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The best day in the lives of the two of you is the day you met. The second best day might be the day you say your eternal ‘I do’ to each other. Consider it paving a road to all other beautiful moments in your life. You want that road to be paved in the best possible way to withstand all the rains and snow throughout your lives.

If you stumbled upon this post, you probably want the answer to the ‘What is an elopement wedding‘ question. Even reading about elopement wedding is a good step forward because it means you are not into big weddings in which everyone is more important than you.

The short answer to this question would be: “Elopement wedding is the wedding of the future and the best way to celebrate a new era of your life together”.

What is elopement How to elope Love and Ventures 17 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

But don’t leave just yet. It’s not all that simple. There is more to it, read this post and we’ll buy you a drink if you don’t choose your wedding to be through elopement wedding.

A deeper look into the ‘What is elopement wedding’ question

Let’s widen the elopement wedding definition. We said that it’s the wedding of the future and it’s true. Furthermore, Wikipedia characterizes an elopement wedding as a “marriage conducted in a sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away from one’s place of residence together with one’s beloved with the intention of getting married.” So nobody knows that you’re going to get married, not even your family. You can tell them right after the elopement wedding, but not before it.

Wow, that sounds like an adventure wedding. And it might be just that, but not necessarily. In the past, the term ‘to elope’ was used for a young couple running away without the consent of the others. Things are much changed today and you don’t have to run away from others if you want to elope.

What is elopement How to elope Love and Ventures 20 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer
What is elopement How to elope Love and Ventures 9 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Difference between wedding and elopement

There are many differences between classic and elopement wedding. First of all, elopement weddings are much cheaper to organize and we believe it’s the best wedding experience out there.

This kind of wedding act is often conducted in nature which is the perfect backdrop for just about anything, the wedding included. You simply choose a place dear and special to both of you, and you elope there. Classic weddings tend to be more limiting and are often organized in cities or urban areas.

An elopement wedding usually means that you travel abroad with your beloved partner and have your wedding there. It doesn’t always have to be that way, you can have an elopement in your country too. The only point is to choose the right place that has a special role in your life. Maybe a place where you first kissed, or a mountain peak you hiked to together at the dawn of your relationship.

What is elopement How to elope Love and Ventures 16 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Who is involved?

This is the best part. The only people needed for elopement are you and your partner. Imagine how simple things become when you don’t need to organize a wedding for 200+ people. Immeasurably simple.

Now here’s the catch, you can have your best friends for you and we would still call it an elopement. And yes, you are more than welcome to bring your dog with you. What is an elopement wedding either than having the wedding your own way, right?

However, for anything more than 4 – 5 people and we are already in the domain of small intimate weddings. That’s where we draw a line for an elopement wedding. But not every elopement photographer out there have the same guidelines, it is actually very flexible.

Elopement planning process

No other people need to be included in the planning process of your elopement apart from the two of you. However, you can include your families if you are worried they will get mad (which you shouldn’t worry about at all) because they will not witness your elopement.

When it comes to planning your elopement wedding, you need to think about how you want it to look like. Will it be an adventure elopement maybe? Where do you want to elope? Are there any things that might get wrong and jeopardize the whole event?

The planning process might seem boring, but it’s inevitable and can be fun if both of you are equally included.

Croatia Elopement Love and Ventures 24 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer
Croatia Elopement Love and Ventures 25 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Do you need to care about anything else?

Depending on what you want out of your elopement. If you want it to be a legal marriage, you need to hire an officiant. If you want it documented, you need to hire a photographer and videographer. You might want to have a nice wedding dress or make-up. That means you need to find those.

An elopement wedding is a versatile wedding form and even the most complicated elopements can still be easier to organize than conventional weddings. Everything mentioned above is really easy to find and arrange, don’t worry about that.

At last, even if you skip all these things and want to have a ‘messy hair’ elopement, who cares, it’s just two of you present and you saw each other in all possible states already.

Having an elopement wedding abroad

Elopement wedding abroad is the same just like any other. The same rules apply. But just the fact that it’s not your country and you don’t know the best places for elopement might give you feelings of unease.

But worry not, because that’s why people like us exist. We are specialized in adventure elopements. We travel a lot and know the best places for elopement wedding in Croatia. People like us can help you a lot to organize your elopement abroad.

The same is with any other country. Do the research and find someone that is into these kinds of weddings and can help you organize them. We just happen to be photographers, videographers, and adventure guides, but some other countries can have other kinds of wedding planners.

elopement wedding of two people on the rock near the sea

You still want your family to witness your elopement wedding? No problem

In case you want to have an elopement wedding but still want your family to be a part of it, there is an easy solution to that. The good thing is that we live in the 21st century and technology can bring us closer even if we are miles away. You can simply turn on your mobile phone and have your parents on the other side in a matter of seconds.

We already had that kind of wedding in the city of Split where the whole elopement was watched by the bride’s best friend. Or you can call your parents and friend right after you elope. Imagine how surprised they’ll be when they see you in wedding attire and they knew nothing about it.

Why is an elopement wedding the best way to get married?

We believe that any wedding can be romantic and well organized. It’s just that with elopement everything is much easier and couple-friendly. We have been part of many big weddings and it always seems like there is a lot of stress which is understandable considering how much organization you need.

In big weddings, newlyweds sometimes look like actors around which the whole ceremony is happening. There are many people present, even some never seen before. The list goes on and on. We’re not here to tell you how traditional wedding is bad, we’re here to show you how good are elopement weddings.

The main good thing about elopement weddings is that the two of you are the only ones that matter and your full attention is directed to your partner. And that’s it. Ok, and nature. Nature makes it more amazing. But nothing except you two and your experience of the whole day matters.

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Will our families get mad?

Maybe. We don’t know your families, but they don’t have a single reason to get mad. We know that this question might disturb your inner peace, but it really shouldn’t. Just ask yourself who is getting married here?

Sure, you can organize them dinner once you return from your elopement and you can celebrate together, but they don’t have any right to insist on being with you all the time. You’re not children anymore.

Saying your vows to each other is often a part of elopement. They might include some information about the two of you that you don’t want anybody to know. If anybody else is present, you would be forced to change your vows and that’s not the point.

Wondering what is elopement? It is agreat way to share and celebrate your love, surrounded by nature.

What to do after eloping?

Again, it’s up to you. But spending some time together is a must. You can’t just elope and then split. It doesn’t work that way. If you are abroad, just keep traveling around and do things you like to do.

Let’s say you had your elopement somewhere in the mountains. Don’t return to the valleys immediately. Spend a romantic night alone in a remote mountain hut. Of course, you need to think about things like this in the planning phase of your elopement.

Since we are adventure guides and elopement photographers we have packages that include photography and video of the elopement wedding and organizing a few days of adventures before or after the elopement. We had one such elopement wedding on Hvar Island in Croatia lately.

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