Intimate wedding with fairy light setup in Dubrovnik

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Beautiful Villa near Dubrovnik

Courtney and Keiron had an intimate wedding in Dubrovnik with their family and closest friends. They rented a villa near Dubrovnik where they were accommodated during their whole stay in the Dubrovnik area and where they had their wedding reception and dinner too. The villa is modern and architecturally well imagined and designed so we had a great time shooting this wedding both in the interior and the exterior of the villa.

Getting ready with the Adriatic sea view

The couple was getting ready at the villa which has large panoramic windows and a great view of the Adriatic sea and surrounding nature. When it comes to photography and videography, we love interiors such as this one, with a lot of light and a lot of space inside so we can play with the angles and move freely.

Intimate wedding at Park Orsula

Courtney and Keiron decided to have their wedding ceremony at Park Orsula, overlooking Dubrovnik and near sunset hours. Park Orsula is a very popular place for intimate weddings and elopements in Dubrovnik. The ceremonies are usually held in front of the old ruined chapel and both sunsets and Dubrovnik city are well visible from this place.

The couple had a symbolic ceremony led by the symbolic officiant also a common ceremony type when it comes to elopements and intimate weddings in the Dubrovnik area. The great thing about symbolic ceremonies is the fact that you can customize them in any way you want to and they are much more relaxed and easygoing than the usual civil ceremonies are.

Dubrovnik wedding photoshoot

There is no Dubrovnik wedding without the photoshoot in Dubrovnik. Once the wedding ceremony at Park Orsula was done, the guests headed back to the villa while we went to Dubrovnik with Courtney and Keiron. This wedding was at the end of June which meant Dubrovnik was pretty crowded and we needed to deal with a lot of people at the most popular places. This is a common thing in Dubrovnik and something that every wedding photographer working there encounters but we have our ways of dealing with this problem and part of it is seeking more secluded and equally beautiful parts of Dubrovnik.

Wedding dinner with the private chef and party back at the Villa

The photo shoot in Dubrovnik was perfect and both Courtney and Keiron were relaxed from the start of it. We always give our best to make photoshoots such as this a nice and relaxed experience and as a time of the wedding day in which the couple can truly focus on each other.

Once the photoshoot was done, it was time to return to the villa and start with the night part of the wedding – dinner and party. Courtney and Keiron’s wedding dinner was being held on the terrace of the villa and the table was surrounded with fairy lights both on the sides and above the table. Simple, yet very effective setup for both mood and photography and videography.

The couple decided to hire a private chef for their wedding and this is something we strongly recommend if you are planning to have your intimate wedding at a villa anywhere in Croatia. We had these types of weddings that included private chefs and all of them proved to be extraordinary experiences for both the couple and their guests.

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