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It’s no secret that we are in love with the Swiss Alps and our hearts pound a bit faster when we get an inquiry to document a wedding in the magnificence of this mountain range. Through the years in the wedding industry, we have specialized in outdoor weddings and elopements and Switzerland is one of the most popular countries for such weddings.

We documented many different kinds of weddings in the past years, near the sea, at luxury venues, on boats… But mountain weddings and elopements are something that will always have a special place in our wedding photography career. And not only when it comes to photography and videography. Although we are born and raised by the sea (and we can’t live without it) we spend much of our free time in mountains and hiking adventures.

You’ll notice that we mention 2 terms in this article – weddings and elopements. Both terms basically represent weddings, the term elopement just represents the special type of wedding, usually conducted outdoors and with only the couple getting married being present.

Let’s talk about Zermatt Matterhorn elopement.

Zermatt, a town of Alpine wonder

When it comes to Switzerland and Swiss Alps weddings, there are not many places that are as famous as Zermatt. When searching for Switzerland and places to visit it online, 2 areas are going to be on the list – Zermatt and Lauterbrunnen. Both of them are equally beautiful with some distinctive landscape characteristics for each. Both of these locations are among the top choices when it comes to weddings and elopements in Switzerland.

Zermatt is a small town in the Swiss Alps and it’s an inevitable place to visit when planning to have a Matterhorn backdrop elopement. A great thing about Zermatt is the fact that it’s a car-free village, something that is rarely seen in the world today and something that makes a huge difference when it comes to the overall experience of a particular location. Just imagine enjoying some of the most beautiful landscapes on this planet without traffic noise.

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The history of Zermatt is deeply intertwined with the famous Matterhorn, one of the most famous sights of the Swiss Alps. Matterhorn is a peak rising above Zermatt and it’s visible from the town itself. Zermatt is the starting point of many hiking routes to Matterhorn and there are trains and cable cars taking you closer to Toblerone Mountain. Zermatt is also a charming village and a blend of old world and modern luxury.

Wedding or elopement in Zermatt is not only about the ceremony with a Matterhorn backdrop or without it. It’s a complete experience of some of the best places in the Swiss Alps. We always suggest taking a day or two before the elopement itself to soak up the culture and vibe of the place where you’re planning to get married. So once you arrive in Zermatt do just that, take a few days to unwind, relax, and enjoy the alpine experience.

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Zermatt elopement and wedding photographer and videographer

We are Andrea and Mario, longtime wedding and elopement photographer and videographer who document elopements all across Europe. Lately, we have been spending a lot of time in Switzerland, roaming through some of the most beautiful landscapes of this country and creating a lifetime of memories for couples who choose the Swiss Alps as their wedding destination.

We’re also doing a lot of writing about the different topics regarding weddings and elopements and we publish those articles on our website. Explore them if you don’t know where to start with planning your elopement abroad. We’re sure you’ll find a lot of useful resources there that will help you start planning and make your wedding dreams a reality.

Back to the photography. Our style is documentary and we love to capture those moments in which you are not even aware you’re being photographed and filmed. These genuine moments produce some of the best photo and video materials that you’ll love more than staged photos. Of course, we’re here to help you to do staged photos too.

If you like what you see on our website and you think we might be the right photographer and videographer for you, you can connect with us through the contact form on this website and we’ll send you our Zermatt wedding packages and prices shortly after. Hope to see you in Switzerland!

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Reasons to choose Matterhorn elopement wedding in the Zermatt area

The Majestic Backdrop of the Matterhorn

Matterhorn is definitely one of the most recognizable mountains in the world and its pyramidal shape stands as the universal symbol of the majestic Alps. Matterhorn is one of the main reasons why people choose to visit Zermatt and why young couples choose to have their wedding in the Zermatt area with the Matterhorn backdrop.

The Charm of a Swiss Alpine Village

Switzerland villages are something beautiful and they look like they emerged from a fairytale. Alpine villages have a special charm not easily found elsewhere. Things get even better when you have a car-free village like Zermatt. Compare this silence surrounded by mountains with the noisy urban jungles and you’ll immediately fall in love with the serenity and peace that can be found in Alpine villages such as Zermatt.

Exclusive and Luxurious Venues

Zermatt is a well-developed village with a rich tourism history. There are many different kinds of venues and each of them is good for different types of weddings. These venues range from luxurious five-star hotels with panoramic views to rustic private chalets. Having diverse venue options is a great advantage of any potential wedding location.

Year-Round Beauty and Activities

Zermatt is a great destination to visit in each season and we’ll talk about it below in the text. Each of the seasons has a different charm and it’s possible to organize your Zermatt wedding or elopement in any of them. There are also many activities you can do in the Zermatt area throughout the year.

An Atmosphere of Privacy and Intimacy

Zermatt is perfect for elopements and couples who want to celebrate their love in privacy. Although Zermatt and Matterhorn areas are very visited, there are still some remote locations where couples can have private wedding ceremonies far from everyone, surrounded only by the mountains and perfect views.

Journey to the heart of the Alps

Switzerland has one of the most efficient public transport networks in the world. The train is the most common way of traveling through the Swiss Alps and Swiss people really made train rides through their country part of the overall experience. Most trains have huge windows so you can enjoy the landscapes around you and there’s no route that’s not scenic at least to an extent.

Arriving in Zermatt is part of your elopement story in this area. Since it’s a car-free area, it’s best to rely on trains and public transport. Trust us, it can get you anywhere. There’s not much use for a car once you are in Zermatt. But even if you choose to arrive by car, there is a parking lot a few kilometers outside of Zermatt where you can leave your car and continue to Zermatt by a short train ride.

Zermatt is well connected to all other parts of Switzerland too and it’s just a few hours of comfortable train ride away from airports in Zurich, Geneva, and Basel. The best thing you can do upon your arrival in Switzerland is to acquire a Swiss Travel Pass which grants you free usage of public transport all across Switzerland. Some special routes such as the Zermatt – Gornergrat route are not included in the Swiss Pass, but you get a discount when buying them.

Where to stay during your Zermatt elopement

Accommodation is an important part of every destination wedding or elopement and many couples choose to ignore this fact. When in Zermatt, it’s best to seek a traditional type of accommodation that will affect the whole experience of your wedding in Zermatt. The town offers many different accommodation options, from five-star hotels to charming chalets.

For the extra experience, we suggest choosing an accommodation with a view of Matterhorn. It’s best to use online booking platforms to choose the right accommodation for you and your partner. Photography and videography part of elopement usually starts in accommodation too so you can think about that aspect too. Ask yourself what kind of vibe and look you want to get out of the photo and video materials from your Zermatt accommodation.

Choosing the Perfect Season for Your Matterhorn Elopement in Zermatt

We already mentioned that Zermatt is a year-round destination and weddings in the area can be organized during any season. However, that doesn’t mean that all the venues are available each season. For example, places with the best views of Matterhorn are off the limits during the snowy winter months. These places are best for weddings and elopements during the warm summer months.

You need to think about what you want to get out of your wedding in Zermatt and in which season you would like to visit it.

Embracing Winter’s Wonder: December – February

Zermatt is truly magical in the winter months. Matterhorn, as well as other surrounding landscapes, are covered with snow and the village becomes a true winter wonderland. This season is great if you want to get a winter fairy tale vibe out of your wedding or if you love winter sports. On the other hand, it’s important to know that winter in Zermatt has its limitations, days are shorter and some outdoor venues are off-limits due to the snow.

Swiss Alps Switzerland Wedding 68 | Croatia Elopement Photographer and Videographer

The Bloom of Spring: March-May

Spring in Zermatt is the time when nature transforms into a green and lush sight again. The weather in spring can be unpredictable, but this fact is true for any season in Zermatt. You never know with the mountains and weather forecasts are usually not so reliable. During the spring the days get longer, temperatures rise and the snow starts to melt although much of the landscape is still covered by it and will stay like that until the hot summer months.

The Warmth of Summer: June – August

Summer is the most popular time of the year and the peak of the season in Zermatt. Days are long and the weather is nice and more stable than during the rest of the year. Summer is a great season for outdoor elopements since the snow has melted at some of the most popular places for elopements and they again become accessible. Nature is lush and green and snowcapes still exist on the top of the highest mountains. Summer is also the most crowded period of the year so it’s important to book your Zermatt wedding venue on time.

swiss alps elopement

The Palette of Fall: September – November

Autumn in Zermatt is also a time of transformation, but this time opposite of spring. It’s one of the most colorful seasons in Zermatt and it’s great for elopements with a moody atmospheric vibe. Days become shorter at this period and temperatures begin to drop. It’s also not as crowded as during the summer months and the weather is still relatively stable, especially at the beginning of Autumn.

Most famous location for weddings with a Matterhorn view

If there’s one single spot with one of the best views of Matterhorn it has to be near Rotenboden station of Zermatt – Gornergratt railway line. It’s an easily accessible place just one scenic train ride away from Zermatt. It’s also a very visited spot, but the area is so vast that it’s relatively easy to find a secluded spot for a wedding ceremony with Matterhorn as a backdrop.

And it’s not only Matterhorn. The rest of the mountains from the Monte Rosa group are equally stunning. Basically, at this point, beauty surrounds you wherever you look.

Hire us as your Matterhorn wedding photographer, videographer, and guides

We hope this Zermatt wedding guide and the images accompanying it helped you to the extent of forming an image of the possibilities of the Zermatt area when it comes to weddings and elopements. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this matter, we’ll answer you as soon as possible.

Finally, if you want us to be a part of your Zermatt wedding or elopement and want to hire us to make your memories that will last a lifetime as well as guide you through the whole elopement planning process, just reach out and share your vision with us and we’ll send you our Zermatt wedding packages and prices.

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