. Yes, Vis is still just one ferry ride away from the mainland, but that ferry ride is longer than those toward some nearby islands such as Hvar and Brač.

Vis is also full of stunning locations and beautiful landscapes. Some of the most beautiful beaches are located on Croatian islands and Vis is no exception. Stiniva beach is just one example. Apart from the beaches, there are many other great locations that might be a potential spot for your Vis wedding or elopement.

Vis is not a very large island so you’ll be able to explore most of it while on your wedding vacation. When you want to change, you can always take a catamaran boat ride to one of the nearby islands, but we think that you’ll fall in love with Vis and won’t feel the urge to leave it.

Few words about elopements

If you are already familiar with the term elopements and you are not interested in having one on Vis island, you can skip to the next part. This paragraph is for all young couples who are not sure what elopement is and what kind of wedding they would like to have.

So, what is an elopement? Our whole website is dedicated to these small weddings although we shoot a lot of larger weddings too. Elopements are a kind of wedding in which usually only the couple getting married is present. They can be organized at basically any location – on the top of the hill, near the sea, in a castle… Also, they are usually organized abroad.

The best things about elopements are that they are budget-friendly, stress-free, and have that unique scent of adventure which is usually not present in traditional weddings. So if you are not sure what kind of wedding you would like to have, you might consider having an elopement.

If we have tickled your imagination with this, feel free to explore our website where you will learn a lot about elopements if you still have some questions, that’s what the contact form is for.

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How to reach Vis island?

As being one of the furthest of the Croatian islands, Vis island is possible to reach mainly by ferry or catamaran. Both of these have their own advantages. The ferry can take your car with you, while the catamaran is much faster. The ferry to Vis starts its journey in Split and the ride lasts almost 2 and a half hours. This is actually a great thing since the ferry ride is the experience in itself and you can see a lot of nice places from a Split-Vis ferry.

The closest airport to Vis island is Split airport but Zadar and Dubrovnik are also not that far away. From any of these, you first need to reach Split and then board the ferry to Vis. Although Vis is not among the largest Croatian islands, we strongly recommend that you rent a car and have it while you are on the island. You can even rent a car when you get on the island. Car is a great option if you want to explore all these hidden places of Vis island.

Few cool facts about Vis island

Vis is not just any kind of island. It has a peculiar past too. For a long time, Vis was out of the limits for anyone who wanted to visit it as a tourist. The reason for that – is one of the largest European underground military bases. Yes, you read that right, Vis is like Swiss cheese, it’s full of underground tunnels of different purposes. These tunnels are possible to visit and we suggest you hire a professional guide if you want to do so. And we suggest you do so since you will be in awe when you see how does it look like underground.

When Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia, there was a president named Tito and he ordered many of such underground bases to be built all across Croatia. Most of these are abandoned now and it’s possible to explore them.

Vis island was also a strategic place during WW2 and Allied forces were using it for liberation for the rest of Dalmatia which was under Italian rule. You can still see the old airport that they used if you look the Vis island on Google maps.

What kind of weddings Vis is best for?

Enough with the war and military, let’s return to love and joy. So what kind of weddings is Vis best for? We believe that Vis is best for small intimate weddings and elopements. There are not many places that can host larger weddings, in fact, Fort George is the wedding venue that can organize weddings with up to 200 guests.

But we believe that Vis really shines when it comes to weddings with 20 or fewer guests. From our experience, these weddings tend to be very relaxed, and intimate and those in which you are surrounded by the people you really care about.

Elopements are yet another great type of wedding that Vis island is perfect for. If it’s only you and your partner present at this type of wedding, there are basically no places that are out of your limits. On the land or on the boat? Elopements are also fully customizable, you can choose to have any kind of ceremony you would like.

Real story: Lindsey and Brian’s Fort George wedding in Vis

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Symbolic vs. legal wedding ceremony

When it comes to the types of wedding ceremonies, there are 2 usual types and these are mentioned in the title of this paragraph. Legal ceremony results in a legally recognized marriage that will be valid in your country too. These kinds of ceremonies are usual for larger weddings and can be held either at the registrar’s office or at any other venue. In the case of a legal ceremony being conducted outside of the registrar’s office, an additional fee will be included. Also, if you want to get legally married in Croatia, you need to do some paperwork before your arrival in Croatia. Finally, legal wedding ceremonies are usually not customizable and have strict protocols.

On the other side of the spectrum lies the symbolic ceremony. It’s the common choice of couples who have smaller weddings and elopements in Croatia. Symbolic ceremonies are fully customizable and you can make anything out of it, you can incorporate any tradition you want to and these are usually relaxed and fun. Symbolic ceremonies are conducted by a symbolic officiant or a part of your family/friends. Many couples who decide on the symbolic wedding ceremony do the legal part back in their country and then come to Croatia for the more fun part of the wedding.

Best time of the year for Vis wedding or elopement

Croatia is busiest during July and August. All the wedding venues are already booked for a year in advance, it’s hot and the wedding industry is working full-time. If you are planning your Vis wedding or elopement, we recommend you try to avoid the high season if it’s possible. This applies more to weddings than to elopements since elopements are pretty easy to plan and organize and their timeline is rather flexible too.

If you ask us, the best period for Vis wedding or elopement would be the preseason or postseason period which includes the months of May, June, September, and the beginning of October. So let’s say a month and a half from each side of the high season would be perfect for a wedding on Vis island. The weather in these months is still very nice, it’s not hot, and there are not so many people around. The accommodation is easier to find and the prices are a bit lower than during the high season. We would call this a win-win situation.

But even if you plan to have your Vis wedding or elopement in the middle of the high season, we totally understand you. It’s the most popular time to visit Croatia, the sea is perfect for swimming, all the bars and restaurants are open and it feels like the whole world is in Croatia. Just make sure you avoid the hottest hours whether it’s the wedding or elopement on Vis you are planning.

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The best Vis wedding venues

Although it’s not a very large island, Vis still has some nice places to offer you. It might not have as many as some other larger islands, but we are sure that each of these will make you think about your wedding there. Some of Vis wedding venues we mention below are perfect for weddings and some are awesome elopement locations.

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Fort George

Fort George is the single most famous Vis wedding venue. It’s the old fort made by the British navy and a great restaurant and club today. It can host weddings from 40 to 200 guests and as such it’s the best venue if you plan a bit larger wedding on Vis island.

Stončica lighthouse

We love lighthouses, there is something special about them. Croatia is also full of them and we can’t decide what’s our favorite among all these. But when it comes to Vis island, Stončica is our favorite lighthouse there. This venue is perfect for Vis elopements with a great blue Adriatic background.

Korcula wedding 01 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Konoba Lola

Konoba Lola is yet another Vis wedding venue perfect for a wedding with a maximum of 70 guests. It’s perfect if you want a Vis wedding with a real Mediterranean vibe and cuisine.

Biševo island

Biševo is a small island near Vis and we chose to include it in this list because we believe it’s a great location for Vis elopements. It’s possible to reach it from Komiža on Vis island and after a short boat ride, you’ll find yourself standing on a completely new island with a stunning landscape. One of the main attractions of the Vis island area is also located on Biševo island and it’s a famous Blue Cave we are talking about here.

Korcula wedding 02 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Local taverns

Apart from Lola, there are many local taverns that could host intimate weddings or you could indulge in them after your elopement on Vis. These are real hidden gems run by local families and preparing the food from their own farms. We recommend you visit a few of these while you are staying on Vis island and let your senses enjoy in food and the ambiance.

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Vis elopement: an intimate alternative to traditional wedding

And finally, we get to the topic of elopements – one of our favorite forms of wedding. Elopements have become one of the most popular forms of wedding lately and many couples choose Croatia as the country to elope to. Honestly, Croatia is one of the most popular choices when it comes to elopements in Europe.

Vis island is great for elopements since there are many easily accessible locations throughout the island. Elopement near the sea or in some secluded bay is among the most popular choices for Vis elopements. Since the elopements usually include only the couple getting married, there are really not so many boundaries and you can plan your elopement in any way you want to.

Vis wedding and elopement packages cost

While money and budget are not the most important parts of your Vis wedding or elopement, they are still important items for every couple out there. Let’s see how much could wedding on Vis island costs you. For a smaller wedding with up to 40 guests, you can expect to spend around 10000 – 15000 Euros. This includes hair and makeup, photographer and videographer, wedding reception, florist, officiant…

Larger weddings with 100+ guests might cost you somewhere around 25 000 – 30 000 Euros.

Finally, elopements are the most budget-friendly weddings there are and you can expect your Vis elopement to cost you somewhere around 2500 – 4500 Euros.

Things to do on Vis island

Apart from being a great place for weddings in Croatia, Vis is also an astounding place for many other things too, things both you and your guests will love. Because let’s face it, a wedding is not only a wedding day, a wedding is the whole duration of your stay in Croatia. And during that time, you need some great things to do and create some memorable moments through them. Let’s see what there is to do on a Vis island.

We already mentioned Biševo island which is located near the Vis and it has one of the most famous places in the Vis area and that is a Blue Cave. People come from nearby islands and even the mainland to enjoy in this beauty. If you are on Vis, Blue Cave is close to you and we suggest you spend one day exploring it as well as the rest of Biševo island.

We already mentioned numerous underground tunnels of Vis island. These are perfect if you are looking for a different kind of adventure. Some of these are easily explored alone, but for some others, such as the Vela Glava command center, we suggest you take a certified guide who will guide you safely as well as tell you a lot of cool stories about these tunnels.

If you are a more adventurous type, we suggest you rent a buggy or ATV and just drive on some of the unpaved roads of the Vis island. The traffic is not dense most of the year and these 4-wheeled adventures are the perfect way to experience the best locations that Vis has to offer.

Cycling and kayaking are yet other great activities to try. You can rent these at many places and both of them can offer you some great adventures. Who knows, maybe, you’ll find your perfect elopement or wedding location while cycling or kayaking.

Finally, day trips to some nearby islands are also an option. Vis is connected to nearby islands via the fast catamaran lines and we suggest Hvar island as one of the closest and easily reachable locations.

Hvar elopement deanna michael 299 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Vis wedding and elopement photographer and videographer

And so we came to the end of this article. We are sure we have helped you in some ways or at least you have learned something new from this post that you didn’t know about the Vis island. We, humans, are a curious race so if you have any additional questions and feel like we might know the answer, just contact us through the contact form and we’ll answer you shortly.

Contact us also if you like our work and you would like to hire us to be your Vis wedding photographer and videographer. We have been shooting weddings and elopements on the Croatian islands for more than 7 years now and apart from being just a photographer and videographer, we also help you plan your elopement on Vis island, guide you through the whole process and make some great memories of your Vis wedding or elopement.

Want to know more, we’re waiting for your mail 🙂

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