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We spend so much time on Hvar that it became our second home. It’s the island we are always looking forward to returning to, whether it’s because of a wedding in Hvar or some adventure we pick to do in this destination. We pretty much know all of Hvar and its places and we decided to write this guide to help you plan and organize your Hvar wedding. Believe us when we say that it’s a destination like no other in Croatia, sunbathed throughout the year and surrounded by the clearest sea you’ll ever see.

We’re also a Hvar wedding photographer & videographer and we currently have special prices for the upcoming year. More about it later. We’ve been in the wedding industry for almost 10 years now and we’re pretty confident that this guide will give you some valuable insight you can incorporate into your own wedding in Hvar. Finally, we’ll guide you through our favorite Hvar wedding venues and give you approximate calculations of Hvar wedding costs.

Stay with us to the end of this post, and you’ll end up getting married in Hvar.

Few words about us

Love and Ventures are Andrea and Mario, a wedding and elopement photographer and videographer, based in Croatia. With years of experience shooting elopements and intimate weddings in all kinds of landscapes, we decided to create this guide to serve you as a good starting point for planning your elopement or wedding in Hvar. 

Let the adventure begin!

We planned a very last minute elopement and Andrea & Mario were amazingly accommodating and fit us in with less than a week’s notice. They helped us plan our elopement on the island of Hvar – from suggesting little-known locations to local vendors, they had all of the local knowledge. Their communication was great and not once did we feel stressed about it. On our special day they immediately made us feel at ease with their calm presence. They were incredibly fun and friendly and gave us plenty of pointers so that our photos and video captured the best moments. We are so happy with the final gallery and video, not only are they of the highest quality, it is pure magic watching our day over and over again. Thank you again Andrea & Mario, you are truly gifted in what you do!

Jessie and Blake

About Hvar Island

You already know that Hvar is an island in Croatia. But it’s not just an island. It’s one of the most famous and most visited islands in the whole of Croatia. Let’s be clear here, Croatia is full of islands and all of them are beautiful and unique. It’s just that the Hvar has that nice Mediterranean vibe to it and it’s also the place with the sunniest hours in the whole country so…you know it must be good.

Hvar is located in southern Croatia, just opposite of Central Dalmatia coast. It’s the fourth largest island in Croatia, just perfect in size for a great wedding and accompanying vacation. The two largest and most famous towns on Hvar island are Hvar and Stari Grad. The city of Hvar is somewhat more popular when it comes to weddings in Hvar, but both towns are simply beautiful and we suggest you visit them both.

The name Hvar is derived from the Greek word Pharos which means lighthouse, and the island was inhabited even in prehistoric times. Today, Hvar is famous because of its wines too, and we suggest you celebrate your wedding in Hvar with a glass of its finest wine.

Our thoughts on destination wedding in Croatia

hvar wedding photographer

How to reach Hvar Island?

Since Hvar is an island, the most common way of reaching it is by ferry. There are 2 main lines available and one connects Stari Grad with Split, which is a bit longer route, while the other connects Drvenik on Makarska Riviera with Sućuraj on Hvar island. Either of these routes is a good option and we suggest you choose the most convenient one for you.

Split is a common entry point for a lot of people visiting Croatia by airplane so if you are landing at Split airport, then a ferry to Hvar island is just half an hour away from you. Drvenik is a good option if you want to travel across the whole island because you have to if you are using this ferry.

One thing that you need to have in mind is the large number of people that visit Croatia in the summer months (July, and August) which makes many places more crowded and roads full of traffic. Longer queues for ferries are also a usual sight in Croatia during the summer, so we suggest you come to the ferry port as early as possible.

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Why should you get married in Hvar?

Hvar is truly a unique place and a one-of-a-kind wedding destination in Croatia. More and more couples decide to have their wedding in Hvar each year. Except for weddings, Hvar is also a popular place for elopements, which are a different form of wedding. More about elopements later in this text.

Hvar adventure hikig elopement 2 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Hvar is the true Mediterranean and it’s the perfect wedding destination for everyone who wants to get married near the sea. Hvar island is surrounded by crystal clear Adriatic sea whose blue shades make the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony. And it’s not just your eyes that are enjoying the sight. Hvar island is enjoyed by all the senses. Feel the warm sun on your skin, the smell of the pine trees, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore…

Hvar is full of different wedding venues ranging from fortresses with great views, to restaurants with terraces on the beach. There is something for everyone. Even for couples who want to elope in a more adventurous manner. And after your wedding in Hvar, there are a lot of things to do both for you and your guests. You’ll wish never to leave this island.

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Legally binding marriage vs symbolic ceremony

Before you even come to Croatia, in your planning phase, you need to decide what kind of wedding you want to have. There are basically 2 main types: legally binding and symbolic. Legally binding marriage means that it’s the official wedding and you’ll be recognized as married in the whole world. This kind of wedding includes a wedding registrar who can come to almost any location on Hvar island. For a certain fee, of course.

On the other side of the spectrum lies the symbolic wedding, conducted by the symbolic officiant. There are no strict rules in this one and the symbolic officiant also comes to any location you desire. It’s a symbolic ceremony that usually includes some local traditions and can be customized in many different ways.

One of the most important differences between these 2 kinds of wedding ceremonies is the amount of paperwork you need to take care of before you even come to Croatia. For the symbolic ceremony, you don’t need any kind of paperwork, you just show up and enjoy your special moments. It’s a bit different with a legally binding ceremony and you need some time to collect all the necessary documents and send them over to Croatia. Don’t worry, it’s just a little bit of bureaucracy, nothing terrifying.

We suggest you start taking care of the paperwork as soon as possible since the wedding registrar in Croatia needs at least one month to prepare the wedding papers for your wedding in Hvar.

7 tips for your perfect Croatia destination wedding

Best time of the year for your wedding in Hvar

Among all the things you will think about when planning your Hvar wedding, you’re going to ask yourself about the time of the year you would like to get married in Hvar. We’re here to tell you what different seasons on Hvar island look like and what time would be perfect for your wedding or elopement.

Hvar is at its busiest during the summer, especially during July and August. There are really a lot of people on the island and all of its venues. The weather is also very hot and dry. There is almost no rain during the summer. All the tourist vendors are open and the island is booming with life. If you are ok with crowds and want to enjoy the full charm of the summer, then this is a great time for you.

Springs and Autumns are also very warm and very nice. Months such as March, April, May, June, September, and October are also perfect for organizing an event such as a wedding. As Hvar is the part of Croatia with the sunniest hours, there’s plenty of sun and nice days throughout the year. The main advantage of having your wedding in Hvar during these months is the lack of tourists and overall better experience of the island. The days are not as hot as during the summer and you could say that the temperature is just perfect. Of course, as you get closer to the summer months, it gets hotter.

If we are to choose one particular month in which you can enjoy both the nice weather, warm sea, and fewer tourists, we would pick September. It’s just a perfect month in Croatia.

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Hvar wedding venues: our favorite ones

If you have chosen Hvar to be a place for your wedding in Croatia, you already made a great first step. Now you just need to choose a micro-location on the island. There is a location for everyone and every kind of wedding, whether you want it to be outdoors, near the sea, at some remote location, on the top of the mountain…

We’re bringing you our favorite Hvar wedding venues, and places that will make your Hvar wedding stand out.

Wedding in Hvar 3 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Bonj Les Baines

Bonj ‘Les Baines’ is the perfect place for luxury weddings. This place is located near the sea and it was made during the 30s of the previous century. It’s maybe the best location if you want to have your wedding near the sea. It has that unique retro vibe to it and it can accommodate up to 250 people. There are many available wedding packages to choose from, made for different types and sizes of weddings. Definitely one of the most popular Hvar wedding venues.

Spanish Fortress

Spanish fortress is not at sea level, but the view from it is something you won’t forget so easily. Especially if you combine the view with your wedding ceremony. Spanish fortress is located above the city of Hvar and overlooks the city, the vastness of the Adriatic sea, and the Paklinski Islands. It can accommodate up to 150 people and it’s suitable for all kinds of weddings. The fortress was made in the 16th century and it’s a great Hvar wedding venue if you want your wedding to have a touch of ancient times.

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Paklinski islands

Paklinski islands is an island group located just opposite the city of Hvar. Their name is derived from Paklina, a type of pine resin used for shipbuilding in old times. You could consider Paklinski islands to be an island within the island. If you want to get married on a remote island, somewhere near the sea, you could do it here. A good and popular place for wedding events on these islands is Laganini Lounge Bar which can accommodate up to 80 persons.

Hvar adventure hikig elopement 3 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Church of St. Mark garden

Church of St. Mark with its garden is one of the most popular wedding venues within Hvar city. The maximum amount of people who can attend a wedding ceremony held here is 150. This venue is perfect for all types of weddings, whether you want an intimate or larger one. Both legally binding and symbolic ceremonies can be done here.

Restaurant Robinson beach near Hvar

When talking about secluded Hvar wedding venues, Restaurant Robinson beach is one of the best options for a more intimate wedding, far from everyone else. This venue is surrounded by olive trees and it’s near the sea, a magical combination for a true Mediterranean wedding. The location is best accessed by boat. Perfect location for small and intimate weddings in Hvar.

Hvar elopement: an alternative to traditional wedding

Are you familiar with the term ‘elopement’? It’s a type of wedding that’s getting more and more popular and it’s a great wedding option in these Covid times. Elopements usually include only 2 people – a couple getting married. There are some elopements that include a few more persons, usually the closest friends or family. All above that number, and we are already talking about the small wedding.

The same rules apply to elopements and weddings as they both can be legally binding or symbolic. Elopements are easier to plan and organize since there are not so many people involved. We have been in the wedding industry for a long time now and we noticed that the number of elopements in Europe and Croatia started to raise in the previous few years.

Elopements are very customizable and easy to reschedule. Apart from being wedding photographers, we also help in the planning and organization of elopements. If you are interested to know more about our services, feel free to contact us through the form below.

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Hvar elopement venues: the perfect place for an outdoor wedding

Hvar island is perfect for elopements and there are many great venues for this kind of wedding all across the island. Elopements are usually conducted in remote areas – beaches, mountain tops, abandoned monuments, etc. We’ve traveled all across Hvar island and visited all of the locations that are good for elopements.

If you want less adventurous elopement, with no walking included, there are many options for that too. All of the Hvar wedding venues we mentioned above can be an elopement locations too. Here’s the list of some of our favorite Hvar elopement venues.

St. Nicholas peak

St. Nicholas peak is the highest point of Hvar island. It’s 626 meters high and it’s easily accessible. The best time for this Hvar elopement is early morning or sunset time, especially if you are planning to have your elopement during the summer. There’s a road leading almost all the way to the peak, but there’s still some walking included. We suggest you take good shoes for this short hike and consider this location if you want to elope with a beautiful view. Check out this unusual elopement that took place just below the St. Nicholas peak.

Veli Kamik viewpoint

Hvar elopement deanna michael 299 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Wide cave above Sv. Nedelja

Sv. Nedelja is a small place located not so far away from the city of Hvar. The highest peak of Hvar rises right above it and a hiking trail toward St. Nikola peak starts here. Somewhere in the middle of the trail, there’s a wide cave embedded in the rocks. This is one of our favorite Hvar elopement venues because of the unique setting and beautiful view. If you choose to have your elopement here, be prepared for a short hike since there’s no other access to this cave.

Red Rocks

Red Rocks is one of our favorite places on the whole of Hvar island. It’s located between Hvar city and Sv. Nedelja. There’s no land access to this location and we suggest you get there by boat or by kayak. Red Rocks are steep red cliffs that rise straight from the sea. It’s a very famous and visited location, perfect for snorkeling. The rocks have small caves inside of them and these caves are a great option for Hvar elopements.

Stari Grad

Stari Grad is the oldest city in Croatia. It’s located near the city of Hvar, and you could say that it’s a little bit less popular than Hvar city. But if you ask us, we totally fell in love with this place as soon as we entered it. There are not so many wedding venues here as in Hvar city, but Stari Grad is perfect for elopement on Hvar island. You’ll enjoy walking through it and discovering all the secrets old stone palaces and houses hold.

Petar Hektorovic Fortress in Stari Grad

Secret spot on the rocks

Hvar wedding packages cost

You are probably very interested in how much your wedding in Hvar might cost you. Price is not the most important, but still a relevant part of every wedding. Let us just say that weddings in Croatia are cheaper than in some other European countries, especially countries of Western and Northern Europe.

Your Hvar wedding package cost will vary greatly according to the type of wedding you plan to have. If you want to elope in Hvar, you can expect to spend somewhere between 3000 and 5500 Euros, depending on your preferences and the vendors you want to include. For 3000 Euros, you can elope at an outdoor location (no fee), and have a wedding photographer during the ceremony, flowers, and/or makeup. For 5000 Euros, you can elope at a private location that has an event fee, you can have floral arrangements, makeup, a photographer, and a videographer.

When it comes to traditional weddings, prices go up because these are usually more complicated to organize, include many wedding vendors, and usually take place at a location that charges a certain fee. A smaller intimate wedding in Hvar (up to 20 persons) will cost you somewhere around 15000 – 50000 Euros. For a wedding of around 50 people, you can expect to pay around 30000-80000 Euros, and the price rises with the rise in the number of guests invited.

Hvar wedding planner

A wedding planner is a person who helps you plan and organize your wedding in Hvar. If you are coming from a country far away, it might be hard to organize your wedding in Croatia, especially if you want to have a larger wedding with a lot of wedding vendors included. In that case, we suggest you hire the services of a wedding planner in Hvar. A wedding planner will tell you all you need to know about paperwork if you choose to have a legally binding wedding in Hvar, he/she will propose to you the best Hvar wedding venues according to your wishes, hire and communicate with different vendors, etc…

On the other hand, if you are planning to elope in Hvar, then you might not need the services of the Hvar wedding planner, or they will cost less since elopements are easier to organize. We are primarily wedding photographer and videographer, but we also help with the Hvar elopement planning and organization.

Contact us if you need the best wedding planner recommendations for your wedding in Hvar.

What to do after you get married in Hvar: places to see and things to do

Your wedding in Hvar is the most important part of your stay on this magical island. But you need to think outside of that day too. You need to spend quality time in the rest of your days on Hvar. You need to think about your guests too. They came to Croatia because of your wedding, but they too want to have a great vacation while they are here.

And that’s one of the reasons why Hvar is a great option for weddings. There are many places to see on the other days. Many things to see and experience. Hvar is famous for its restaurants and wines, go and try some. Have a nice dinner together. Stari Grad is one of the most romantic towns we have ever been in. Visit it and walk through its narrow and old streets. Want to add some adventure? Go hiking to the highest peak of Hvar or book a kayaking tour of the Paklinski Islands.

Hvar is full of opportunities just waiting to be discovered. Even if you want to explore places that are not on the island, Split city is just a ferry ride away and some of the best parts of the Croatian coast too.

Hvar wedding photographer and videographer: now booking 2023/2024

We’re located near Hvar island and spend a lot of our time there. Of all the Croatian islands, we have explored Hvar most. We do a lot of weddings in Hvar too and we strongly believe that Hvar is perfect for this kind of event. When choosing your Hvar wedding photographer and videographer, you need to hire someone who knows the area well, especially when it comes to elopement weddings.

If you are interested in our Hvar wedding packages, connect with us through the form below and we’ll answer you shortly. Your wedding in Hvar is closer than you think.

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